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Found 63 results

  1. Hi there.., I'm ΜΠΡΟΥΝΟ..the general of the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ ⚡🇬🇷⚡ team which is in league of god's in the current war season . After your latest maintenance... fixing bugs..and long live..war blessings.., I don't know what went wrong.., BUT MY TEAM HAVE LOST THE HALF OF THE OUR LEAGUE S WAR BLESSINGS, WHICH WERE PAID.., AND OUR OPPONENTS STILL HAVE THEM..!!!! THERE ARE ALSO TEAMS IN OUR LEAGUE...WHO STILL HAVE WAR BLESSINGS...FROM THE TOP LEAGUE OF TITAN'S...!!!! SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE..!!! Its completely unfair for my team to play with opponents in the same league...with less war blessings.. although we have paid for them..!!!! its also the same...when we have played with opponents with war blessings... coming from the top league of TITAN'S..., when those teams have left that league...two whole months ago..!!! ALSO SOME TEAMS..TOOK GEMS BECUASE OF THE ABOVE..BUT NOT MY TEAM..!!! PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEMS..AND GIVE US GEMS TOO..IN ORDER YOU TO BE FAIR..AND ALL OF US TO HAVE THE SAME TREATMENT FROM YOU..!!!
  2. Hi! I had 6 (of the 12) royal guardian donkeys. But now, since we got the rewards from last conquest (which gave me another 6 donkeys in the chests), I only have 4 of the 12 donkeys! So I actually lost 2 instead of gaining 6... Also, it seems like I didn't get the Trusty (sledge) guardian. I don't exactly know how many I got from the chests and how many I already had (because I don't use the guardian right now), but I'm sure I should have more by now. I don't really care about the Trusty guardians I didn't get, but I'd really want to have those Donkey guardians, since I use this guardian a lot. I already sent a message to the support, without answer... Maybe some people have this issue too?
  3. The connection problem has been solved, now everyone else in the last update continues: I do not have access to the throne room, troop academy, I have several animortal to donate and I can not, I can not change the Gate Beast, I can not forge my items , since I do not have access to the throne room, so do the troops! I have already uninstalled and installed the game again already requested nine times support on the same day of the update 4.4.3 and so far nothing solved. Without counting that this site is with virus alert is that it is not safe !!
  4. Active alliance, internet connection 8 Mbit/s WP10 chat is almost impossible to read Scrolling chat works for one second, then freezes for 10 seconds. Constantly. Round. 1 second running, 10 seconds hanging it was too slow before, but it seems with 150 messages in general it became impossible to use
  5. Hello ! Just want to confirm with you that before we used to receive notifications in our ingame mailbox when a fight is over, if we win or loose ? Now we got only notifications about who we attacked and who attacked us. Best regards 😁
  6. I had two rare Ajax shields, So I cursed 1 The mission was to win 500 of fame in the odyssey I had gems so I broke the curse but there was no other rare item in the cursed chest I would like you to take some action on this because I spent a thousand gems for nothing because it came 3 epic items And it was to have come 1 rare item to replace the other. Thank you in advance !! @madlen
  7. Good day. I and my alliance are struggling with the problem of the game. Frozen screen. We can not normally lead battles. Why are not you doing anything about it?You can not normally lead a conquest with this problem.
  8. Hi! I’ve Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 IOS 12.1.1. There are lags in the battle and on the Olympus screen. I’ve Ipad Pro 12.9 2016 IOS 12.1.1 and everything is fine. The new Ipad is more powerful, so it’s very strange. Thanks. Levia(HUN)
  9. IGN - subhashcbhanu Dear Flaregames, an unusual screen freeze is detected since day 2 of the ongoing conquest, it was detected during last conquest too but it was gone when conquest was over but again appered on day 2 of the ongoing conquest. Game screen freezes in every 5 or 6 seconds for 1 or more seconds and speciall during raids on the bases which has gargoyle nest. It freezes from the conneting screen to everywhere. Last time I thought it was the problem of my phone but I got complaint from all my mates who were using Android on last day of conquest. Please do something fast. I am attaching video link please watch.
  10. Ingame name: Villhelm3 Alliance: Knights of the Realm Device: Laptop The newest version of Royal Revolt 2 Hello! In this post, I am going to list many of the problems I have been experiencing: Number 1: My Guardians need to up their game! (happens every time) Trusty the Sled is impossible to use on my Royal Revolt 2 account. I can begin the game with him, but when I click the icon to activate him in-game the game crashes. Hmmm... I can reload the game again and I can also buy more of him and update, BUT I can't use him. Number 2: Alliance inbox or Mailbox. (happens every time) Deleting one or two email/notifications in the inbox is fine but when multiple are clicked in a row quickly, the game crashes. Number 3: Blacksmith (happens every time) When I try to melt down something from my inventory, the game crashes! AHHHH!!! This does not happen, however when I melt things down directly from the Blacksmith shop. only in the inventory in the Throne room. Number 4: THE GAME WON'T WORK NOW!!!!! (for the past three days) Maybe this only happens on my device or maybe I am crazy and am doing something wrong, BUT MY GAME WON'T EVEN OPEN NOW!!!! IN FACT, IT HASN'T OPENED FOR 3 DAYS!!! And I am losing progress!!!! What if I get Kicked from my alliance???? And is it only my laptop that is not working? or the game??!!!! What is going on? And is anyone else having these problems?
  11. This is the message I get when another alliance declares a strike on one of our islands... it's a small bug but grinds my gears every time I see it lmao Sangrial, Founder of -Ouroboros-
  12. Twice in the past few days I've come across a tower that can not be damaged. The tower sits in the bottom right corner of the available field. The tower also doesn't fire. So, while I can't damage the tower, it also can't damage me, but it makes it impossible to secure a 100% victory, because that tower survives any battle. I have a player name that utilizes this invulnerable tower, but don't want to name in forum.
  13. Sometimes (I have it not always, but some of my alliance members say they do; some do not have this bug at all) the animation at the end of a war in conquest which shows the total amount of skulls appears twice right after another. [Edit:] Forgot to say, I'm using an iPhone 8 with iOS 12 (but only till you buy me a new one 😉) Unfortunately you can't cancel those animations by tapping on the screen once, so it is annoying on a low level (what makes it worse is the pinning tactics some alliances make use of; when you only have seconds to escape, this bug will wipe out your last marginal chance of not staying on the same field for the rest of the conquest). IGN: rs könig
  14. I've noticed that lots of alliances that did NOT get 2nd/3rd place in the Conquest (ended today) STILL have the Snake Tower and Gargoyle boost active. I'm guessing they earned these boosts in last month's Conquest and extended both of them past this Conquest, so they still have them. This has to be a bug, right?
  15. Check please, people report they get crash if trying to collect free ticket
  16. If I want to melt objects directly from the inventory in the throne room, the game crashes. The money needed to melt down will be deducted from my assets.
  17. For the last 2 days (at least) when I am checking my defense I see that my phoenixes can't jump over barricades and they also die fast. Maybe it has something to do with the last update. Please check and fix asap. 8079.t.mp4
  18. Dear players, We have possibly found the reason for the crashes that some players are experiencing at the moment. While we are building a fix for this and will release it asap we wanted to let you know what we think the reason possibly is so that you have a chance to avoid it. Keep in mind: This is still partially based on speculations, as we don't know for sure yet, but it looks like the cause of the crashes is connected to Defense Yetis. Since there are also random factors involved here, the crash will probably not occur every time a base with Defense Yetis is attacked, but in some cases. So in order to avoid crashes at the moment, it would be a workaround to avoid those types of battles (see attached picture - you can do so in the battle overview screen). If you are affected by the crashes, we want to encourage you to reach out to our customer service. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  19. I am having more and more problems with connecting to the game...this is a big problem during conquest. I set my alarm clock for towers and techtree but cant connect...first it took me 5 minutes but it takes op to an hour now to connect??? My internet is fine...everything else works oke online...this is costing me a lot of time that we need in the conquest...are there more people facing the same problem??
  20. Oi, notei que depois de atualizar o painel de exibição de status rei está sendo tampado pelo design do boneco. como na impressão, é possível visualizar que as asas cobrem parcialmente o espaço do item da cabeça do rei e também o desenho da liderança. dispositivo: Android 7.0
  21. hello Madlen !!! after updating the continuous game have problems of disconnection. the game crashes for a few moments during the battle and then disconnects !!!! bad. very bad. I'm using Android 7.0. blackview phone
  22. Hello, since I upgraded to the new version of the game, I have been suffering disconnections when I activate a guardian friend. I already lost 300 trophies for this error Fix this as soon as possible, thanks. My device is Windows 10 lap top. IGN: Miguel Araujo
  23. Ign: haskialen phone : Honor 8 Android 7.0 I have tried to attack some random guy, and game has crashed 4 times in a row (lost about 100 trophies) On my main screen I have 5189 trophies, and when I click on "members" or "leaderboard" , there I have 5173
  24. adilson.tte4 after update the game began to disconnect, I'm almost giving up playing RR2 😪