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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Please post your January questions here! Thank you. (Questions to the devs)
  2. Hi there, How would you guys imagine your ideal War blessing distribution? Would be cool to get some feedback below. Thank you!
  3. Dear Olympians, We have just performed a Live Server Update. Upgrading Bia to level 20 now increases movement speed (if it is already upgraded above level 20 this will work retroactively). Prepared the server for fixing the War Blessings issue. Please let us know if you are still affected by the War Blessing issue in the feedback thread below. We want to apologize once again for the on-going issue with the War Blessings. Thank you and may Zeus have mercy on you or on us in that case!
  4. Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let's collect it in this thread here
  5. Hi there, Nemesis! Pal buff! YES, we are thinking about it! 2 things: 1. We have ideas in mind for it, but we are not ready to communicate these yet. That's why number .... ...2. You can feel free to post ideas and suggestions below. (Yes, I am aware of some threads that exist, and I have already shared these with the devs, but it is best to have everything in place in this thread here). As always, everything is subject to change and we cannot give any ETA for when a possible change will happen.
  6. Thoughts? Discussion about its abilities? Let's collect it in this thread here
  7. Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let's collect it in this thread here
  8. Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let's collect it in this thread here
  9. Thoughts? Discussion about his abilities? Let's collect it in this thread here
  10. Hi there, I have seen an idea for the tech tree (by @cr1 ), that would be great if I could get some more player feedback on. The idea was to have 3 tech tree paths, but it is only possible to choose one. And the paths could be something like offense techs // defense techs // and for example energy/movement. Please discuss and would be great to get everybody's input. Please note that this post is not a guarantee that we will do it like that, but it is an idea worth being discussed.
  11. Hi there, I know most of the members on here are rather veteran players, but I have also seen some new faces. Hello guys Glad you are here. Now my question is, do you have the feeling that you are missing some more game guides (text form for the forum)? This question applies to both new and veteran players If yes, which topic would you like to see covered? Please be as specific as you can Thank you!
  12. Hi there, We are thinking about buffing Archimedes Pal & Offense Beast: Increased attack rate of the Stun spell 50%. Furthermore, we think about adding a Start Morale perk to the Archimedes Pal. I.e. +50% Start Morale on Level 1. What's your take on this? Any further ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you!