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Found 98 results

  1. The medal token works in festival fights, but medal boost items don't. Is this how it's supposed to work?
  2. With defense OP topic I wanted to check my defense tower and right now I notice this? level 15? Are you serious? Why in the hell my Lapetos have lost 2 level? My lapetos was level 17 and the game asked me to up to Heroes' temple Level 11. Now its done. My Lapetos have drop to 15? What the hell this bug come from? Really? Now I must spend resources to restart over 2 levels? What this joke come from? How its possible? Can you fix that and regive me my level 17 please. Really frustrating you know to discover this i was on the point to do level 18. Now I must close restart 3 levels? Don't ask why this game dying with all the bugs that happen. I hope you understand my level of frustration is really high. Now i understand why my defense log was more negative suddenly than the normal. This bug have weaken my base.
  3. There is a simple test you can do to find out this . Attack yourself with Perseus and reach your gatekeeper (Perseus, I am choosing him for his shield and amasing reflect bonus), on it's own the attacking Perseus cannot take him down (in my case) or takes him down slow BUT.... add one long range unit in the mix, and the unstoppable gatekeeper goes down fast. I have resistance on GK it's not that the Phonix hurts him with 🔥, I done auto attacks with Cadmus with hordes of units all type, GK one shots them all. Its a reflect bug, it somehow amplifies the damage reflected.
  4. I get disconnected a few times while using the matchmaker. In-game name: ShadowsGuardian Bug frequency: Way too often Date: 03 February 2019 OS Device: Windows 10 PC - Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.292) Steps to reproduce the bug: Click on the matchmaker button, then keep clicking on the "New Enemy" button. Video proof below: EDIT: Just opened a support ticket (REQUEST #137077 SERVER DISCONNECTS)
  5. I've said it before, I'll say it again here. There is a bug with orders leading to tiles with a timer after losing a battle. Orders to such tiles with a timer on them cannot be cancelled and heroes with such an order will not know what to do as they cannot enter that tile either. The button to do so isn't even displayed. Pease fix it so that these orders can actually be cancelled. Thanks.
  6. Hi Flare Team, Ive always suspected this was happening but I thought I was just going crazy, But today I am 1000% sure that an item in the blacksmith was changed after I added more items to be melted. The item being melted was Horkos' Trap ( I know this because I had 2 and decided to melt one) . After opening an uber chest and sending everything to the blacksmith to melt. I noticed it changed my Horkos' Trap that was being melted to the last item that is being melted. Not only did it change the item, It also changed the value of the pearls to obviously a smaller amount. Basically took a pro item and changed it to an uber item. Please Help. I could have used those pearls at this specific time in the game. Upgrade times are 12 hours. I will also provide a photo of the what happened after the fact. Unfortunately I don't have one before. I have circled the item that got changed. Thank you. My ING: Lord Sev Iphone IOS 12.1.14 RR Version 4.5.0
  7. I,m Doina , Leader in Garibaldi!!! In CONQUEST Can,t to upgrade WT or build other in last 1 hour!!!!What happend????
  8. I was testing combos with Aki and this happens when I use Pal Flute: orange Aki pal turns into white Aki beast! Then I noticed that on the screen to select the defensive beasts only the white skin is available for Awakened Aki:
  9. @Madlen Im melting 582 pearls worth item with all slots unlocked and boosted blacksmith and instead of 38.8 minutes to melt it timer is showing 44 minutes? Why Blacksmith is melting 15% slower than it should? According to the information that can be seen in blacksmith window he should be melting 4 pearls per second when boosted.....
  10. I am posting on behalf of several members of my alliance, Olympus Overlords in the League of Kings. On their path layouts, the phoenix unit will not cross any barricades. It shows them attempting to fly over, then glitch and flicker back to behind the barricade. It keeps doing this over and over again. I've tried my own path and some others in my alliance and it is not doing this for everyone. Seems like it is affecting lower level players (though would like to hear from anyone with another experience) but have only a very limited sample size so can't be sure. Please have a look at this asap as it is making their defenses pretty useless. Thanks!
  11. Pretty sure this is a display but, but it NEVER takes that long for 108 pearls and I don’t want to be charged 78 gems to finish it.
  12. Hello, I got 3 times or 4 times 2 sultan in a row, because of the event if you got a gardian, you have a lot of chance to find sultan next. But when I got see the number of Sultan I got, It added only 1 instead of 2... Best regards
  13. Here I was melting some pro items, to get the best of this Blacksmith event: This was from this afternoon (smartphone): Now, I still had that last item melting when I suddenly remembered to open my free daily legendary chest. Got a few gold and a blue rare item. I clicked on the melt button and guess what? Worst decision ever (PC): It replaced my better pro item by the item I had just ordered to melt! How bad can this be? Oh, and if you're wondering, it really is the same item! As you can see by checking that: 1) Both have a pearl value of 78, which is the exact same. 2) 5hours and 33minutes was the time for my "lost" pro-item and not for this one. My Blacksmith has full slots and with the advertisement boost... It would never but ever take this long for such a weak item, as you can see below: So let's do the math: 78 pearls x 4seconds = 312 seconds =5.2 minutes. As you can see, this time is referring to the lost item. I've seen this bug for a long time but only now we're noticing the full effects of this, given the BS event. Please take a look into this issue and raise a defect for maximum priority. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, This is an old issue, the Facebook app is not cancelling the dragon animation in the settings window (I already refreshed the app and clear cache):
  15. Few days ago, I checked all my gears and I noticed that blizzard gear has a bug about its extra damage.
  16. No more free pro tickets a month? or any bug?
  17. Sometimes, when an opponent launches an attack on our Alliance, the notification doesn't list the name of their Alliance. Instead, it says "declaredByGuild" attacking. A bit confusing when you have a three or four team war.
  18. I saw this just before the last Ninja event as well - none of my ninjas are moving after their first strike. They kind of stand in a place after a while no matter what i do like Hero Scream! Is this a bug? Is anyone else seeing this? Btw, i am on Windows 10. Attaching a video showing this. I tried to go back as many times as possible to show the Ninjas standing. If this is going to be the case Flare should atleast make them dance
  19. ...Crushes when it logs in the game ...Crushes when I click on a promo ad, and when it rarely plays the ad it doesnt pay the reward most of the time ...crushes when i use a chat line, and when it rarely works i cant type anything because it can t bring up the keyboard ...crushes when i use pearls to upgrade To sum up, it crashes whatever I do, EXCEPT when I actually play the game (during castle raids it just lags). Either my mob is ***** (Alcatel PoP4) or your server...or both My suggestion is to make the game crush during castle raids too so I can have a good reason to quit the game and unistall it from my mob permanently
  20. As you can see in the attachment, I can't see the message related on how many days until the next free pro ticket, its been like this for a couple of weeks. I'm playing on IOS - Iphone 10 XS Max Thanks
  21. Each new update. Bring more and more bugs. Some of you remember Dragon with wrong colors. Now its similar but with tower Tower whatever their level. they are all now in White. Same tower level 13-15,etc...There is no more different colors. They are all white Its not the end of the world but still a bit annoying not see my towers black anymore
  22. my nick min the game is avik6 I got disconnected while I was raiding an island in middle of the the battle I lost trophies what can I do ? this happened to me twice, version 4.20 ,os windows 10 pro 1809 17763.316 cable internet connection not wifi.
  23. Have no timer for free pro-tickets.
  24. Hello team, I use a translator, I am French. I downloaded this game but it is stuck on the start screen (black screen with the title of the game). My computer is equipped with the I7 720Q processor with Nvidia GT240M and 8 GB of RAM. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, deleted the installation files, empty the windows store cache, but nothing works. The system is with Windows 10 1809. I suspect a problem with VULKAN. Can you help me because I did not start playing Thank you.
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