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Found 113 results

  1. Edit 1/28/2019: Added more thoughts after doing another conquest in a lvl 400 alliance and the Veteran Explorer's tier. I'm new to the game, only been playing for a month. I'm lvl 70, 1400 trophies, Sergeant in a mid-600's alliance. We competed the last two events in the Veteran Scouts tier. Like most forums, these are seemingly dominated by the top 1-5% of players, so here's a perspective from a more "average" player. I think Conquest is the best part of this game. Since I started playing, I've recruited 6 friends to the game, and maybe 1-2 would have joined were it not for Conquest. There are a million F2P mobile games where you play a reskinned version of Farmville, but very few that have a neat cooperative strategy mode like conquest. [Pro league is pretty cool too. The fact that only a few players can complete it despite everyone having equal gear shows this game has a decent skill component and isn't purely pay2win.] Conquest seems to last a little too long. Both Conquests were basically decided with more than a day to go. Making treaties between Alliances seems kinda lame and against the spirit of the mode. Last time, we fought two Polish alliances that I'm pretty sure had a pact of some sort, as I never saw them attack each other and they just spent all their time attacking the other two. They were geographically adjacent and vying for 1st and 2nd place, often separated by only a few points, so it didn't really make strategic sense for them to have all their kings deployed beating up the 3rd and 4th place teams. Our alliance ranges from 900-3000 trophies and lvl 20-105, and I love that there is a role for weaker players in conquest. They can scout, they can try to tie up strong players for a few hours. It's nice that everyone can participate somehow. It seems kind of lame that you can practice against a base by looking up someone's name, and it's borderline unfair if their name contains characters your keyboard doesn't even have. Having 1 player be able to repeatedly pin 10 players on a tile for days does seem kinda *****, even though I haven't experienced it much. The flip-side of this though, is that the speed of Supreme Victory still sometimes feels too short. This is particularly true when differing time-zones are involved. As a US-based alliance, we would go to sleep right as our 2 Polish opponents hit their peak activity time. This would usually result in them winning several fights before we could even react. In the one large battle we had that went the full 24 hrs, we won, but their nighttime strikes would decimate us. They were just a stronger and more active alliance in general though, so that may have colored my opinion on this. The rewards of the Veteran Scouts tier seem to be desirable for some higher level players, which results in some weird matchups. It seems like the rewards for each tier should include all the rewards of the previous tier, to incentivize alliances to be in the best tier they can. Our alliance doesn't even want to move up out of Veteran Scouts because the rewards don't seem better to us (and because we'll likely get stomped). Co-ordinating people is a nightmare with the way chat works in this game. We only have 15-25 active players, but if you log off for a few hours messages will scroll right off. Chat shouldn't erase my message if I have to go back to the map. I can't count how many times I've gone to type "King1 and King2, we need to Attack tile __" and then forgotten the name of the tile we are trying to attack. I guess trophies are supposed to be the metric of how strong a player/base is, but at my level knowing someone's level is far more useful. I would love to see people's level displayed after their name, in brackets or something "Entropy42 {70}". It would be very helpful to have a button that finds a player. Often times someone will log on and be like "where do you need me", and then I have to try and find them. Or I'll know that KingX signs on in the evening, but won't know where he is to make plans. This could also be done with a full alliance view that just displays the location of each player next to their name. In fact, if I just had a big list with names, levels, trophies, and location, that would be awesome. Similarly, it would be awesome to have a mapmode that displays names over tiles. Then I can look at an area under attack and quickly know which players might be able to support that, rather than clicking on every tile and then pressing the info button. The tile info window could just contain a lot more info. There's a lot of space there, show me all the kings on that tile, show me their levels, show me their trophies. Same goes for the initial Skull count/SV window that appears when you select an ongoing battle. In general, I just find that the information I need to properly allocate people to the fights they might be able to win is always buried 2-3 clicks deeper than I want it to be. I'm not sure what it would look like, but more strategic locations on the map would be cool. The 50,100,150% skull bonus is silly. Why have a 50% bonus for one player, when that is the minimum number of players you can have? Just start at 0% and then do 50%, 100%, makes the math easier (and is actually the way it is described in Madlen's post on the forums). (Edit: I see the reason for the skull bonus to start at 50%. It allows a single player to score skulls against a single opponent. If it started at 0%, in a 1v1 battle I could only fight someone once and then all remaining fights would do nothing.) The explanation of this, though, doesn't make it clear that the bonus only applies to skulls won with that bonus in effect. i.e. if I have 1000 bonus skulls and a second player joins, that number does not go to 2000. A way to determine the energy required to make a move (without making it) would be super helpful. Sometimes we'd need someone to support a tower very far away, and not know if they had enough energy to make it there. You should be able to click any distance away and have the game show you the optimal path and the energy/time required. It does this already if you are trying to move 4 spaces and only have the energy to move 1-3. It can be challenging to figure the best path when you are moving 20 tiles 4 at a time. The tech "tree" is really boring. The little icon for your stronghold does not shimmer (unless you are in the conquest map) like the Alliance button does when a donation is available. For people's sanity between Conquests, it should probably not shimmer if your timer is up but there is no available space for donations. Resource nodes should just passively generate the resource without needing to be collected. Its just another thing that makes conquest feel like a 24/7 commitment. Either I'm missing some key strategy, or it is really hard to defend in conquest. All the tech tree bonuses are to give an attacker an advantage. Doubling (tripling) troops, increased king attack value. I feel like being good at defending should be a choice in the tech tree. The "reduced movement cooldown" tech seems really bad. I read that originally there was a much longer delay between moves you could make, and maybe it used to make sense. But now it shaves seconds off. Along this same line, the game does not update player position fast enough. If their movement cooldown is 30-60s and it takes 30s to update the player position, it can be very hard to intercept them even if you are online watching. Guess that ended up being a lot of feedback. Sorry about that.
  2. I made the 9th challenge 100% and showed me so much ... and I lost time. Edit. Why can I write only one post a day? massacre!!
  4. Guys, not sure if anyone mentioned this before so do not bark offensive responses please. Could it be better if conquest took place once in two or three months, it is a bit boring especially if you are facing really strong ally (which we know happens with current matchmaking system) and second thing that makes it boring fact that you can’t eliminate other ally from play. We should be able to attack strongholds and eliminate others. Otherwise you battle for 6 days without any sense except rewards (which not always arrive on time if at all) make it as a all in war so if player reaches opposition’s base it would take top 20 or whatever numbers of players to battle for 24 hours without possibility of quick win. Maybe this would make it bit more interesting. Some alliances (if not majority) conquest is lacking battles so they arrange big wars at the set locations just to keep them doing something not just wonderyaround map like headless chickens ?.
  5. @Madlen, I'd be up for updating the WIKI with the new information in the new release. Is there someway I can get access to the WIKI and get the information from FLAREGAMES as to the costs / duration for everything?
  6. Hi, I looked for the answer and couldn’t find it, I apologize if I overlooked it. During conquest, I spend a lot of time looking for specific teammates. It seems the only way to find them is to click occupied tile by tile until I find them (I’m not referring to who is in the stronghold, but who’s on the field). Is there an easier way to determine the location of a specific player in my alliance? There has to be an easier way. Thanks in advance!
  7. As much as I understand that it is bad to accuse someone of cheating without proof, therefore, information of such accusation cannot be published, it is a whole different story when investigation is done and it is already proven that a player is indeed a cheater. Thus, it would be nice if there is a section in the forum, in the name of transparency, to publish the list of cheaters that Flare has already proven, so players can be aware of it. It will definitely help players to feel vindicated as well when they were the victims of these cheaters. In addition, players who pay will also feel that they are getting their money's worth when they know these cheaters are being banned, because payers pay to have legitimate advantages in the game. If they are in the dark as to whether cheaters are being banned, then they won't know for sure if they are just paying for an advantage that others are getting through cheating while Flare is not or unable to catch them.
  8. Olá, Gostaria de saber o que houve com as minhas gemas, até hoje de manhã tinha pouco mais de 2300 gemas e agora a noite tem apenas pouco mais de 1100. Nick: Capitão Noberto
  9. OK I'm going to touch this sensitive subject because I've noticed quite a lot this past few weeks regarding trophy lvl of enemies on islands. Basically I'm borderline top 100 and am lvl 130 (20k+trophies), so I don't have a ridiculous trophy cap holding me back anymore, but yet It seems the top 75 almost never appear on my islands! Yet of course I get attacked daily by such players. (this isn't the issue, but why a one way street.) Basically you thought to make it easier for us by taking away high lvl trophy enemies from the islands, but instead put identical difficulty opponents in their place. In reality there is NO DIFFERENCE in difficulty between a lvl 131 titan league player with 19k trophies and a player with 25k trophies. The only difference is now they never appear on our islands. So how do you find these elusive players of the top 50? I have no idea, I have thousands of battles over the past month or 2 yet never seen for example Dumpster ever. Seen the top guy once. The others I might see once every few weeks. The image below is not aimed at singling players out but just to show what I'm saying. FG @Madlen they (the devs) said they it's hard to tinker with the system as it's finely balanced or something, yet last update you managed to mess with it and put easy opponents on the inner islands (which isn't bad in itself - allows people to lvl up Artemis/Ajax with no fear of losing for example. Right now this distribution of high lvl trophy enemies is pathetic, IMO you just made them all invisible........at the end of the day if they are there to attack it is through choice if you decide to do so; many used gems to improve their trophy count also. (so there are corporate implications here - nobody will use gems on a +3 trophy enemy, who is as hard as a 30k trophy enemy) To sum up just in case you missed it, that sever update was an still is an abomination.....needs fixed. Ready the critics... In addition I always seem to get the same players over and over and over again. I can find the same player 3 times in one day easily. Earlier today I cleared an island an 2 mins later the same guy appeared on another island. It's like we have a small 'pool' of players that are in our group......sucks big time - for him mainly. Edit- top guy just appeared on my islands for the 2nd time ever, perhaps you saw my post?
  10. When I use Donkey my King begins and ends the ride with the same Health. But almost 50% of the members of my Alliance report that they are restored to full Health by a Donkey ride. What's different? Also it doesn't seem that a Monk casting a Heal Spell or even a Heal Aura Ring restores your Health during the use of any Guardian, why is that?
  11. It doesn't complete the update to newest version. Once the download reaches 100% it gives an error "Could not establish connection", and goes back to download from 80% and download progresses and get the error message again. It's been like this since the day of the new update. Please help, I can't open the game anymore...😞 Device: HTC Windows Phone 8X Software version: 8.1 Player name: DiaspurA333
  12. Hello, @Madlen Once again we suffer from the bugs in the game. This time the alliance "Olympus Brazil" was league-high before the end of the war season. We lost 3 torches in the overall ranking, lost the historic of war, lost the gemstone award granted when we climbed the league, faced enemies with the blessing of the upper league (blessing the barricades), they did not grant us the possibility to acquire the blessings from the barricades. Before the last war lasting 2 days, we had another aly that was up the league before the time too, a Russian alliance, which I do not know how to spell the name. Incredible as we are being punished for the bugs, in the last award where many alliances received 5k of gems for the extended war blessings beyond the possible time, we were not awarded even though our blessings reduced, a tremendous mistake. In addition, in this war some players will have to spend gems to pass defenses with blessed barricades, and enemies will easily pass through our defenses without the blessing of the barricade, a very effective blessing that can change the whole scenario during the war. I look forward to a position from the developers. @GuerreiroLuan @Netto
  13. This pro league is too hard again. No players reach 1900 points. Can you adjust the tiers please?
  14. Hallo I Play This Game Long Time and i have 2 times maybe more i dont know but i know my last visit in this game I have a Aliance Name INTERNATIONAL ELITE 2/4 I don't know in my team I invest to much money in this alliance and you guys just delete my alliance? I have last update from rising and my phone. My last visit just 30 days before from this last gaming time and yesterday I go inside game and see my alliance was deleted ☢bad English sorry my friendos I hope you competento this problemo ⤵️🏛🙏✍👍🤙✌
  15. So obviously post update barricades and gate have got substantial increases in health (a blessed max lvl barricade with modest oddesy bonus has 500k + health) notably barricade and gate being the main defence obstacles. Now as we can't change any gear we have to deal with what we have regarding Zeus/Hades (Hades tartarus power solves his issue) I find Zeus very underpowered when facing TL enemies. At lvl 140 Zeus does just about 26k damage per second; basically takes about 12-15 seconds to destroy a max barricade (barricades have 50% phys resistance), and when faced with 9 of them and a 1 million health gate (needs another 20+ seconds), time (even though he controls it by his own power) is always against him. He needs probably 10% innate demo to be usable at high lvl.
  16. I've previously suffered sudden, inexplicable spikes in attacks on my islands, with heroes being removed from resource gathering a dozen times a day or more, but I managed to power through them and they've generally lasted less than a week, so I never bothered to post about it. However, today I've experienced by far the most violent spike in raids on my islands that I've ever seen, and it's so bad that it seems like a clear bug and is basically game-breaking for me in terms of impact. In short, I went to sleep last night with every hero on an island, and woke up today with all but one back at base. Using ad bonus chests and gems I managed to get about half of them on islands by early evening. I just logged on after being out for a few hours and every single hero was back at base again. This non-stop bombardment makes it impossible for me to effectively gather resources, and completely impossible to ever climb the trophy ladder. Something is clearly very wrong with the system of assigning targets for attack. The only background factor I can think of is that last night I leveled up from 131 to 132 by finishing one of the buildings from the new update. Since the guidelines request this info, I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running android, though that doesn't really seem relevant to this issue. Attached are screenshots I took this morning and in the afternoon.
  17. Hey developers, there's a bug I opened a titan chest from daily gifts and got titan and godlike items but I lost connection and when I searched in inventory I just found 3 or 4 godlike items no titan items please help me
  18. This feature injects a strange and unnecessary series of tactics, etc into the war event. It's incredibly silly that alliances try to lose ON PURPOSE to acquire the extra skull % bonus for use later in the war event. There should be NO reason an alliance TRIES to lose a war tile. Every alliance should be striving to get stronger, not to stay low in fiefdoms and use silly tactics to beat alliances currently stronger than them. The dynamic this "loser skull bonus" feature creates is an entirely negative one and it's removal should be at least discussed considering the negative impact it has had over these last few months.
  19. I know this is a vexed subject and an age old question, but what is the best way to play a level 10 Helen of Troy? I'm using Talos level 3 and Warriors and Archers level 6 and 7.
  20. hi @Madlen a member of my alliance has lost 1500 gems around midnight between Friday 11 and Saturday 12 January without him having used them to speed up the improvements, they just disappearedplease check ING name: Biga72
  21. In 2018 there was only 1 community week (in the 2nd half of April, without considering community month in March), while in 2017 there were more community weeks (for example in May and in August). It would be very sad to finish 2018 with only "1" community week, thus I suggest the next community week in about 2 weeks or before the end of this year. It's also a good reason for players to continue this game.
  22. In the war we are currently in, one of the teams kicked all of their sub-1400 players as soon as the war started. They now only have 5 players (2700-1500), a roster of 5/43. They were a roughly 1000 rank alliance at when this started, and immediately became 2400 rank. This should not be possible. We will still beat them, this isn't a complaint about that, but one of the other alliances does not have a player above 1500, so will just be totally screwed when they face them. More importantly, this is a terrible experience for all the (newer) players they kicked who now will have a hard time finding an alliance and then will not even be able to fight for 2 days once they find one. Allowing this sort of manipulation of the war system is awful. It should not be a valid "strategy" to ***** over a bunch of people like that.
  23. I did not say I hated it, I said it was not useful as it works. What if someone sets to high then forget to reset it to break or normal. Does it reset if they log off or log off for 10 hours? It is just as easy for me to see when someone last logged on as well as notice how active they are by where they are on the map, attacks in wars and such. Most active players will say, where do you need me or where do I go.
  24. I opened a Titan Sea chest and the last item I got an Odysseus shoes. As soon as I got it, the game lost connection, after a while it reconnected but I did not see the item again. This is very painful, because I have been waiting for an Unique a long time. Please what can be done to compensate me. the new color for Odysseus can be set now, but Unique was disappeared. IGN:Wolverine Logan!
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