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  1. sellman

    World Record of Connection on February 11th 2019

    adding an ingame direct link to the forum has been the right move to improve connections I guess
  2. gold token exists... And the token can be bought from the new festival
  3. in the daily free guardian chest or the chest given to you by the udpate?
  4. it really depends on the opponent at least in the below top tiers... Sometimes it s good and sometimes it s really a big mess... At least Flare is trying something new cause honestly the wars are becoming so boring considering that it s ALWAYS the same boosts every 2 wars.... And the ninjas....well....with the gate towers, there were some challenges trying to complete all the islands with 100%...but now, no towers and 2 additional s shame to not have the top rewards 🙂
  5. what??? you were not happy with that...? or you are not in a rich alliance? 🙂
  6. Indeed, you had to be online to escape but still....The problem was mainly coming from the double message about war end that poped up...
  7. I dont understand why it has been removed as it was a strategy to put in place... Now as i understand, there will be an invicibility of 180 + 30 minutes....
  8. endless fights....for 2 hours 🙂 It can be perfect when doing war fights on multiple fronts 🙂
  9. the farmer token gives a 80% reduction for 2h for information
  10. available on iOS too and I confirm : no more possible to replay the dungeon.
  11. what about the dungeon exploit...? is it fixed? Do you plan also to have a better event scheduler cause it s kind of random lately? Thanks
  12. sellman

    Live Server Update - 02.06.19

    No more possible to buy foods with vouchers....? Is this intentional ?
  13. sellman

    New Pro-Item-Set:The Sanzu Set

    Lol Manamus, you can buy something special : our next phoebe level 🙂
  14. lol, are finally human tough 🙂 Thanks
  15. well I would think twice before joining Flare.....anybody has news about Flothaboss...? He s maybe locked in a dungeon...and they will soon close it completely so he will stay there forever....poor guy