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  1. Cursed chests from titan points keeps piling up. Last one, three days to open it with ally donations .. and what's inside ? cursed item, that requires 10 odyssey fights. So that will be what, one, two, four weeks before the proper hero appears in odyssey ? or I have to waste turns with unfeatured hero ? or 100 gems ? Titan chests used to be an happy event. You get it, open it and enjoy your prize. Now, you get a cursed chest, and you start cursing as well for the task. You work for days to open it, and you get a cursed item, and here goes more days. Cursed titan chests are not a gift any longer. Not something you wait for like a kid at the Christmas Tree. They are a burden that leads to frustration and, at least in my case, are thrashing the fun in the game. thanks you Arte_mus IS
  2. Hi Devs, I was selling my Heroes items and an idea came to my mind. Why can't we craft new items with existing ones? Ex. 6 Blessed items fuse to craft new Epic item 10 Epic items fuse to craft new Legendary item 14 Legendary items fuse to craft new Eternal item 18 Eternal items fuse to craft new Godlike item 22 Godlike items fuse to craft new Titan item 50 Titan items fuse to craft new Unique item (not sure about this one) Another way is to use percentage to get rarity odds by fusing 3 items. Ex. 3 Eternal items fuse to craft new Eternal item 90% 3 Eternal items fuse to craft new Godlike item 9% 3 Eternal items fuse to craft new Titan item 1% 2 Eternal items + 1 Godlike item fuse to craft new Eternal item 60% 2 Eternal items + 1 Godlike item fuse to craft new Godlike item 38 % 2 Eternal items + 1 Godlike item fuse to craft new Titan item 2 % 2 Eternal items + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Eternal item 60% 2 Eternal items + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Godlike item 6 % 2 Eternal items + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Titan item 34 % 1 Eternal item + 2 Godlike items fuse to craft new Eternal item 30% 1 Eternal item + 2 Godlike items fuse to craft new Godlike item 66 % 1 Eternal item + 2 Godlike items fuse to craft new Titan item 4 % 1 Eternal item + 1 Godlike item + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Eternal item 30% 1 Eternal item + 1 Godlike item + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Godlike item 35 % 1 Eternal item + 1 Godlike item + 1 Titan item fuse to craft new Titan item 35 % etc. Players who need gold can still sell items. Players need to spend gold (or gems to accelerate) to craft new items. I just give numbers but you can change them of course to avoid game exploits. I have many ideas but that's just a rough proposal. What do you think? Thanks
  3. Hey all. The forge system already filters to only items of the same rarity, which is helpful since you can only combine like rarity items. However, I have A LOT of item inventory space (200+) and there are too many items for me to keep track of. Let's say I'm saving a couple extra green/blue rarity items for each Hero while also maintaining items that I dont need (Forge disposable items). When im picking an item to combine, I'm kind of guessing which items i dont need for the Hero. My suggestion is this: Add some sort of filter/sorting/category system to items which would allow you to mark an item as disposable (trash icon) and need for Hero (exclamation mark). The icons could be colored dots in the corner of the item portrait. What do you think? -oo Vyrus
  4. Team, im not sure if this has been raised before, but is it possible that we can see the introduction of a dual setting labelled ATTACK/DEFEND on the gatekeeper (ie. Much like the three settings on the base layout). Reason I ask is that Perseus is my war hero, but also my gate defender. Now the settings to defend the gate are completely different defensively than the ones used on the offensive. Not sure if other players agree, but I personally think it would add value to the game Cheers guys
  5. Hey guys, Started playing about a few months ago and love the game!!! Few suggestions that I think would be very usefull/helpfull Item number on gear to identify what ascension level it dropped in. Item # or gear level. And to be able to view all gear in 1 menu. Like an "all inventory" tab. This game requires quite a bit of inventory management and it woukd be great if you only have to go to 1 location to do that. A health bar somewhere were we have a clearer view. Sometimes when there's alot going on on the screen you can't see your characters health. Great work guys!! Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! I guess the more curious ones amongst you were able to notice the slow transmogrification of this sub-forum. Namely, the appearance of the red prefix tags, seemingly chaotic, but actually adhering to a system of a sort. Well, as it usually is for quite some time, I am the one responsible for this abnormality. Over the past few months, I have been working on the classification system that would simplify and improve the less-than-ideal process of information search offered by the forum engine. There is a number of goals this incentive attempts to achieve, with the more prominent ones being the reduction of double posting (which is my nemesis, so to say) and the ability to easily find ideas regarding a specific aspect of the game. This little project of mine resulted in the 16 distinct categories, into which all of the threads in this subforum were subsequently placed. Each of the categories corresponds to its unique tag, enabling anyone searching for this tag to view all of the threads falling under it. You can find the list of the categories below, containing the relative description of information stored inside each of the categories: Current list of Categories: 1) Alliance and Communication. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding alliances in general (number of members, ranks, recruitment, etc.) and in-game communication (Global chat, personal messages, Alliance chat). 2) Alliance War. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding war, including everything from the mechanics to allied alliances to rewards, related to Wars. 3) Events and Quests. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding different in-game and forum events (contests such as "Hades challenge," writing contest or events such as "Alliance Days") and in-game quests (Such as "Marathon"). 4) Gear and Forging. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding gear (Item stats, item chest rewards, uniques, equipment slots) and the improvement (forging) of gear. 5) Heroes, Abilities, and Invocations. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding heroes (Stats, new hero proposals, unlocking requirements) and their abilities (Stats of abilities, the proposal of new abilities, the "premium" version of those (Invocations)). 6) Resources, Upgrades, and Construction. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding upgrades and construction (times, slots, costs) as well as the basic resource-related suggestions (regeneration rates, travel costs, etc.) 7) Trophies, Matchmaking, and Ranking. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding trophy system, matchmaking, and ranking (Which are currently a single system, falling under the "trophy" umbrella. Please note, this thread does not contain threads regarding War matchmaking. Those go in the War category). ? Miscellaneous. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions that cannot be classified into other categories. Usually, the threads here target specific game aspects which, nevertheless, have only one or two related threads, making the creation of a designated category detrimental. Examples include Odyssey-related threads and extra confirmation button requests. This category is temporal, and the goal is to completely get rid of it by the end of Summer (Something I may need your help with!). 9) Multithread. This category is applied to the threads containing multiple suggestions, falling under different categories. Essentially, this is a designated category for the lists of suggestions of all sorts and kinds, since they cannot be definitively categorized into a single distinct category. 10) Account. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding accounts (multiple account usage, device linking, account names, etc.). This is a precursor category (You can find the explanation of what that actually is in the following sections), and it is currently the only iteration of a small (4-) number of threads getting a distinct category. 11) Forums. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding forum (New sub-forum proposal, forum organization, graphics) and official FG presence (Replying to threads, Community Management, etc.). 12) Information and Statistics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding statistics (battle logs (defensive and offensive), map previews, player stats (alliance and regular)) and information (in-game ability descrip[tion, FAQ, wiki). 13) Technical. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding technical aspects of OR (Better service provider, OR release in China, OS X client, old device support, Battery life) 14) Aesthetics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding models (Theatre size compared to the models of citizens, different weather and light conditions of the base screen, other minor and major graphical tweaks (including new decorations)). 15) Offensive & Defensive Mechanics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding the actual battle process of offense (Inactivity timeout when the game is paused, phone calls compatibility, defensive/offensive mode icons, AI) and defense, which is the reversed offense (rewards for being undefeated and others). 16) Units, Towers, and Blessings. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding Units (Stats, new unit proposals), Towers (new tower proposals, stats) and Blessings (Stats, units affected, means of achieving such blessings, etc.) 17) Intercategorical. This category is applied to the threads containing singular suggestions that would, nevertheless, affect multiple game aspects (examples: Alliance Base, Diplomacy). This thread is designed to distinguish Multithreads from single threads that cannot be definitively categorized into a single category. The two are very different concepts that should not be mixed. Tag system explained: How does the system above apply to the forum threads? Through the prefix tags (red ones) you can now observe in front of every thread in the Suggestions sub-forum. Every tag can be broken into key parts, which are further explained below: 1) ORS. This is the project and subforum pointer, where OR stands for Olympus Rising and S for Suggestions and Improvement sub-forum. This is done to distinguish between sub-forums and projects in general since the current system utilizes a set of global tags. Essentially, it doesn't care whether you are searching for a specific forum or subforum and would spit out all of the threads that contain a searchable tag. This issue is neutralized by using pointers such as this one. 2).Category Name (example: Alliance and Communication). This is the actual name of the category. I guess the purpose of this part is pretty self-explanatory. 3) 1. This is the hierarchal pointer. It denotes the distinction between the Main category (1) and any sub-categories (2). Currently, there are no implemented sub-categories, but this is definitely something that can be added later (hence the preemptive introduction of such feature). In future, this will be used to attach multiple classification tags to Multithreads and Intercategorical threads or even indicate the "offtopic" discussions that have occurred in the thread. How to use the system: Should you need to filter for the specific game aspect, all you need to do is to search for that specific tag(s) or to click on the prefix tag beside the title of a thread. All of the prefixes can be found as regular tags in this thread, should you ever wonder how to enter one of those into the search box manually. Posting guidelines: As for the posting guidelines mentioned in the title, I would yet again ask you to do the following steps before posting seemingly new ideas on the forum: 1) Check whether this is indeed a new idea, or you are simply reiterating something that was already said. A great way to do so would be to search the category tag that you believe to be matching your idea and scrolling through the threads (Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your time in any case). If someone has already posted your idea or something very similar in nature, go in that thread and bump it up with your proclamation of agreement or insight into a slightly different system. Do not merely double post. 2) Make sure your title reflects the content of your thread. This is also a very good way of ensuring others can find your idea. 3) Stay focused. It is great that you wish to appreciate how the trophy system was tweaked, but this sub-forum is not the place to do so unless this is used to set the scene for your suggestions. 4) You can use whichever tags you want. Nevertheless, an ideal way of using those would be to extract key concepts or words, even, from your post. This would be a great boon for people trying to use the built-in search engine to find stuff. Please, avoid setting any of your tags as a prefix, since this place is reserved for the category tags from now on. Reflection on the current system and future plans: I do not claim this system to be perfect. There are flaws in it, and this is generally because any classification is very subjective. Furthermore, most of us are not entirely on point with the contents of our threads (or posts), occasionally making it hard to assign a definitive classification. Also, this project was conducted entirely and solely by me, and there is only so much time I can allocate for it. Therefore, I had to rely on the help of machine learning to conduct classifications, which naturally comes with certain limitations and balancing of precision and sample size. This is the reason why "miscellaneous" category exists, as there are simply too few "cases" to teach the AI to classify those threads correctly. With this in mind, I would much appreciate feedback on the system, as well as any proposals for its refinement. I am planning to extend this system to cover most of the OR forum, using Suggestions as for the test environment for the system. This is the reason why I have "precursor categories." Precursors do not have enough threads in Suggestions to teach the AI how to classify them reliably, but there is an abundance of such in other sub-forums, enabling such classification given that I build a proper sample. This is also the reason for the broad mega categories, featuring concepts like Units and Towers alike over the specific singular ones (Again, there are so many overlaps the AI cannot distinguish one from the other). The recent changes are only the beginning of a collection of improvements I have in mind. While my next steps would be nested within extending the wave of classification to the other subforums, some things I have in mind include: a) Creating a mega thread with summaries of every single idea presented in every single thread of the subforum Editing some of the titles to reflect the ideas of their respective thread better. c) Working on the reinstallation of the previous system, where there were specific "folders" for every category on every sub-forum. This one may not be possible, as I yet to discover why those were removed first place. d) Implementing some form of an indication whether the idea was implemented, taken into consideration or turned down (Big maybe, the feasibility of this goal is questionable, to say the least). P.s. Thanks for hacking through this wall of text. I am always open to suggestions and criticisms, feel free to pm those should you have any. I will edit this thread to reflect any changes and major updates to the system. Ideally, I want as many of you involved as possible since it is the community that makes OR forums useful (alongside our Cyclop overlord of course). Infamous
  7. So, the new mechanism for reforming unique items is a good idea. What wrecks or is that Unique items aren’t....... unique. Spending 10 million gold and doing a quest that takes two weeks to get a copy of a unique you already have is really annoying and makes what could be a positive for the game into one more pointless grind. PLEASE MAKE UNIQUE ITEMS UNIQUE. NO DUPLICATES.
  8. Hello there! Would it be possible to let us use unique items to forge other uniques ? I mean, it's already very annoying to receive duplicate uniques - it would be nice if the system could at least let us use them to reforge.
  9. Suggestion: Remove Odyssey-related curses from cursed chests. Cursed Chests are time sensitive. If you earn one with an Odyssey-related curse (complete a level 7 odyssey adventure, earn 500 fame, etc...) after you have completed all your adventures for the week, you might not have enough time to break the curse without paying. Alternately, extend the time limit for breaking curses.
  10. I would really like to suggest cursed items giving only 'special' abilities, that's the whole reason this concept was introduced, right? Had a long streak lately of questing hard for godlike-titan-other cursed items only to get normal resistance stuff for example, kinda kills the excitement imo
  11. At least at my team i see players not awere of finish forging click necessary to use forged equipment. I bet lots of players of the remaining world too. I think finish forging process is not necessary. No example of that for other upgrades too. I think it will be better to remove that...
  12. How many of you think that artemis has a unique item.. and what it would be like. Dress ? Shoes ? Weapon ⚔️ Headgear ? Plz tell me your suggestions..
  13. Guys, I’m not sure how everyone else feels about this, but upon challenging several players I noticed that although they have unique items (color of tunic), they actually aren’t equipped on the hero. I think there has to be something MORE than just an item looking pretty or different. If it’s unique ‘GREAT’, but I think it also has to be purposeful. I think this is one item that you should be able to alter or equip the item with whatever element setup you require. For instance I have upgraded Ariadne’s boots and it is 7000 points higher than the fire item, but the element the boots are equipped with are useless for the setup I require I’d be interested to hear what others think cheers
  14. Guys, Just wanted to raise the possibility and introduction of a REROLL system for Unique / Rare items, very much in the same vein as the one adopted in the odyssey. It may be duplicate specific only or just reselecting an item that someone is looking to load on their war hero. Rare items prove hard enough to come by, but unlocking RARE means not having to sell it. A duplicate item offers you no other option deeming it useless and worthless You devs can determine the value, whether it be via gold resources, or more likely in your case gems (haha) I don’t know what kind of success the new dedicated hero Titan chest has proved at 750 gems. Just to provide feedback, I have purchased two in hope of gaining a Titan chest for my hero ... but I can tell you, I won’t be doing that again as it doesn’t represent value for money whatsoever, and the items in this ‘SO CALLED’ Titan chest were weaker than the ones I already had .. which again makes no sense when forming out 750 gems ...(Very disappointing) i think if you insist or intend on keeping it 350/400 max is where it needs to be offered at. Just my opinion. Cheers
  15. Unlock Zeus and Hades gear to make them viewable. Keep all items as Unique so they can't be swapped to other heroes. Maybe even keep them locked so they can't be unequipped and sold. But make them viewable Uniques so we could forge in a 5 star Titan and improve the stats of these heroes once per Ascension level. Zeus needs it badly. Having Unique gear that we could forge could at least help us feel like we're improving him.
  16. would also be nice to see how many slots I have left before it's full. or option to destroy one to get the one I just opened instead of paying 40 gems for another slot Crabz out
  17. What happens to the rates of unique items amount is; Since I started this game I have won only one item from boxes, please devs give a little to it!
  18. The recent updates have been largely well recieved, especially after some tweeking. So thank you for keeping the game interesting. Forging especially is very welcome, but an unfortunate effect of this feature is that decent items are almost non existent now, opening the titan chests after a war or oddessy used to reward you with at least one or two decent, worthwhile items. Not now, the few titan items are usually complete rubbish. That coupled with the cursed and uniques seemingly being even rarer, makes the chests mostly rather disappointing. Cursed chests, what's the point of them if they are identical to a normal chest? To add insult to injury, it's often an item you've got a few of already. While I'm here, please, give us a way to level up hero's that's better than what we have, it's almost impossible at my level (126) to level up weaker hero's as my opponents are all so strong. It's simply not worth the risk for the measly XP points you get. Cheers. Stuart
  19. People complain about playing almost a year and having any or few unique item. I have a simple and fair solution. Can you consider a unique item quest. If you open 50 titan chest, complete the quest phase 1 and get a random unique. 150 titan chest, complete quest phase 2 and get a unique. 300 titan chest, complete quest phase 3 and get the last unique. Phase 1 looks to be achieved something like 1-2 month for active players. Phase 2 something like 3-4 months Phase 3 something like 6-8 months. Active but unlucky players get the uniques by this way... And be more happy...
  20. Once you put an item on a hero (fro example an amulet or ring), you are unable to take it off again unless you have another item of the same type that you can use to replace it. This is quite irritating, as there are some items that can be used to equip all heroes. I think it will be better to add the ability to take off heroes items so that the same item can be used on different heroes later.
  21. This recent live server update has brought to light a problem that Flare was having with Certain items gaining double the power they should have. Now Flare has stopped this problem from happening what happens with the items that were already forged before they caught this?? They have decided to let players keep these items but if they forge them again they will not reach the same power. My question is how can you leave these over powered items to stay the same?? Others now may never be able to match the power that some have. You talked about keeping the balance but how does allowing people to keep such powerful items keep the game balanced?? You need to Nerf these items to the stats they should have. Just so you know I have some of these items so I'm not just complaining.
  22. In the world where we live today in such a capitalist way and that makes us innovate every day, it encourages anyone to buy several platforms and new operating systems, being they Android, Mac, IOS or windows phone. Based on these statements, many players start playing on a platform, and later change cell phones, failing to pass their progress forward. Something that upsets us a lot, as I myself started playing in android, and now I have re-edited my Windows account. Many players ask for the compatibility of being able to connect other accounts from different operating systems to others. Making the Log In of the game diversified with other platforms: Google, IOS, Windows Phone. By diversifying this form of Log in, it would help many players not to discard the game as it is because it is not possible to continue with their account in another device. Talk about it.
  23. Just a way to straight up unequip an item from your hero, without needing to put in a replacement. Why? To see stats unaffected by items without needing manually subtract their values - to pinpoint biggest hero weaknesses relative to other effects in play (from Masteries and so), since we can now forge ideal equipment.
  24. I was just wondering if you'd consider offering a special items to be purchased (with gems) I know special and rare items are 'as' stated which make them unique, but it would be nice to have the option to occasionally be offered to buy one with gems whether it be at a certain level/random/from a guild or vault just ideas cheers guys ?
  25. So after the equipment nerf, maybe you guys can introduce gem chests intead of the regular war chests as everyone is getting crappy items the the chests. The two titan items that i got so far in the war are much weaker than what I already had. So just to keep morale up for the next couple of weeks till most players raise their ascension levels, you can introduce gem chests instead of godlike and titan chests
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