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  1. Miaad

    Nemesis youtube video

    Salam mohsen jan,mamnun az video. Fkr konam Range 2rost konan,k hatman dar ayande in karo mikonan,mese kheyli az taqirati k dade mishe "mesl Irmgard,Eris,...",pro pal khobi mishe. Be nazar mirese zamaniyam skelet misaze k toye halet beast hastesh,toye sathe max lvl 10, ham 6 skull boomb attack mide,hamintor zaman mondegarye beast ham ba lvl afzayesh peyda mikone,darkol fkr konam khob bashe,bayad did chetori hast.
  2. Yes true,we sold this acc in year 2015 after it FG added more hero lvl (120 to 130) /after come uber gears and adding perk with name XP,it's possible to get max hero lvl for everyone,iran power "hsmk" was only max hero lvl in year 2014- And late 2015.
  3. Miaad

    Your Favourite Troop - Forum Contest

    Hello my friend,can i ask something??? @flaretara