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Found 9 results

  1. A selected range of questions will be answered most likely at the beginning of January due to the holidays. 🎅
  2. [mirroring official announcement] Dear Olympians, We are happy to announce that we have just performed a Live Server Update and introduced new levels to the game. Please see the full patch notes below. Special thanks from the team to the huge amount of awesome community member suggestions which helped us when creating this update. Islands & Economy - The first 8 island areas now feature lower level opponents. - Reduced the difficulty of Medusa and Minotaur islands. - Increased how much Wisdom can be found in the Vault of Hephaestus. - Increased how much Wisdom is generated by the Theater of Dionysos. - Increased how much Gold is generated by the Gold Temple. - Replaced some daily resource chests with item chests. - Daily item chests now have a chance to contain high-quality Hero Items. Alliance Wars - Players can now earn up to 4 Titan Battle Chests in a War. - Improved the quality of Hero Items which can be found in Battle Titan Chests, particularly those for high VP. This chance is higher the more VP are required to unlock the chest. - Increased VP required to acquire Battle Chests in 1-vs-1 Wars. - Fixed that "Chest of the Victor" (award for 1st place in Titan League) would sometimes contain a regular Titan Item instead of a Unique Item. Hero Items - Further increased the strength gained on an item when superforging it by destroying 2*, 3*, 4* or 5* items. - Players should no longer find cursed items which require them to win Autoplay battles. - Perks: Petrify: Increased proc chance, on new items, by 20%, increased duration from 4 to 6 seconds, increased damage bonus from x2 to x3. Regeneration: Increased strength by 50%, on new items. Potency: Increased strength by 25%, on new items. Frostbite: Increased proc ice damage from +50% to +200% (of a normal weapon attack). Area Damage: Reduced chance of getting this perk on Cursed items. Movement Speed: Increased strength by 13%, on new items. Health (Perk): Increased strength by 25%, on new items. Heroes - Prometheus: Now has a 10% Physical Resistance bonus. Now has a 10% Movement Speed Bonus. - Helen of Troy: Increased initial and maximum Morale by 2. Powers - Asclepius: Doubled healing effect on the Hero. - Siren: Increased stun duration by 1 second, slightly increased damage at higher levels, reduced cooldown by 2 seconds. - Pyrphoros: Increased shield strength by 25%. - Fist of Power: Stun duration now increases by 0.1 second with every level, slightly increased damage gained per level. - Ajax Whirlwind: Increased damage by up to 15%. - Ajax Charge: Now also briefly stuns all targets hit, very slightly increased damage gained per level. - Pheme: Slightly increased range and duration at lower levels and slightly reduced how much they scale at higher levels. New Upgrade Levels - Heroes' Temple +1 - Ambrosia Temple +1 - Ambrosia Storage +1 - Gold Temple +1 - Chamber of Gold +1 - Theater of Dionysos +1 - Library of Wisdom +1 - Gate of Apollo +1 - Guardhouse of Thanatos +1 - Hero Statue +1 - War Academy +2 All Units +2 per Academy level - Shrine of Power +2 All Powers +2 per Shrine level Significantly reduced upgrade times - Ithacan Harbor +2 Increased maximum difficulty to 12 5 Titan Sea Chests obtainable at maximum level - Alliance Hall of Uranus +3 - Towers and Barricades +3 We hope you enjoy! May the blessings of Zeus be with you! _ _ _ Please leave your feedback below!
  3. The Royal Guardians "Donkey", Dragon "Goruc", Sled "Trusty" and Granny beast blood-relative "Sultan" have finally arrived and they're here to serve and protect! Learn more about those next level bodyguards with our 10 Facts about Royal Guardians 1. Each Guardian comes with an individual gameplay effect, activated as soon as the Guardian is called in battle, and a unique special ability, players can trigger by tapping the Guardian button a second time 2. Equip your Guardian over the "Royal Guardians" menu, which can be reached over the Throne Room and also the Battle Loadout 3. Your King won't take any damage for the time he's protected by a Guardian 4. The Guardian mode ends when the Guardian's HP is fully depleted or the Guardian timer has run out 5. Some Guardians can be called more often than others in battle 6. Guardians can be found in Guardian Chests, which in turn can be obtained from the corresponding Guardian Chest Shop or won in a Conquest Event 7. A free Guardian Chest can be collected every day in the Guardian Chest Shop (3x a day, when you're connected to Facebook) 8. Upgrade Guardians with Pearls or Pal Treats (depending on the Guardian) and a certain contingent of Guardians of the same type 9. There are Guardians which are harder to find than others. Pay attention to their rarity color. 10. The Royal Guardians will be made available once you have reached Hero Level 20. Check out the individual Tutorial Videos (released throughout the next few weeks) for more specific information about each Guardian's characteristics and start with the Basic Tutorial today! Basic Tutorial: Other Improvements: When using the Pal Flute spell in battle, the transformation from Pal to Beast will now happen instantly, since we removed the delay here The effect of all Pal Spells now matches the Pal's animation and Cast Bar "Gargoyle Nests" and "Trioxin Towers" will no longer spawn units while they're stunned Hero Items can now be melted down directly from the Throne Room's Item Details screen Generals can now see their Soldiers current Energy status in the Tile Player Info Screen, making planning easier for them 2 new Conquest mailbox messages for finished Tech Researches and new Orders A new shortcut button was added to the Conquest War mailbox message When having insufficient resources for researching a Tech, a flashing UI element will now ensure higher awareness Bugfixes: Improved legibility of "All Meltslots occupied!" message in Chamber of Fortune Fixed layout issues with "Cancel Order" confirmation pop up Fixed a bug for various Android versions, that made the virtual keyboard unresponsive Fixed a bug that scaled down the battle UI, when being hit by defense beast Archimedes' stun spell Fixed a bug that applied the battlecry VFX to enemy units Fixed a bug that sometimes created an invisible ruin in player's defenses, that caused a disconnect when trying to build a path on it Fixed a bug that would play the Pro-Ticket "collect" VFX and sound to be repeatedly played every time the menu was opened Fixed a bug where the amount of players on a Conquest map tile did not match the amount of players in a War if the Tower Guard that left the Alliance has not been not replaced ...also, stay tuned for some truly Wacko Winter Wonders snowing up Royal Revolt 2 throughout the month! (Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.) ___ If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so below.
  4. Hi there, Nemesis! Pal buff! YES, we are thinking about it! 2 things: 1. We have ideas in mind for it, but we are not ready to communicate these yet. That's why number .... ...2. You can feel free to post ideas and suggestions below. (Yes, I am aware of some threads that exist, and I have already shared these with the devs, but it is best to have everything in place in this thread here). As always, everything is subject to change and we cannot give any ETA for when a possible change will happen.
  5. A selected range of questions will be answered most likely at the beginning of January due to the holidays. 🎅
  6. 👑 Kings and Queens, We have just performed a Live Server Update. With this update, we are asking all users to use version 4.4. Furthermore, we have implemented the following previously announced balancing changes: Castle Gate (+DoomGate): Can't be stunned anymore Archimedes Pal Buff: Increased Attack Range to 2.2 (will attack firebolt and lightning towers, and over path borders) Added Blunt Damage to Stun Spell Eris Defense Beast Buff: Removed Stun effect from spell Increased Lightning Spell attack range from 1 to 3 Increased Lightning arc distance from 2 to 5 Increased number of Normal Lightning Attack's arcs Drastically increased number of Lightning Spell's arcs See you in Kingdom, Madlen ___ Please share your feedback with us below.
  7. Hi there, We are thinking about buffing Archimedes Pal & Offense Beast: Increased attack rate of the Stun spell 50%. Furthermore, we think about adding a Start Morale perk to the Archimedes Pal. I.e. +50% Start Morale on Level 1. What's your take on this? Any further ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you!
  8. Hi there, I have seen an idea for the tech tree (by @cr1 ), that would be great if I could get some more player feedback on. The idea was to have 3 tech tree paths, but it is only possible to choose one. And the paths could be something like offense techs // defense techs // and for example energy/movement. Please discuss and would be great to get everybody's input. Please note that this post is not a guarantee that we will do it like that, but it is an idea worth being discussed.
  9. Hi there, I know most of the members on here are rather veteran players, but I have also seen some new faces. Hello guys Glad you are here. Now my question is, do you have the feeling that you are missing some more game guides (text form for the forum)? This question applies to both new and veteran players If yes, which topic would you like to see covered? Please be as specific as you can Thank you!