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Found 74 results

  1. @PaSte @Madlen after every CQ we have the same alliances can prolong the boost, even if they didnt win it can you fix it now?
  2. My alliance Pobeda31 did not enter Conquest. Submitted request to technical support. 5 hours game going, no response.
  3. My alliance is not fighting any alliance in conquest! Please help me flare! Alliance: The neverenders IGN: Lordlegitkid ( leader of alliance) Alliance lvl: 15
  4. My team did upgrade headquarters up to level 8. We can assign 400 troops, but only 350 are assigned, the remaining 50 we can't assign, no matter what we try. Team: Genie and Master
  5. click on corner tile and easy see when alliance in your map!!
  6. No way to connect to your server. Now it is more than 2 hours that we (sleeping lion ally) are experiencing this issue. Wake up Flare! I have to complete pro lg and collect crowns for daily festival. And I'm not the only one. 😱😱😱 Thanx
  7. Team, I had 1e place in ninja event but only have 2 ninja’s. Can you look in to this? Ingame: SirHappy
  8. My Księstwo Wilków alliance won the 4th level of reinforcement, it was turned on and at the same time it expired. Repair it quickly.
  9. Hi team, I am not able to connect to RR2 for more than 16 hours. I keeps trying to connect and fails saying to check for internet connectivity. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but no luck. It connects with new user but as soon as I connect it with my existing ID it fails. I have already applied latest game update\Patch Device: Galaxy S8 - Andriod and Laptop- Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  10. I have been having this message for hours and sent a request to flare service. My IGN is Dena Ann. Friends are telling me on discord it shows me logged in. I have tried deleting game and redownloading no help there. I am having same issue rather on windows 10 laptop or android tablet. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. @Madlen During the hero preparation, when one of my teammates switches between two heroes, the connection keeps getting interrupted. I think that this problem comes from the fact that many of us have taken 3 heroes in war but in the spoils of war we see only two heroes per person. Can you help us immediately? That's a big problem for us!! Tilose EDIT: This happens specially with Athena (and one of us said also with Odysseus).
  12. Hello, We have a player in our alliance listed as member and is making use of one spot, but actually is not currently in the alliance, he was invited but he was unable to join and simply got registered in the member list, we can't kick because the profile shows a different alliance or lack of it. Please let me know how we can solve it, also we already raised a ticket in support with the details. Thanks
  13. Since the moment current Conquest has started, I'm unable to connect to the game in the facebook browser. The loading screen shows, but then hangs. Cleared browser cache and tried on other pc as well.
  14. UPDATE: The issue for Facebook Canvas should be resolved now. Please make sure that if the loading screen still says 4.5 or 4.5.1 to clear the cache. Only on version 4.5.2 (for FB canvas users) it is not crashing. Thank you again for your patience! _ _ _ Dear FB Canvas players, We are working on fixing an issue which prevents players from accessing the game. We will keep you in the loop and apologize for the inconvenience. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  15. after the update of the server the classification of the alliances has disappeared☹️
  16. It just started happening after the server update. It happens every time I try. Platform iOS, device iPad Air 2. Edit: fixed now!
  17. in our alliance more than half of us can not play because of the 3 hero bug. will the lost torches be returned? Ign: zozo195 Ally: Gladiatori
  18. Good afternoon, I'm the owner of the Alliance IMPERIO BRASIL and some of our members, whose I am included, are currently unable to fight at this war season. Some reported of being unable to use their third hero. Others are being held off the game because It won't even connect. Personally, I'm unable to attack despite of being loaded with the maximum of furies. I'd like to know what is happening and How it's going to be in relation with this war, since we're unable to fight.
  19. It is since Friday that my alliance, without blessings, has dealt with the war in conditions of disability. I would like to know if and how much blessings will be restored. My alliance is Vittoria Alata. Thanks
  20. Good afternoon, I come to report a problem that happened in my alliance called IMPÉRIO BRASIL. In this new season we started in the Warriors League, but in the second war this season we were moved to the Alloy Heroes altomatically but without the war blessing, without the gem score. When climbing the league, we lost all 9 torches we won in the first war of the season. I wanted to know what happened and what justifications.
  21. Title say all. I got Severe disconnection and don't allow me to do my thing in the game Matchmaking,Search Alliance,etc... search and search and search and search and...... I will come back tomorrow if the problem continue
  22. Any server problem? I cant connect to the game...
  23. Started today. It’s crashed about a dozen times in alliance chat. Can’t see any pattern to it. Running v4.4.3 on IOS. No problems during battles. No problems encountered with any other app.
  24. Can you please fix the recent bug which won’t allow us to extend our war blessings to the end of the current season? Posting here as no reply in the thread for the server maintenance yesterday which caused the bug. Thanks.
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