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  1. Cheater gdj6edvdk6

    ok, thank you aether
  2. Cheater gdj6edvdk6

    halo, I have a report for a suspicious player.
  3. Ok Dena4, I will report it then.
  4. hi Dena4, everyone in the alliance test it using only arbs, they said they run out of time before they get to the first obstacle. like lordste1988 said, theres nothing special on .oO Valerian Oo. base, and his arbs, our 75 lvl member fight him 6x on different fiefdom and successfully beat his base.
  5. but on his lvl (71), how much skulls that the enemy would get from him, this guy beating up players that have more than 25 lvl higher than him, using only 1 unit without using elites and spells. even his leader and general that have 20 lvl higher than him, cant pass my base. sure he is a great assets to his alliance, he earn more skull for the alliance than others, that have more donation, and higher lvls
  6. my arbs range 5.61, and attack rate 4.16. my waves filled with arbs, canon and froster. would you test my base with just regular arbs without any spells? if its true that maxed forge arbla is that awesome, than no need to us to upgrade spells anymore.
  7. as you can see the screenshot, we are on a war now, we are fighting to get the 1st place with just 7 members, so openned a base in this situation is something that I would not do. yeah maybe he maxed out his arbs.. its no good using spells nowadays, just maxed 1 single unit, and you can be monster.
  8. yeah monster... With 71 lvl king, and 5400 leadership, and with 700 attack, that monster can easily walk trough my maks gate, my lvl 14 waves, my maks arbla.. Without using any spells. Thats a wow monster.
  9. this player is truly awesome, he attack my base with only a regular arblaster, and not using any spell. I know I have a weak base, but I have never seen someone walking arround my base like this before. this .oO Valerian Oo. Lvl is 71 and My king lvl is 100 I mean this player is really got a skill
  10. Stop the JOKES with Pearls

    today, I got 55 pearls on the third chest. seems like the problem on pearls fixed.
  11. Stop the JOKES with Pearls

    I see 72-95 pearls when i failed, I got 10-11 pearls when i get the third box. it's amazing
  12. ign : Bahlul because bahlul is bahlul enough to believe.
  13. IGN : Bahlul Because I'm Bahlul
  14. IGN : Bahlul Reason: Need it to upgrade alliance tower, lots of new players in our alliance, hope that 1 elite boost every 24 hours, would help them to improve their base and enjoy the game.