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  1. Pro Phoenix cup

    I start it and I take crystals. Then flaregames resets and I redo it and take other crystals...
  2. I agree with Hellslord. The current war dynamic is complicated and unjust in values. It is not possible to score more than everyone and arrive last. But most of all is the one-on-one battle by choosing a player from the ranking. Perhaps the war should be organized with a classical naval battle chessboard with dynamics similar to those of royal revolt II even if I realize that it is difficult to revolutionize everything. But just as it is possible to leave for the Odyssey, it may be possible to face an event-style invasion during breaks between a war and an odyssey. I trust the far-sightedness of the developers who are still doing a great job!!!
  3. Account blocked

    I absolutely think I have not done anything extraordinary. maybe I'm extraordinary ;-)
  4. Account blocked

    Dear Flaregames, this is your answer send me by mail "Hello Alessandro, Thank you for getting in touch. This account has been banned for heavily altering the stats of the game in order to gain an unfair advantage. This is a violation of our Terms of Service. We have now lifted the ban on the account. However, if this account is found to be involved in suspicious activity in the future, it will be banned permanently. Thanks again for your understanding. Take care. Best regards" Which would be these altered statistics? You're kidding, right? I never even thought of cheating! Tell the truth, you're wrong ....
  5. Account blocked

    I wrote, I'm waiting
  6. Account blocked

    NOW.....WHY???????????????? My IGN: d9d9
  7. Black Weekend Raffle!

    IGN: d9d9
  8. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    "Quando combatto con Tammy lui mi segue e non fa danni, Quando invece uso Phoebe non mi segue e se ne frega Ho bisogno del flauto di Pan così Phoebe non fa alcun dan Prego tanto la Flaregames di farmi vincere tante gems" Tradotto in inglese suona più o meno così: "When I fight with Tammy he follows me without army, When I use Phoebe instead he does not care, I need the Pan flute, like a sentinel so Phoebe does wark well I pray so much Flaregames to make me win so many gems " sorry for the free translation My IGN: d9d9
  9. Forging Uniques

    grande Imperator, forgia mi raccomando, altrimenti resti indietroooooooooo
  10. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    1) PvP (I hope and recommend) 2) New system to revive maestria (we need it) 3) new event like seven fatigues of Ercole (nice)
  11. Update

    I fear another five new levels for each alliance. Otherwise the new troops and the new towers, as well as the previous ones, how do they differ from those of the weakest alliances?
  12. Alliances' fusion - change name

    OnanO, la soluzione è venire tutti in Ita Warriors ;-) The solution is simple: come all togheter in Ita Warriors!!!
  13. Which one is better, Phoebe or Tammy at Max lvl ?

    I have them both. Tammy heals all the troops around him and always follows the hero by curing him. Phoebe only in theory, looking at his features, is better. Actually it's a big disappointment!
  14. Finita l'Odissea e guadagnata abbastanza fama si accede ad una finestra poco comprensibile per migliorare la maestria. Ho capito che si tratta di una specie di slot machine fatta male però! E poi ogni maestria non si può sempre migliorare ma c'è il rischio che peggiori ed è definitiva se ci si accontenta di saltare i tentativi di rilancio!?!?!?! Troppo confuso e non esiste una spiegazione. Prego gli sviluppatori di fare di meglio... After finishing the Odyssey and gaining enough fame, every player gains access to an unintelliggible window to improve his mastery. I understand that this is a sort of slot machine made bad though! And then every skill can not always improve, but there is the worse risk and it is definitive if you are content to skip relaunch attempts!?!?!?! Too confused and there is no explanation. Please developers to do better ...