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  1. Extra invocations cost gems. I find the Piroforo indispensable when I arrive at the gate and I have to throw it down quickly and the invocation of Cronus when the time is running out. I willingly spend 6 gems for the Piroforo because it is powerful and destructive (I understood that its power depends on the level to which it is, but luckily I have it at most and then it works well). Every time I use Crono, I get angry: it lasts too little !!! Costs too much! Slow down by 80% for 6.7 seconds. This means that my actions last 33.5 seconds in real time when everything is slowed down (but it is not so because my powers do not accelerate); It can mean that you add 5.36 seconds to the general time I have available to complete my raid (they pass immediately). 15 gems for Chrono. TOO MUCH! Please lower the price of Chrono and even the charging time (infinite) because it's not all this great power ... I hope I have done the calculations correctly 😋
  2. Here is another idea: All blessings always accessible to everyone and in any league. But expensive in a different way and all depending on the placement in the war. For example, the first team in the Titan league would pay all blessings a ridiculously low price (gate of chaos 100,000 per day); the last classified in the league titans 500,000 a day. The first place in the league of kings 1,500,000 per day and the last 3,000,000. The first place in the league of warriors 3,000,000 a day and the last 5,000,000. And so, all in proportion, even the other blessings. Values are just one example, but the mechanism would give everyone, perhaps in a particular moment of war or battle, the chance to have a special blessing by carefully spending the resources available to the alliance.
  3. Maybe it's better if you write in private. Nothing is understood anymore. What use can there be in a continuous reference to citations of this kind. We all understood that you think differently. Hades has made proposals that Dumpster dismounts without proposing anything. All clear. Without controversy, but be surgical that does not read you.
  4. d9d9

    Tetradramma Athens

    Here are the developers from where they draw inspiration for coins, rings and clothing of the heroes of Olimpus Rising. I have the original tetradrama depicting the owl, a sacred animal of the goddess Athena. The tetradrama (or more rarely tetradrammus) is a coin used in archaic Greece, initially coined in Athens around 510 BC, worth four drachmas. It spread in a short time throughout the Greek world. My treasure!!!!! https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetradramma
  5. I would like to contribute financially to help Flaregames continue the development and keep the attention on the dynamics of this game. A coffee in my city in Sicily costs € 0.80 so I would feel like investing a few euros every once in a while for my fun rewarding the editors of Olimpus Rising. But to do this I should find it convenient. I spent money only once and a long time ago only to unlock extra donations for my alliance. It's too easy to earn gems in this game and an experienced player manages to make thousands of gems every war and hundreds every day by opening the boxes resulting from the vision of advertising. Something does not work. Flaregames was good at attracting RR2 players with smart offers and innovations. Nothing in Olimpus Rising. Lower prices then and make continuous promotions and many players will be encouraged to make some more purchases to open Titan chests or speed up something or force long missions. First of all I would be inclined to spend some money. Invent another currency to buy something new and accessible only with enormous sacrifice. You did it in RR2 with pearls, various beasts, special equipment. And let's go !!! To start with, lower prices because gems have little value considering the fact that you often give 5000. 😫
  6. And am I not an adorable witty man? 🤩
  7. @dumpster What a beard, what a bore ... You sing it and you play it ... There is no more contradictory on the forum ... Do you think someone is missing? 😉🤐😍
  8. Great mess !!! Those who used illegal blessings are rewarded with gems. The others who have suffered are mocked.
  9. I hope to be constructive: It is necessary to update because at the end of every war the general of the alliance winner of each league should be asked (in game) if he prefers to have a prize in gems or the best blessings of war. At the second classified alliance should go the one that was not chosen. At the third alliance some gems and the wall of phalanx. To all the others a little less gems. I think the competition would be more alive and we would fight to get the maximum. For example: At the end of the war 1st place: Titans Warriors the general d9d9(best in the world) decides whether to take 5000 gems and some lower blassing or gate of chaos and wall of the phalanx and some lower blassing 2nd place: C.C.C.P. wins what the Warrior Titans discard 3rd classified: Gods of War wins 2000 gems and wall of the phalanx and lower blassing 4th place: wins 1000 gems and lower blassing 5th place: wins 1000 gems and lower blessing . . the last four classified recede the first three classified are promoted to the upper league. This is valid for each league.
  10. Even 5000 gems would be fine. And 2000 to me for acting as an intermediary! 😍
  11. A little preview on the next version? Come on, we deserve it ... we waited so long ... 😍
  12. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    @Marinien e @dumpster I changed set-up to Arianna. Dumpster, do you think this or that of Marinien is better? From the first tests it seems more effective this ...
  13. I must necessarily use Bia. Prometheus otherwise is too slow. At least until I find a unique object that puts the pepper in the *****! Sometimes he stops to collect little flowers.
  14. Here are the values. I have three apples, two of which are with worms and no single object of Prometheus ... Never found ... I'm an unlucky man!
  15. This is a petition! Support Prometheus!!! Put many like if you agree. Prometheus is my favorite hero! Seriously. I love his strength and his vulnerability. It has only two powers but can be scary. And yet ... he is castrated! I can not take him to war. Its specific power "Pyrophoros" is devastating and has fast recharge times but has a ridiculous range !!! In theory it's okay but on the Nyx on the corner it does not work. Prometheus so in war I do not bring him; I can not do 95% if everything goes well. I do not ask to increase the range as "Talos", but just what little to take the Nyx on the corner! I do not just ask him, it is the Gods who support me and from Olympus are concentrating their anger on the German lands. No one will tell me to use "Damocles", because Prometheus without "Bia" does not go anywhere!
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