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  1. I agree with many people saying here, like the idea but hard to control G-5000's skill,first of all we are not playing on big screen tv to see where it's head is,it should be like if I am moving in one direction and tap self-destruct it should be in that direction.main problem is if with G-5000 on,if we're moving in enemy troops,if we're surrounded by enemy troops,it moves,changes directions while attacking them especially when surrounded by enemy units.I rarely notice in small time,when about to tap self-destruct,it's head spinning 180 degree while attacking behind troops lol,and i play on tablet,god knows how players controlling on small mobile screens and which most of are !
  2. After upgrade only monk's health got more.So I guess this is also like cannons ,balanced change cause it's boosted,right? If that's case I won't mind.this time I am not much sure but I think just because I show on monk's level 6 to lvl 7 upgrade screen,increase on all 3 values,damage,heal,health,that's why I choose to upgrade monk first over knights&cannon.If it showed me truly only health will increase,I would hv choose other troop !
  3. So today I was about to finish a level in Pro-League and got disconnected,then when logged in again,I was moved to next level and points I scored up to I disconnected considered for that past level but I can easily complete it.so much time wasted,most of us experienced it,right? I don't mind much when on normal battles something like this happens either form our side(our net) or from flare's side(their servers),but Pro-League is important because we can't repeat it without loosing total time ! Is there anything we can do about this,so just cause of disconnect sometimes,one should not loose time? one suggestion may be.if ever connection will be lost either from our side or your side while battle is on,consider nothing of that battle,when logged in,Pro-League score and total time remaining will be up to last battle before disconnected battle !
  4. Thx for the reply,so today my hero level got upgraded,and yes I see stats of pals incrased bit between 25-60. No,I am sure about this,please check.I remember my pal's blunt was in this range 1700 blunt and 14k knockback,but there may be chance that it was bit change like 25-70 as ShadowsGuardian suggested and I didn't noticed cause it still like 1700 blunt and 14k knockback but I'm damm sure as I noticed it that time, I got same upgrade screen I attached for lvl 7 to lvl 8 +178 blunt,+742 knockback, same I got for when upgrading from lvl 6 to 7 upgrade screen.strange,right? I remember cause I even did basic math in my mind,so 1782+182 blunt and 14800+742 knockback,so atleast my pal's stats will be like over 1800 blunt and more than 15000 knockback now after upgrade,that's why I choose to spent my hard earned 25k pal treats,I don't mind pal's stas depends on hero lvl,it makes sense but depends on my hero level,if I'm not gonna get increase then it should be shown in upgrade screen,and I would hv chosen any other pal which r still low and will get better after upgrade! It's for betterment of the game.
  5. Is that official line? pal's stats also depends on hero level? I see increase on kaiser when upgrade form lvl 6 to 7,and still if that's the case,they still need to fix it,when upgrading from lvl 6 to 7,on upgrade screen,it showed me increase on all 3 values,if I am not gonna get any increase at all,I wouldn't hv wasted my hard earned 25k pal treats on it this time!
  6. so finally got stats of irmgard lvl 7 mine vs someone else,seems it's definately a bug unless pal's stats depends on hero level or something.and it is latest video,published today. video link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahX3_VKpmsk both pics attached again for compare,kindly check!
  7. thx for the reply I hope it's just that about cannon,about irmgard more nastly,let me try..So on irmgard lvl 6,I had 1700 blunt,14k knockback already and it showed me 1700+170 blunt,14k+740 knockback when upgrade it from lvl 6 to lvl7,now after spending 25k pal treats,I hv same 1700 blunt,14k knockback on irmgard pal lvl 7 which I already had on lvl6 pal,I think only heal ability improved but on update screen it showed all 3 things blunt,heal,knockback will be bit more..and now it's showing me 1700+170 blunt,14k+740 knockback when upgrading from lvl 7 to lvl 8.this upgrading pic I attached.Sorry for the troubles,issue is bit complex and my english is not that good but let me know if anyone,what's irmgard lvl 6 or 7 stats to compare with mine? we can check !
  8. sometimes upgrade not happening as it supposed to either spell,troop or even pal and ,if you don't notice this,you think level increased,but instead nasty bugs. I have screnshots for 2 of the instances! 1.Check out pics attached,cannon's blunt attack shown much less 2100 something,but when wanted to upgrade it shows we'll add 300 something on 2600 blunt attack u already hv but on other pic i showed i hv 2100 blunt only! Is this some kind of bug? I am not even considering boosted cannon.for example it says we will add 300 health on 2400 health u already hv but my boosted cannon hv already 5800 health.do not working like this for blunt value. 2.today again same kind of thing happened,upgrading irmgard pal from level 6 to 7,only heal ability of it upgraded I think.values it showing on pic attached upgrading from lvl 7 to lvl 8 1700+170 blunt,14k+740 knockback,same it showed for lvl 6 to lvl 7 when I upgraded.So I had 1700 blunt,14k knockback on irmgard lvl 6,and after spending 25k pal treats hv same 1700 blunt,14k knockback on irmgard pal lvl 7. But this time I just trusted&didn't took screenshot before upgrade but let me know what's irmgard lvl 7 stats? cause I have same stats for irmgard lvl 6! we can check ! I don't know if it's visible bug or actual values.I spent lot of time and effort on game.and I hate nasty bugs it makes me feel is this much time&efforts worth it or not,expects better support from you.please check,my account "Enlighten Ones" levels of troops,spells,buidings,hero and is it working as it should be for that level? also most of times I play from android tablet but also play from windows pc when at office,so if I should not connect to same account from two different devices,let me know,I won't connect from windows,if that messing up,although that working fine with gold,collecting food and all.also most of upgrades ,and playing lastest version of game on both android &windows !
  9. hey I just loved idea of portal,used janus most of times since bought it from pro-shop,but was effective or let me say enjoyable at lower level,at higher lvel janus don't do much,didn't used it since last 2 month as with it can't progress much,also portal cost own leadership,unlike aska's summoning(btw no way to get aska,not offered in festivals).so janus need some exta ability like other pals than portal.and petrify ability won;t do much,janus hv only 2 main ability unlike many other pals who hv 3 and see how players in thread here only interested in portal,not care about petrify.make it better or add some third ability.and hv some ideas about make portal better,1.hero can activate it when,where he wants like spells,so we can control it or 2.atleast on screen display symbol/logo when portal is active,I appreciate u did listen and made portal more visible but still sometimes hero went ahead solo,or lagging behind when less health,janus may be ahead cause of pal flute beast mode.we can control portal better with these options.or may be portal just activate where hero is just like portal scroll.
  10. what didn't in patch notes is can't repeat dungeon after this update.but it was announced much before implemented now.I won't mind but should have fixed medal distribution system first before removing repeat dungeon,I get 34 medals in matchmaking,I was at higher trophy level once when game launched,since then many levels added to troops and spells,most of my troops,spells not even near max levels,not to forget very little I forged since 3 month,.started upgrading regularly now.they should consider everything while figuring my attack power then shows medals.and I don't stay purposely low or anything,it's not about skills as well.I am very good at pro-league,in top 200 rank most of the times.
  11. I played for a year when game launched,then took longgg break,again actively playing since last 3-4 months.first of all just wanted to try aska pal,opened every pal chest,even bought pal chest one time offer,didn't got one.aska was not even offered in pro-shop,may be offer in festival or something? or any suggestion how to get it? now pls fix medal distribution system,I get 34 medals in matchmaking,I was at higher trophy level once when game launched,since then many levels added to troops and spells,most of my troops,spells not even near max levels,not to forget very little .I forged since 3 month,please check.started upgrading regularly now but even when I started with very low level spells/tropps since then it showed me,34 medals and I don't stay purposely low or anything,it's not about skills as well.I do very good at pro-league,in top 200 rank most of the times. also I like idea for pro-league where everyone r same,if we can choose our choice of spells/troops sometimes,may be in some league,their level,stats will be same for all but we can choose from some options.that will be different kind of challenge,finding better combo for different layouts/defences.
  12. yeah exactly same,when diamond league,I am not much active for 3 days,even with dungeon don't stand chance with high level players,remember not lot of free food from ads here,mostly have bit of chance to get 1 to 4 rank in platinum league depends on activeness of other players !
  13. check tournament rankings,seems currently only high level players and very low level players can get lot of medals for player vs player fights.high level players with lot of medals offered at first and on it medal boost and low level player offered average medals plus have very very less food cost.I remember long long time ago everyone who plays actively has fair chance on tournament more or less.everyone also got bit of medal boost as per rank.,now medal boost is also for very top rank .don't know current situations indended or not.I just started playing after long break and that monthly reward as per monthly rank we got in pro-league also removed by flare where people can earn gems per rank.sad never got one of those,didn't active that time.consider my position now,220+ food cost per battle for 34 medals,even my 2 medal boost item is joke,some % of 34 medals.now in current dungeon cost lot of food,two dungeon I been playing,1000 medals for 786 food,800 medals for 562 food without any chamber of fortune is fair reward not exploit,I agree with someone said remove/ban someone who using bot accounts or introduce better medal distribution system !
  14. I like idea of force players to attack other players for medals,repeating same dungeon battle boring but then there have to be fair distribution of medal gain,even 500+ trophies above me I get 34 medals per battle,+1000 trophies above me get near around 70 medals-depends on base after.and I don't open my base and do things like that to stay below my actual level.and even with dungeon battle can barely do good,but don't in diamond league,not much ads for food here as well !
  15. good news is "+ 1 Festival each month",although for example some people said they got aska pal during festival,I was not active that time,can't see it in pro shop either,planning to offer it again? and regarding dungeon,since I playing again,I don't know but even 500-1000 trophies above me,I won't get much medals,mostly 34 medals per battle,,so when I'm in fighting for tournament medals,I always hit for dungeon battles.
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