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  1. I had a crash once during a raid and I was at the 2/3 of the path....maybe it was when the yetis appears...cant remember...but I was indeed using the donkey
  2. just to have it all and serve mbetter y alliance....I know that a single person cant fill all the buildings but I have to do the max for it 🙂 besides that conquest buildings....What should I buy with my gems...? pro tickets to get frustrated to not get into top 100 because of cheaters? buy pet chest to get pal foods to upgrade useless pets...? buy uber chests to melt useless gears....? I m holding my gems to skip donations while the alliance party that I hope will come soon 🙂
  3. I d say that if you bought the 7500 guardians chests.....that you are crazy! 🙂 I bet that some crazy spender have already done that....but from my part I ll keep on the free path and just upgrade my conquests building too....Only 2 max buildings to do so I m happy
  4. you should save those gems unitl you got 7500 and buy the 20 chests package 🙂 at least you are sure to have 5 guardians....
  5. what is the max level of the guaradian and how many pal foods/pearls by level? thanks
  6. sellman

    in review Chat lagged and disabled

    Iphone Xr under ios 12.1.1 I think.... But I had the problem also with my previous iphone 6s plus....
  7. sellman

    in review Chat lagged and disabled

    hey, I also sometimes have the problem with the keyboard not showing up. Mostly during conquest. I have to close the game and it s back. Also have the keyboard that is hiding when texting but really not often
  8. Nope it s the only one that increase so much....even if at the end, the value was not well calculated cause it was dispalyed to have more than 3K healing power but it s only 700 life points per second but it s helping so no problem The fire, ice and other special perks on ring always decrease I dont really know about life drain, I think I already melt it if i ever got it 🙂
  9. healing ring perk increases by 0.01-0.20 from 40% to more than 100% and after that it decreases...
  10. the increasing perk on the healing ring was intended or was it a bug that you let it live because a lot of player took the advantage...? Is there any plan to provide other gears with this 'Increasing perk value' ability ? Any plan to set up a daily base challenge....? to just win some token (or something like that) that you can exchange to get pearls/pal food/gems/gold...?
  11. sellman

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    daily dungeons quests to collect some new currency that will be converted into gems ....?