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  1. Hello friends, I am Alberto is a pleasure is here and contribute to improve our game. I thought it was very good some changes in the update 3.9.2, but we have to improve and facilitate more the mission to release the titan chests, because there are many complaints from the players, for not being able to do the tasks that are difficult and from there we lose the other chests titans who are in the queue to be released, find some way to improve it, I think it better to increase the time of the chests, or take that time, since you have the missions to unlock them, so help us in this. Another thing, I had already said that the blessed items are unnecessary since they have no way to forge them, take them out or allow the agent to forge them. Now it's about mistakes in the game, in several battles you realize that there are many units in the defense that are acting strangely, many get stuck when climbing the barricades, please fix this, it is damaging the defenses. One more thing that is damaging the defenses is the griffin, you get a lot of time in the air choosing who to attack, or he is fleeing the battle, that is in defense and attack, help us in that too. Thank you for always improving the game, good work
  2. Intro: While there is a lively discussion around war system, the new hero, chat system, leveling, resource management and other significant and essential concepts, I want to take some time and list minor issues and suggestions. They are not game-changing, but would certainly improve the overall experience after being fixed. especially with active input from other community members. I intentionally avoid double-posting some of the ideas introduced by other authors (The ones I am consciously aware of, at least), unless they would like to see it in this list. The structure of every suggestion involves the title, summarizing the idea, followed by the explanation of why I believe it to be relevant, alongside with the way (where applicable) of fixing it. If any of the ideas are unclear, I am more than happy to alternate it to make more sense. Since the list is rather big, I separated it into four distinct categories, totaling five different postings in the common topic I have created. All concepts listed here are open for discussion and further suggestions, and I would gladly add any issues brought by other users to the "master-list." While fully understanding the "heftiness" of this writing, I would still like to invite all active players to comment on aspects they particularly agree or disagree with. The intention behind this list is to update the devs on what we, as the community, may find useful to change on a minor scale, after all.
  3. Hi, Just some more thoughts of things that annoy me. Firstly, I'm 130 Level and play in a top team against the usual suspects, so my kits and heros are maxed out. (гнев of Sir Stuart) Hero Autoplay Artificial intelligence: Please can you make them less stupid! A few examples, Perseus using his power on medusas, then launching damocles, before it's struck he uses a third power! wasting all three powers on a weak unit like medusa. Jason, my Jason has 100k Demolition, so he gets to a Charon tower and naturally destroys it quickly? Oh no! He stands there killing spearmen next to the tower thats spitting them out as fast as he can kill them. It's not rocket science to expect the heros to kill whats a threat, like the towers, or use a power to actually kill a tower (I'm looking at you Nyx towers) Similarly, the units, I've watched many units that can kill a Nyx quickly ignore it, for a small unit, giving the tower time to turn them, or worst still ,marching straight past when nothing else is on the screen! How is this right? surely you can give the units enough AI to kill what is it's biggest threat. Nyx towers, Please please do something about them! one tower can stop your entire army, forcing you to stand there killing it with three damocles... Similarly Blessed Sirens, often 2 or 3 will hold up your entire army, again, that can't be right. Overpowered Statues: I've lost count how many Perseus Statues are out there that won't die,ever! You can send whatever you want at them, they just never die, often not even taking damage (And yes, my Statue is almost at that level now too) Again this isn't helping the game and I hate to use the "N" word, but they need Nerfing! Finally Kit...I know it's a common subject, but lack of decent kit at my level can and does make a huge difference, Uniques are either rare for some (Me, I've one decent one, 4 in total, 2 of which are copies, and I've been playing the game since it's start!) or they are pointless. A means to forge useless titan items or to boost already maxed, but decent kit to help boost your heros. Why not let us forge all 5 star titan items every time you go up a level? Or, a means to change values of something, i mean select 2 items to forge to give another item a new power? So you use two Lightning resistant shields to forge to a Fire resistant shield to give you one, boosted Lightning resistant shield, this would obviously only apply to maxed kit. Maybe even trade items within your alliance, but only when you've donated a certain amount or been a member for so long, promotion loyalty. Cheers, Stuart
  4. Hey everyone! I guess the more curious ones amongst you were able to notice the slow transmogrification of this sub-forum. Namely, the appearance of the red prefix tags, seemingly chaotic, but actually adhering to a system of a sort. Well, as it usually is for quite some time, I am the one responsible for this abnormality. Over the past few months, I have been working on the classification system that would simplify and improve the less-than-ideal process of information search offered by the forum engine. There is a number of goals this incentive attempts to achieve, with the more prominent ones being the reduction of double posting (which is my nemesis, so to say) and the ability to easily find ideas regarding a specific aspect of the game. This little project of mine resulted in the 16 distinct categories, into which all of the threads in this subforum were subsequently placed. Each of the categories corresponds to its unique tag, enabling anyone searching for this tag to view all of the threads falling under it. You can find the list of the categories below, containing the relative description of information stored inside each of the categories: Current list of Categories: 1) Alliance and Communication. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding alliances in general (number of members, ranks, recruitment, etc.) and in-game communication (Global chat, personal messages, Alliance chat). 2) Alliance War. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding war, including everything from the mechanics to allied alliances to rewards, related to Wars. 3) Events and Quests. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding different in-game and forum events (contests such as "Hades challenge," writing contest or events such as "Alliance Days") and in-game quests (Such as "Marathon"). 4) Gear and Forging. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding gear (Item stats, item chest rewards, uniques, equipment slots) and the improvement (forging) of gear. 5) Heroes, Abilities, and Invocations. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding heroes (Stats, new hero proposals, unlocking requirements) and their abilities (Stats of abilities, the proposal of new abilities, the "premium" version of those (Invocations)). 6) Resources, Upgrades, and Construction. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding upgrades and construction (times, slots, costs) as well as the basic resource-related suggestions (regeneration rates, travel costs, etc.) 7) Trophies, Matchmaking, and Ranking. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding trophy system, matchmaking, and ranking (Which are currently a single system, falling under the "trophy" umbrella. Please note, this thread does not contain threads regarding War matchmaking. Those go in the War category). ? Miscellaneous. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions that cannot be classified into other categories. Usually, the threads here target specific game aspects which, nevertheless, have only one or two related threads, making the creation of a designated category detrimental. Examples include Odyssey-related threads and extra confirmation button requests. This category is temporal, and the goal is to completely get rid of it by the end of Summer (Something I may need your help with!). 9) Multithread. This category is applied to the threads containing multiple suggestions, falling under different categories. Essentially, this is a designated category for the lists of suggestions of all sorts and kinds, since they cannot be definitively categorized into a single distinct category. 10) Account. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding accounts (multiple account usage, device linking, account names, etc.). This is a precursor category (You can find the explanation of what that actually is in the following sections), and it is currently the only iteration of a small (4-) number of threads getting a distinct category. 11) Forums. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding forum (New sub-forum proposal, forum organization, graphics) and official FG presence (Replying to threads, Community Management, etc.). 12) Information and Statistics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding statistics (battle logs (defensive and offensive), map previews, player stats (alliance and regular)) and information (in-game ability descrip[tion, FAQ, wiki). 13) Technical. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding technical aspects of OR (Better service provider, OR release in China, OS X client, old device support, Battery life) 14) Aesthetics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding models (Theatre size compared to the models of citizens, different weather and light conditions of the base screen, other minor and major graphical tweaks (including new decorations)). 15) Offensive & Defensive Mechanics. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding the actual battle process of offense (Inactivity timeout when the game is paused, phone calls compatibility, defensive/offensive mode icons, AI) and defense, which is the reversed offense (rewards for being undefeated and others). 16) Units, Towers, and Blessings. This category is applied to the threads containing suggestions regarding Units (Stats, new unit proposals), Towers (new tower proposals, stats) and Blessings (Stats, units affected, means of achieving such blessings, etc.) 17) Intercategorical. This category is applied to the threads containing singular suggestions that would, nevertheless, affect multiple game aspects (examples: Alliance Base, Diplomacy). This thread is designed to distinguish Multithreads from single threads that cannot be definitively categorized into a single category. The two are very different concepts that should not be mixed. Tag system explained: How does the system above apply to the forum threads? Through the prefix tags (red ones) you can now observe in front of every thread in the Suggestions sub-forum. Every tag can be broken into key parts, which are further explained below: 1) ORS. This is the project and subforum pointer, where OR stands for Olympus Rising and S for Suggestions and Improvement sub-forum. This is done to distinguish between sub-forums and projects in general since the current system utilizes a set of global tags. Essentially, it doesn't care whether you are searching for a specific forum or subforum and would spit out all of the threads that contain a searchable tag. This issue is neutralized by using pointers such as this one. 2).Category Name (example: Alliance and Communication). This is the actual name of the category. I guess the purpose of this part is pretty self-explanatory. 3) 1. This is the hierarchal pointer. It denotes the distinction between the Main category (1) and any sub-categories (2). Currently, there are no implemented sub-categories, but this is definitely something that can be added later (hence the preemptive introduction of such feature). In future, this will be used to attach multiple classification tags to Multithreads and Intercategorical threads or even indicate the "offtopic" discussions that have occurred in the thread. How to use the system: Should you need to filter for the specific game aspect, all you need to do is to search for that specific tag(s) or to click on the prefix tag beside the title of a thread. All of the prefixes can be found as regular tags in this thread, should you ever wonder how to enter one of those into the search box manually. Posting guidelines: As for the posting guidelines mentioned in the title, I would yet again ask you to do the following steps before posting seemingly new ideas on the forum: 1) Check whether this is indeed a new idea, or you are simply reiterating something that was already said. A great way to do so would be to search the category tag that you believe to be matching your idea and scrolling through the threads (Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your time in any case). If someone has already posted your idea or something very similar in nature, go in that thread and bump it up with your proclamation of agreement or insight into a slightly different system. Do not merely double post. 2) Make sure your title reflects the content of your thread. This is also a very good way of ensuring others can find your idea. 3) Stay focused. It is great that you wish to appreciate how the trophy system was tweaked, but this sub-forum is not the place to do so unless this is used to set the scene for your suggestions. 4) You can use whichever tags you want. Nevertheless, an ideal way of using those would be to extract key concepts or words, even, from your post. This would be a great boon for people trying to use the built-in search engine to find stuff. Please, avoid setting any of your tags as a prefix, since this place is reserved for the category tags from now on. Reflection on the current system and future plans: I do not claim this system to be perfect. There are flaws in it, and this is generally because any classification is very subjective. Furthermore, most of us are not entirely on point with the contents of our threads (or posts), occasionally making it hard to assign a definitive classification. Also, this project was conducted entirely and solely by me, and there is only so much time I can allocate for it. Therefore, I had to rely on the help of machine learning to conduct classifications, which naturally comes with certain limitations and balancing of precision and sample size. This is the reason why "miscellaneous" category exists, as there are simply too few "cases" to teach the AI to classify those threads correctly. With this in mind, I would much appreciate feedback on the system, as well as any proposals for its refinement. I am planning to extend this system to cover most of the OR forum, using Suggestions as for the test environment for the system. This is the reason why I have "precursor categories." Precursors do not have enough threads in Suggestions to teach the AI how to classify them reliably, but there is an abundance of such in other sub-forums, enabling such classification given that I build a proper sample. This is also the reason for the broad mega categories, featuring concepts like Units and Towers alike over the specific singular ones (Again, there are so many overlaps the AI cannot distinguish one from the other). The recent changes are only the beginning of a collection of improvements I have in mind. While my next steps would be nested within extending the wave of classification to the other subforums, some things I have in mind include: a) Creating a mega thread with summaries of every single idea presented in every single thread of the subforum Editing some of the titles to reflect the ideas of their respective thread better. c) Working on the reinstallation of the previous system, where there were specific "folders" for every category on every sub-forum. This one may not be possible, as I yet to discover why those were removed first place. d) Implementing some form of an indication whether the idea was implemented, taken into consideration or turned down (Big maybe, the feasibility of this goal is questionable, to say the least). P.s. Thanks for hacking through this wall of text. I am always open to suggestions and criticisms, feel free to pm those should you have any. I will edit this thread to reflect any changes and major updates to the system. Ideally, I want as many of you involved as possible since it is the community that makes OR forums useful (alongside our Cyclop overlord of course). Infamous
  5. Hi guys, This isn't a moan, love the game, just observations. The war blessings, due to the week break it's a little unfair that the blessings last 2 weeks, some teams will enjoy full blessings while others have none, could the second, war free week ,have no blessings to create a level playing field and encourage more island attacks? I feel this would be fair and help people play more. Trophy imbalance. I know this has been bought up before, but it's not right that you can defeat all units and towers, kill the statue and get within a pixel of opening the gate, then show 65% complete (or similar ) and still lose 16 trophies, clearly you have beaten 90+% so could you redress this to reflect how much you've actually done? It will again encourage island fighting as I know many avoid 3 trophy islands for this reason, making leveling hero's up harder. Oh, the chest disconnection thing is still a thing, I currently can't open one that says I've completed it... Cheers. Stuart
  6. Hi Flaregames, I've been playing the Olympus Rising for like 7 months and i am very satisfied with it together with my alliance. I have no more questions with your game set up cause i love it all except that bribing island with gem, acquiring rare item and times of forging an item. I just want to suggest some things to improve and to add at the game as follows. 1. RARE ITEMS -what if you should give your players/ subscribers rare item even just one each player/ subscriber. I want the stunning boots of Ariadne or mirror shield of Perseus. i am playing this for 7 months and i still do not have rare item. Any tips how to have one? Should i purchased a lot of titan chest, should i won lot of war, should i acquire it from friends via code? 2. POSEIDON HERO -give us Poseidon Hero please. I want him in the Olympus. 3. ARTEMIS TOWER -why not give artemis tower extra damage? It is useless actually, especially without the blessings in it. My Artemis tower is lvl 20 and i cannot see any significance from it. 4. FORGING -i suggest that forging an item should NOT stop with five star titan (red) item. Please let forging continue beyond five star red item. 5. DONATING WITH ALLIANCE -Why not try adding with donating other things and not only gold? let us donate ambrosia, wisdom, gems, and items to our team... 6. HERO VS HERO GAMEPLAY - I love maxing my heroes, please give us another set up of game like Gods Of Rome whereas our hero can play versus other player's hero. You either create another game using Olympus Rising Heroes or just add it with the OR app. Please check on my suggestions please. Thank you. IGN: manly80x
  7. Hi FlareGames, I want to suggest a new hero Bellerophon and a new island inhibited my chimera to be conqured by bellerophon. He was "the greatest hero and slayer of monsters, alongside Cadmus and Perseus, before the days of Heracles"and his greatest feat was killing the Chimera, a monster that Homer depicted with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail: "her breath came out in terrible blasts of burning flame. Bellerophon was my favorite hero in Age of mythology.He to posses a special ability that allows him to use dive at monsters and kill them instantly(just like Griffin's swoop ability in this game). So, I was wondering we do have all other three heroes in the game but no Bellerophon. Please do consider my suggestion about bringing Bellerophon in the game along with Chimera and a whole new island to conquer.This will bring some new element the game and will make it more fun to play.I see lot of free space in world map shrouded in black mist and I am sure Developers do intent to add new isles in near future.
  8. Hello Flare Games, I want to see some strong and new Ranged units in the game. Especially after the Introduction of Nyxs towers ,Helios light,Increased level cap For defensive units.We really need some good Ranger units in the game.Right now the only unit that can take down A Nyxs tower in Helios light that can not be approached by Spells including Siren or Fist of power is of course Trebuchets but they are slow and of course dies instantly if attacked by Aeetes minotaur or Lapetos Tower.But I really love see Centaurs (as a unit) and Chiron ( as a new hero).They both are renowned Archers as well as known for their Rage,give them Rampage mode or rage mode where they can Switch their weapon for few seconds with Two headed Spear(A two headed spear is simply a long wooden haft with a spear point on each end .A two headed spear form is a constant blur of motion, the spear spinning in constant figure-eight patterns as the practitioner leaps and twists.) or allow them hurl their spear on their enemies as a Javelin.or let them use normal bow and arrow as a ranged weapon.WELL IT SHOULD BRING SOME CHANGES TO THE TROOP SETUP THAT WE ARE USING IN THE GAME NOW.THE GAME DOESN'T HAVE ANY GREAT RANGE UNITS LIKE i HAVE NOT USED HYDRA(EVEN A BLESSED ONE )FOR A RAID EXCEPT TO COMPLETE A QUEST WHERE WE HAVE TO SUMMON 1000 HYDRA TO GET 10 GEMS (I LOSE MANY TIMES WHEN USING A HYDRA DURING RAID BECAUSE THEY DEAL ALMOST NEGLIGIBLE DAMAGE TO STRUCTURES AND BLOCK PATH FOR MY OTHER UNITS AND ALSO ARE LAME BUT YEAH THEY ARE GREAT DEFENSIVE UNITS,SIREN TOO AREN'T GREAT FOR ATTACKING AS DIE QUICKLY AND COST LOT OF POINTS TO SUMMON,NOW ARCHERS YEP ABSOLUTELY ONE OF FAVORITE UNITS IN GAME PERFECT FOR BOTH ATTACKING AND DEFENDING BASE BUT CANNOT APPROACH NYXS TOWER IN HELIOS ALSO DIES QUICKLY IF HIT BY POSIDON TOWER IN HELIOS LIGHT). Achilles and Chiron. Detail of painting by Gottlieb Schick, 1776-1812. Well I also want to share some info about Great Chiron Chiron, in Greek mythology, one of the Centaurs, the son of the Titan Cronus and Philyra, an Oceanid or sea nymph. Chiron lived at the foot of Mount Pelion in Thessaly. Unlike other Centaurs, who were violent and savage, he was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine and of course the most civilized being. Many Greek heroes, including Heracles, Achilles, Jason, and Asclepius, were instructed by him. Chiron frequently appears in the legends of his grandson, Peleus, and his great-grandson, Achilles. Accidentally pierced by a poisoned arrow shot by Heracles, he renounced his immortality in favour of Prometheus and was placed among the stars as the constellation Centaurus. Chiron's Disciples Achilles When Achilles' mother Thetis left home and returned to the NEREIDS, Peleus brought his son Achilles to Chiron, who received him as a disciple, and fed him on the inwards of lions and wild swine, and the marrows of bears. Actaeon Actaeon(grandson of Cadmus) who was bred by Chiron to be a hunter, is famous for his terrible death; for he, in the shape of a deer, was devoured by his own dogs. The dogs, ignorant of what they had done, came to the cave of Chiron seeking for their master, and the Centaur fashioned an image of Actaeon in order to sooth their grief. Aristaeus The MUSES were, according to some, those who taught Aristaeus the arts of healing and of prophecy. Aristaeus discovered honey and the olive. After the death of his son Actaeon he migrated to Sardinia. Asclepius The great medicine of Asclepius is based on Chiron's teaching. Apollo killed Asclepius' mother Coronis 2 while still pregnant but snatched the child from the pyre, bringing him to Chiron who reared him and taught him the arts of healing and hunting. Jason Aeson gave his son Jason to the Centaur Chiron to rear at the time when he was deposed by King Pelias 1. Jason is the Captain of the ARGONAUTS. Medus Medus, who some call Polyxenus 3 and others Medeus, is the man after whom the country Media was called. He was the son of Medea by either Aegeus 1 or by Jason. Medus died in a military campaign against the Indians. Patroclus Patroclus's father left him in Chiron's cave, to study, side by side with Achilles, the chords of the harp, and learn to hurl spears and mount and ride upon the back of genial Chiron. Peleus Peleus, father of Achilles, was once rescued by Chiron: Acastus, son of Pelias 1, purified Peleusfor having killed (undesignedly) his father-in-law Eurytion 2. However, Acastus' wife, Astydamia 2, fell in love with Peleus, and as he refused her she intrigued against him, telling Acastus that Peleus had attempted her virtue. Acastus would not kill the man he had purified, but took him to hunt on Mount Pelion and when Peleus had fallen asleep Acastus deserted him, hiding his sword. On arising and looking for his sword, Peleus was caught by the CENTAURS and would have perished, if he had not been saved by Chiron, who also restored him his sword, after having sought and found it. Chiron arranged the marriage of Peleus with Thetis, bringing Achilles up for her. He also told Peleus how to conquer the Nereid Thetis who, changing her form, could prevent him from catching her. But others say that it was Proteus 2 who helped Peleus. When Peleusmarried Thetis, he received from Chiron an ashen spear, which Achilles took to the war at Troy. And as they say, no one among the Achaeans was able to wield that heavy and huge spear. This spear is the same with which Achilles healed Telephus, by scraping off the rust. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME TO READ THE POST.
  9. I think that you should to help new player can upgrade building faster to <lv.100, fair for them with old player, so many old player was going to quit game, please help new player to make this game keep aliving.... And Hope you consider to fix Ajax, Ajax don’t have any skills to agaisnt Nyx, and he’s a burden in Odyseus Adventure
  10. Hello Devs I have something to say to which I am very unhappy I know we will add new units to the army, and we have been making complaints about the gold since we will add a single unit believe that the gold should go up to 100 lvl because it has been difficult much the game after the new releases another thought is to add god gods as a new hero or the puddle would be very good to believe it, thank you for your time !!
  11. I am having around 10.2K trophies and my problem is Why there is 2000 trophies gap for Hall of fame reward and The Pheme power upgrade ?.. On top of that you have reduced the Pheme power .. You could have increased the trophies for upgrade from 500 to 1000 trophies .. Also I never get Hercules for Odyssey adventure .. once I received Cadmus thrice in one Harbor tour .. There is also shortage of Unqiues items ..Either distribute to every player or Take away unqiues from those who have it..
  12. Apollo towers Stops shooting after a while .. Pheme power is useless for breaking the towers or killing troops only it stuns everything for a while.. Atleast make pheme capable of destroying the NYX tower like before .. Forging items are fun but the cost of forging higher level items is very much especailly when we consider that 10M coins are to be spend on the Wave upgrade and Upgrading the powers .. It cost too much always runs out of coins .. Make a little more bump on the 8K+ trophies holders hall of fame rewards..
  13. It would be useful to have a better map of the opponent before attacking it, displaying towers orientation. For example a simple pixel indicating the direction of every tower It whoul be useful to mark unused hero items as "destroiable by forge", to avoid destroing useful object and speend up the search of good destroiable object
  14. Hello, friends I am Alberto jassj and Alberto command Br (Ingame names). LET'S MAKE THE MOST REAL GAME !!! Dear developers, I ask you again for improvements in the game. This time I and a few other players were analyzing the lack of one more job in the game, which we suggest is a sergeant, empowered only to recruit people. This position would be given to former members who always help the alliance, but who do not have the time or knowledge to hold a position with more powers. Also, an observation about the positions currently available is that the position of Officer is not exactly a position, but rather a class (lieutenant for general is official) as square (which is the rank of sub lieutenant for soldier or recruit). So it may not seem very important, but it would be better if they changed that to the right. It would also be good for the position of founder, because we do not have this patent in a war. It would also be better for a soldier to be called a conscript because they are new players in the alliance, leaving the position soldier to members doing their part, and the position of veteran would be replaced by that of sergeant. The captain's position would remain as it stands, the official position would change his name to Major, and the general post could continue, but it would be even better if he changed his name to Colonel, and the general would be a position below the colonel, as many are using the post of general as sub-commander of the founder. Changing the subject, I also do not understand why when I petrified the griffin or the phoenix they do not fall and break, it would be more logical, after all, they were flying when paralyzed foral ... change this, please, to give more reality to the game. Thank you, developer friends, for your commitment to the game. We are very happy for your dedication to the game that we love so much.
  15. Apologies if these have already been suggested. A bonus chest to open if you kill the defender statue, often you charge to the corner and open the gate ignoring the defender. Show the time remaining from your battle log so you can see if players are just making it or completely destroying your defence. Maybe show what invocations are used? More intelligent units: Having your phoenix attacking a flame resistant warrior while a NYX is turning it it very annoying when it could of killed the NYX in seconds if it had the brains to work it out. The ability to trade items.... Just somehow! It's so frustrating at higher levels owning chest after chest after the war and binning dozens of items for no gold. Maybe bits Only within your alliance and for gems? Finally, a better means of having XP for your hero, it's very very boring grinding away to get then leveled up and having to take a rubbish hero to war simply because you can't afford the reduced Fury cooldown from a lower hero.
  16. I wish this game developed as well as players comfort to play. Like the title, i wish for new heroes, new buildings, and new units, these many heroes on Greek Myth like: 1. King of king : Agamemnon, 2. Teacher of Wisdom : Chiron the Centaur, 3. Theseus, etc. And for new building is : 1. Sanctuary of Gods : this is palace only for Gods (that i know greek god have their own sanctuary and these a heroes hall for their hero), this building have their own ability from gods. If you worship : a. Zeus, you can use Chronos even your prestige is over b. Hades, you can use Tartarus even your presige is over c. Poseidon, Hypocampus will lend you resistant from fire 50% d. Apollo, SunRay will zap single enemy unit with powerful demage e. Athena, ArmorOfHynd will protect your amries by 25% defend f. Ares, HarderingWeapon will grand 25% demage of your unit g. Gaia, MotherNature will grand regeneration healing for every unit in the battle. The last is more unit like human and monster in the battle: 1. CaledoniaBoar : giant pig (artemis pet); 2. Pretorian : human heavy armor unit; 3. Furries : evil woman who will wishper enemy single unit to become your side (in few duration); 4. Scyla : Apollo pet, 5 headed sea monster; 5. Hector : Paris brother, who defend Troy by honor it for his dead (killed by Achilles and maybe he better placed as new hero) 6. Enchidna : mother of all monster in greek myth. 7. Typhon : father of all monster in greek myth and also husband of Enchidna. At least thanks for read this, maybe any suggestions from others will rich this request. Cheers ??
  17. 1. Расширьте выбор для создания эмблемы союзов. 2. По чаще добавляйте новых героев и юнитов (чтобы не пропал интерес к игре). 3. Сделайте в чате союза режим авто перевода на определенный выбранный язык, чтобы было возможно общаться с разными людьми и читать перевод
  18. Here's some suggestions to make this game even bette 1:Be able to see replay of our defense. So we can improve our defense. 2:Add power "cap of invisibility" that makes hero invisible to enemy for a short time and enemy can't directly damage the hero and this power is gained by conquering a group of islands belonging to Hades by Presus . 3:Add hero "Hecate" the goddess of magic and necromancy. Her special power would be resurrecting nearly dead troops to fight on her side for a shot time. And the troop she unlocks would be her daughter "Empusa".
  19. hello it would be great if you can create more gods and also it would be nice to have pegesus the flying unicorn horse in your next upgrade if possible
  20. Hello Olympians Here is my shot for some suggestions to improve the OR experience. 1/ Display on player profile the gold quantity he can donate each day. This little info has two main advantages: - Before sending an invite to a player we can check if his daily donation is high enough for the alliance requirements - It will be more easy for players who manage alliances to follow the progress of their members 2/ Display on the alliance menu the gold quantity which can be donated each day (the sum of all the members daily donations). This will be more easy to plan ahead the alliance improvement. 3/ During wars, it would be more interesting for an alliance to be able to attack all the others instead of only two because sometimes it's a little bit frustrating. For example when you are trapped between two stronger alliances and the third one could be doable but you cannot reach it, you know the current war is already over for you. I don't have a precise idea on how to implement this. Removing the central vortex on the war map and rearranging the islands could be a solution. 4/ To make wars more strategic and more unique, you can introduce features for each war. For example, special boosts for some towers and/or units which will only be available during the war. These boosts can add unique abilities such as greater range, new damage type, units spawned or powers invoked upon tower destruction etc... Another example, all islands could be 3 stars or more to make the strikes more challenging. 5/ Between two wars, add events from time to time (like the Dominator Days or the Alliance Days) to break the daily routine and surprise players. I would love to hear what you think about it so feel free to share your thoughts
  21. Greetings all, I'm Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces alliance, We had a long road to reach high (My team is 2nd on the World in both rankings) and we have seen it all. After a conversation on a global chat we have make recently with some other generals and the top 100 teams also some brainstorm I had with our 50 members on line, I gather some problems and some solutions that seek immediate answer from the game company and the dev team or the game will die prematurely. First of all let’s talk about the major problems we have identify. 1. Game online time 2. Timezones 3. War duration 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 1.GAME ONLINE TIME Let me explain how troublesome and how needy war currently is. The Math: Starting fury: 3 heroes x 3 furies = 9 furies to spend If we take an average for each attack is 3 minutes (more like minimum, because it’s more there like choosing enemy setup the hero for each fight etc.) its: 3 minutes per attack x 9 furies = 18* minutes on start (put that on the side now) After that it’s 3 more furies every 3 hours 3 furies need 9 minutes to spend them 9 minutes every 3 hours for 72 hours so you get to attack 16 times (3x24=72) 24 times for 9 minutes each time So we have: 24 times per war x 9 minutes each time = 216 min +18* min for the starting = 234 minutes spend So ... That’s almost 4 hours (240 min) only for strictly attacking enemies per weekend. Adding on that ..strategy ..enemy picking ..weak enemy reporting ..line conversations ..hero gear & units changing ..and playing the game outside war ..well it’s a hell lot of time. All that for a simple mobile game player... If you consider an officer that has to organize a hell lot more and watch the course of the war to act.. well its hell on earth. If I add all these hours on the equation, you should not able to sleep, work or even make sex, sorry darling we wait to make a mass attack stand by and put some cloths on. For someone that is officer like me is devastating, and of course without officers and order you can’t have good teams and game in general. Conclusion troublesome because of the huge amount of hours you must invest, but even more is... needy …because you can’t spend your free time and play for some hours, you need to be online every hour of the day or you lose the war. 2.TIME ZONES Another big problem is time-zones Our team for example like many, is multinational meaning there is NO ideal start time for war. Always someone will be sleeping losing fury at least 1 or 2 out of 3 regenerating slots. 3.WAR DURATION We want it or not war is the main feature of this game and the one that keeps it alive, there is a lot of ideas for war but the most important is his duration. When war is ending logins on the game drop drastically we are like a ghost alliance literally and not only us as AF. Since the game doesn’t have another Event running or New content & interesting features is something that we must take seriously for development. That's the main reason i don't agree with the idea of making the war every 2 weeks..the game will just die ..less rewards, less interest, less activity. 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update Since guardian update with nyx is introduced a lot of problems remain unsolved. Nyx along with Guardian had as a result the excessive use of gems and invocations, Something that a lot of people that were on low budget didn’t like and especially near the top on competitive teams that the need is even greater the situation is heartbreaking. - No new players to join* teams (that’s also because of the gaming declining we will talk later about it) and more so players quit because of their ideology (though of it as abusive) or just because they couldn’t keep up on that level spending gems. - Yes we get more gems by our defenses also, but the gem sink is overwhelming, less than 1/3 we get back more than 2/3 goes to company. - Another issue is that this update also make unit weaknesses to be more visible, for example the trebuchets: this unit has no defense against the majority of the defences that are based of fire (archers, minos, prometheus with 2 blessings, iapetos etc, is also slow, is kinda bugged because it’s getting stuck due to vector size and movement, and usually ends up hitting units instead of buildings with a miniscule damage. And that’s the major problem with nyx, if you place it right no real counter, except lvling for war Athena and Ajax to have successful attacks. And I could keep going. "Its not in my nature to nag and complain but I had to do it before the game dies, after all it was the huge amount of people pushing me to do something, me and other generals." So let’s go to the real interesting part: WHAT WE PROPOSE Changes in red Due to our experience and heavy brainstorming I will propose some things that will help the game and the players, and all these are signed up by 50 members of our team and the majority of our community outside the team. This game is one of the best I have played ..and I was professional players and leader in more than 15 teams and 20 popular games, like cs:go, dota, LoL, call of duty, wow, gw2 etc. with sponsors over 10k euro winnings, 1st Europe places, multi-teams, sites lans etc. so trust me on the following: 1st of all a request that is the heart of the problem for all problems, hard to archive but we must mention it. This game deserves MARKETING. Deserves to BE included on the future plans of FG. I will not explain the reasons and the ways this can and must be archived, there is wall of text already. 2nd Ingame changes: A. WAR: Game online time, Timezones, War duration War needs a lot of changes but none major, just simple tweaks: 1. Fury slots must change to 4 or 5 and starting fury to 2 or 3 so you don’t have to be online so often and so you don’t losing fury if you sleep or not available when the war starts. 2. Days of war must be a lot more like 4 or 5 days because the game needs more war it’s the only feature/event available and the one that keeps it alive. 3. Regeneration time must be increased a lot…and I mean a lot like 6 hours or more depending the number of fury slots. These changes are simple and archive more days (more interest in the game), less hours of game activity (less suicides, and more sane people), no more timezone problem (you can login when you have free time to use your available furies). 4. Another change would be similar to the skull system, if a team attacks again the same team gets a 5 or 10% increased difficulty in islands, one more skull in all islands. 5. Also the skull system must change in regards of the VP increasing on multiple skulls islands, only thing this does is help the big teams to get even bigger aiming small teams with many skulls (yeah I know I have a big team, but its unfair for the rest), and plus divides the members that prefer to attack the multiple skull island, than the island that is strategically best to hit. B. General stuff: Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 6. Trebuchets are not realistic, these are machines that demolish buildings, they must hit a bit more slowly but target ONLY buildings or increase their damage on buildings a bit and on units a LOT, and i mean a lot.. hitting once and you have an archer massacre. 7. We could use a bit of bigger range on Nyx so the building is more versatile and don’t force people to have specific formations on defense only for 1 tower. 8. Also unique items drop percentage must increase, last war none of the 50 members got anything and their majority hits 2 or 3 titans at least …i won’t mention the small teams... And now let’s talk about the juicy part… Gems, Prestige & Ranking system - Prestige system is annoying right now, you get huge prestige bonuses in every chest, the game pushing you to max prestige so you give the maximum amount of gems for activation and that’s removes the option from the player to decide in what level wishes to stay. - Gems are needed in almost every aspect but the war aspect is out of hand, we have players that use 150 to 1500 gems per war, Also doesn’t prepares the small teams, What I mean with that, I mean that you spend thousands of hours to get on a certain level and then realize you can’t spend that much to continue to play. Its free to play on small lvl and p2win in end game, this doesn’t protect the small/new players neither the big players that quit, and every game depends on big teams, also doesn’t do good to company ..having few of the top team paying or leaving and not fewer gems from many people. - And last but not least the Ranking system: -Trophies pointing out activity and torches are pointing out luck & strong allies of a team. -Total VP would be a real rank or a mash up of all these 2 or 3 ranks would be more accurate. -Why we need 2 rankings? The important part is what do we need the ranks?? Most of the people I talk are disappointed from this aspect, Ranks offer NOTHING ...many teams/players drop their trophies/torches and stay low because as a team or individually offer COMPLETELY nothing, quite opposite low ranks offer easier enemies on map and more gems gaining on wars, this removes every aspect of competitive spirit from the game and ruins the mood of the community that searches for other things to bother or just lose interesting … and no 5 points for Ajax are not interesting. That's the most important and fast we can fix before is too late... This is the last effort of our community to save the game we love …so please take this post seriously or we will all quit very fast …and no its not a threat …we already doing it in, already fast rhythms. Most of these are very simple to change. Thank you for reading all this huge wall of text. I hope I covered as many as possible... And also thank you for your contribution of new ideas. Best Regards, Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces 50 Members of Ancient Forces Alliance Generals and Officers of Top 100 Alliances Unity
  22. Ahoj, Za prvé nevím, jestli budou akceptovat i ostatní hráči, ale ocenil bych ještě jeden slot pro kouzla na hrdinovi: Prometheus a Jason rozhodnout další sloty na tyto hrdiny neuškodí Secondly what could revive the game is even more changes in weather .. we still have sunny weather .. but it would have been necessary weather: overcast with thunderstorms, fog or night ny nylon very interesting in this weather to see how the hero fights Thanks for the answers and opinions
  23. I would like to offer some suggestions for Olympus Rising game. Tip 1: ability to add players to the friends list from which you can have individual conversations Tip 2: Put the bonus to each war alliance (such as caskets obtainable, charging times halved etc.) different to every war. Tip 3: better calibrate rewards treasure chests at the end of each battle (in 70% of cases are always found the first three, are rarely actually found randomly) Tip 4: Insert the possibility of a replay of the opponent attacks received Tip 5: Enter the "alliance history" to keep track of upgrades made by members of their alliance so they can see if they are active or not.
  24. Hey I think u said of making new powers ...new defence towers and u said of posieden god third brother to come and join game and u also said to me of new warrior having fire powers but seems nothing ....come and the buildings which are showing coming soon when it has to haapen ....I think we need some of these I know it take times but it I around a month when I said to u and one warrior having power for is needed because no one is here to do such hope u will see and consider
  25. Hello FG, You guys have done a decent job overall but you are sitting on such a rich lore and not milking it enough. Honestly the only two reasons I started playing this game were its graphics and Greek content. Graphics have remained consistent, kudos, but Greek content has just stopped coming. 1) I would like to see new Greek heroes and gods. There are still so, so, so many to chose from : Hera, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite etc. The same goes for available units : centaurs, nymphs, gorgons, phoenixes etc. Its pretty unfair of you guys to give us just 10 heroes to play. In a band of 0 to 200,000 dominance there should have been more heroes and gods and certainly alot more units each having their unique set of abilities. This would add real flavor to the game. 2) You gave us Zues and Hades way too early. Infact there is a real risk that no matter what hero or god you introduce now, it wont rack up as much interest as it should have. 3) Why do we not have more islands to unlock after 80,000 dominance mark ? It is a cold long walk after hitting the 80,000 dominance mark before you ultimately hit 200,000 dominance mark to unlock Athena. Hint hint : More heroes and more units are essential. Its basically like trying on a new expansion in game and is a must at this point. 4) Gate of Thanatos should be reworked. If I have, say, 18 morale points then I should be able to spawn 18 spearmen per wave should I want to. The current setup limits us to 8 maximum units irrespective of our available morale. 5) Specialized weapons and armors for heroes - I would like to see my favorite Greek heroes using the weapons they used in the myths. For instance Persues was famous for his winged sandals. Heck you can make a long chain of quests to obtain such items to keep it interesting. 6) New complex spells : such as chain lightning and chain heal etc I could go on. But the whole purpose of this post is to establish where are we going wrong. I have said it before, I'll say it again - a game full of good content will attract more revenue people. Prestige system = value addition Using gems to increase prestige and prolong its boost = not value addition Wars = value addition Forcing everyone to spend insanely high amounts of gems to reach high enough prestige level = not value addition Introducing gods - Zues and Hades = value addition Must have prestige active to use them = not value addition Blessings system = value addition Not being able to afford those blessings despite having maxed alliance halls and prestige boost = not value addition Sorry for the long post and borderline rant, but I like this game alot and I would like to see it flourish. TL;DR : add new content. Mix it up. Keep it interesting, you know ?
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