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Found 2 results

  1. Hello I have a problem with my actual situation and maybe someone can clear things up for me: I always played RR2 on Android with Google Play connection (but this connection doesn't always show up ingame, like it's disconnecting by itself (??)). However I don't have problems with my account so far. A few months ago I connected with Facebook for the bonuses and mainly this back-up function. Now I want to do 2 things and want to know, if this is possible (since there is a limit of 1 account transfer per year): I want to transfer my account to a new device (android with the same google play account) and if possible I'd like to transfer it also on my PC (Windows). There is this limitation but wouldn't it work if I just connect them via facebook or so (or would google play work as well?) and by doing this I wouldn't need the account transfer menu of RR2 ? I'm really clueless (never did something like this before and don't want my longtime account to get in trouble ). Gwylion
  2. Hi Guys, I do not know where else to voice my concerns. So ill do it here. Of late a lot of players have been quitting the game due to personal reasons. These accounts are being transferred to other low level players within the game. I am a lvl 99 player and I see lvl 106 accounts being transferred. Needless to say I am pissed. I believe in playing it fair. I have spent close to 2 yrs with this game and continue to stick with Flare. So when i see newbies coming in and either paying their way up (and not paying Flare) or just going up by charity it just doesn't seem right. Transfer of accounts has to be fixed. Accounts should be tied to one and only one Email Id. Transfers through email ids should somehow be recognized. Perhaps by how the same device jumped multiple accounts (Mac address ? ) I don't know how technically Flare can solve this. All I can do is to humbly request. Thanks for listening
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