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  1. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    @Marinien e @dumpster I changed set-up to Arianna. Dumpster, do you think this or that of Marinien is better? From the first tests it seems more effective this ...
  2. d9d9

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    I must necessarily use Bia. Prometheus otherwise is too slow. At least until I find a unique object that puts the pepper in the *****! Sometimes he stops to collect little flowers.
  3. d9d9

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    Here are the values. I have three apples, two of which are with worms and no single object of Prometheus ... Never found ... I'm an unlucky man!
  4. This is a petition! Support Prometheus!!! Put many like if you agree. Prometheus is my favorite hero! Seriously. I love his strength and his vulnerability. It has only two powers but can be scary. And yet ... he is castrated! I can not take him to war. Its specific power "Pyrophoros" is devastating and has fast recharge times but has a ridiculous range !!! In theory it's okay but on the Nyx on the corner it does not work. Prometheus so in war I do not bring him; I can not do 95% if everything goes well. I do not ask to increase the range as "Talos", but just what little to take the Nyx on the corner! I do not just ask him, it is the Gods who support me and from Olympus are concentrating their anger on the German lands. No one will tell me to use "Damocles", because Prometheus without "Bia" does not go anywhere!
  5. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    @Marinien Thanks for your suggestions. I really needed that!
  6. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    This is my Ariadne at the moment. Apart from the two apples and boots that are unique, I have not forged the other objects in five stars and probably for my level is certainly weak. The battle style of Ariadne, given her specific powers, is an accumulation of command to shoot troops, escaping forward, avoiding towers and enemies. I only use Arianna when it happens in the Odyssey and then I put it in an island with parking space for handicapped people (no offense because I'm joking). It has no shield and is naturally vulnerable and must avoid confrontation. So I wonder what can you do with a pair of boots (Asterione) that petrify opponents? Give in its place a new attribute of invisibility or invulnerability (momentary) or a new power that allows it to invoke Dionysus in his help that protects her momentarily. However, there are also 20 gems as a gift bestowed at the beginning of each game! πŸ˜‰
  7. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    @Tomaxo Do you think it's possible to joke? Or can a dispute arise? We could talk then about the ***** of angels ....
  8. d9d9

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    Every time I have to do the odyssey with Ariadne I split a device. I start and I have to use invocations ... and die ... resuscitate ... and die ... resuscitate ... and die ... and throw the phone on the wall. I ask: 1) The addition of a shield to Ariadne 2) Compensation to the flaregames of 1,000,000 gems for breaking three phones 3) The immediate isolation of Arianna on a new island named Sant'Elena Join me for a class action πŸ˜‰
  9. d9d9

    War blessings

    Maybe other 5000 gems as a gift....
  10. I did a similar refining with the apple a long time ago. Result: I ***** an apple. As soon as you climb up a few levels you do not need anything anymore. Fortunately, I was three πŸ˜‰ Happy new year Ho fatto tempo fa una simile raffinazione con la mela. Risultato: mi sono fottuto una mela. Appena sali di qualche livello non ti serve piΓΉ a nulla. Fortunatamente ne avevo tre πŸ˜‰ Buon annooooo
  11. d9d9

    November Dev Q&A Answers

    @ The true truth is that refining is just a great illusion. A mirror for the larks. An incomprehensible and abstruse artifact made with good intentions by Flaregames. It is not convenient at all. Only those who reach the maximum level of ascension with objects at most could possibly derive some benefit from them. How do you say? The road that leads to Paradise is paved with good intentions ... @Madlen πŸ˜‰
  12. @vasudeva1 I always agree with you and your battles that help the whole community of this game. I remain very perplexed about undeserved compensation.
  13. d9d9

    Suggestions for new ideas

    Ulysses is in the rocking chair with Penelope's canvas on his knees enjoying retirement. He's a great killer of gatekeepers ... when he gets to the gate though ... πŸ˜‰
  14. I am perplexed and confused, dear @vasudeva1 . Is it not true that all members of your alliance have also received 5,000 gems? The wrong and abused benefit (not because of you because if you find 50 euros on the ground you put your foot on) of blessings caused by a bug simply had to be stopped. You and everyone did not deserve the prolongation of blessings and do not deserve 5000 gems. I, my alliance and many others we found on our map and during the wars overpowered opposing . How many gems did we spend to beat them? All of this is profoundly unjust. Do you agree? Do you fight this injustice and then do not you beat your chest?
  15. d9d9

    November Dev Q&A Answers

    the dark side of the force!