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Found 9 results

  1. Ever since I reached Knight rank (125k+) in Boss Hunt, I've done 2 Boss Hunts and on both found someone clearly exploiting/hacking. Last time it begun with a guy instantly getting 100 Boss Kills and today was even worse, some guy decided he didn't want to race anymore after 10 minutes and instantly got 200 Boss Kills and ended the damn thing right there. Is anyone else experiencing this? How is this even possible? Is the game keeping data on the client side permitting this kind of blatant exploits? Is there any way to report said players? I feel like there's no point on doing any more Boss Hunts if I have to pray that I don't get some hacker every time... Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions
  2. more than 2k score In every week of pro league and dosent matter how much maps are tought, so many of them finish their attack in last minutes! looks like cheat engine works great on spells or pals? whats going on flare?
  3. This post is made at the request of Flare Support A more secure login method is required, perhaps an input code unique to the individual player. The current method of accessing your player account is extremely vulnerable to hacking. There has been a resurgence of player accounts being taken over by rogue players, our accounts need better protection that Flare currently provides. This has been requested many times in the past with no result. I bring this to the community's attention yet again. Flare rewards us with extra chests for linking the game to Facebook, but then the game account becomes too vulnerable, too easy to access by someone hacking your Facebook account. Yet another high ranked player has had his Facebook account hacked and his RR2 player account stolen during war. A general of Todesritter alliance, a high rank player with a well developed account is currently being threatened that he must leave his account, let the hacker take it over, or it will be deleted. This is not good enough. All the money he has spent on the game will be wasted and a highly skilled player is considering leaving the game if he cannot regain sole control of his high level account. This is a loss to the entire gaming community. By now I hope Flare have responded to his request for assistance and are working with him to regain control of his account. I have removed the link between Facebook and my RR2 account and I urge all players to do the same, it is not worth risking all the time, effort and money invested for a few extra chests per day.
  4. Is this a hack/cheat of the game? I'm too new to tell -- but what is that green orb that the rigs use to restore health? I read somewhere it is no more available? Can someone please help (tell me if this is a hack)? Thanks. Here's the video link:
  5. BREAK DOWN GLOBAL CHAT AND ALLIANCE CHAT NOT WORKING !!!!!!... Game is good but from last night global chat and alliance chat is not working showing both chat disconnected please flare games do something before user left game and we need alliance competition and alliance war so the game will be more challenging and more fun rest of other things are better than other games good work super weapon and flare games keep it up What You Guys Think About The About Break Down Of Alliance chat And Global Chat And How Many Of You All Wanted Alliance War and Competition Between Alliances We need New upgrade
  6. Hello, my IGN is : AVAmk7, The suspect's IGN : SpriteUp / Alliance: Counting Star(R.P.G) It occurred at 11:35 PM / May 08 2016 / UTC 7:00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakata Record link : Best regards,
  7. My username is Komobramon. The cheater's name is Poe'1779120816. They are using some kind of cheat to battle my base with one hit shots, and little to no loading time of their abilities. They have done this twice. Unfortunately, I cannot send a video because it is only 1.95 mb that I can send, meaning I cannot send any media because my files turn out to be too big. But this person is becoming a problem
  8. http://vid93.photobucket.com/albums/l60/weldamankrzy/Dawn%20of%20Steel%205_3_2016%208_15_11%20PM.mp4 yeah so lvl 11, with a lvl 4 command but has 4 credit docks?
  9. Cheater name: Axl311082 All evidences are included in the video below. There are more cheaters using modified apk. Please fix this. Dawn of Steel cheater
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