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Found 52 results

  1. Any server problem? I cant connect to the game...
  2. Started today. It’s crashed about a dozen times in alliance chat. Can’t see any pattern to it. Running v4.4.3 on IOS. No problems during battles. No problems encountered with any other app.
  3. Can you please fix the recent bug which won’t allow us to extend our war blessings to the end of the current season? Posting here as no reply in the thread for the server maintenance yesterday which caused the bug. Thanks.
  4. Dear Olympians, We have just performed a Live Server Update. Are you ready, warriors of the Olympus? Here are the patch notes.: Toned down the matchmaking change done in the last update where we tried to match lower level opponents on inner islands. Removed excessive Blessings from several Alliances. Compensated said Alliances with Alliance Gold equal to the amount spent. Note: Since our policy has been not to remove Blessings from Alliances, we will also be giving a one-off Gem compensation to those Alliances which we have removed Blessings from. May Zeus always have mercy on you, Your Olympus Rising team _ _ _ Feedback thread:
  5. Hey flare, I'm not able to collect my proticket, when I'm clicking on collect I'm being disconnected
  6. Hi Pro League: Icicle cup End date: 8th Jan 2019 I scored 1827, rank45. Originaly, that would give me 3.000 crystals and 3 pro chests. Since nobody got the top rewards, all tier rewards were adjusted, so my score bumped me up to 8.000 crystals and 5 pro chests. However, I still only got the original 3000 crystals and 3 pro chests. I confirmed in game that indeed I only got 3 pro chests and my crystals only went up by 3.000. This happened to several alliance members as well.
  7. Crash have continued even update 4.4.1 (Win-PC). I have 10 times over crash. Pls repair soon. Flare Games.
  8. Hello, I've been unable to connect to Facebook app for the last hour (I was connected before)
  9. 👑Dear players, We are currently investigating an issue with users not being able to start the game on Facebook Canvas. We will keep you in the loop. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  10. My alliance won the Ascension Archer boost (again) in the recent Icicle Cup pro-league. We had it also active before, and prolonged it up to the end of this pro-league. Now apparently there was a race condition between expiring the old boost, and activating the new boost, and now we don't have the boost active although we've won it in the recent pro-league: I already filed a support ticket for this, but if any developer is reading here and can fix this for us, it would be highly appreciated. Also, this is not the first time I've read about this bug here (but the first time it happened to us), and it would be nice if you could fix that race condition once and for all. Alliance name: Glücksritter5
  11. The pro league ended on 1st January, our ally got tainted love lvl 4, but it was not activated. Submited on the same day ticket to support (request 134909), but until now still no boost. Please resolve.
  12. Hello I am Eskroto , I load the game correctly I can play odissey , the map but when I load the war map all is empty and I can t do anything , even to go back to my map . Also I can see the attacks to my island but all they show 0 seconds My device is a surface with windows 10 , I tried to connect to different wifi but the result is the same . Is there anything I can do? thanks
  13. My use name is TomRim. I can not collect upgrade "Archon Obelisk" and "Column of Glory": When i tap "collect upgrade", it's point to "Olympus Portal" Help me, please!
  14. Hi, my name in the game is .Curve. I am an officer in the Argentine Warriors Alliance and we are worried because the prize of our war never comes. It happened 2 times in a row and we did not receive the blessings of war or the gems. Many players are unmotivated because this is happening very often. It is a great pity.
  15. is marked as unsafe due to the cert expiring on December 29th. What's more worrying is the visibility of this cert, yet it's been broken for nearly a week, hopefully some developer is working on a secret rotation strategy to keep the game servers secure, and those that have left Flare had any keys they used rotated.
  16. Kings and Queens, We are investigating the server disconnects that users are experiencing at the moment. We will keep you in the loop! We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. Kind regards, Community Management
  17. NITRO223

    solved omega nelt

    I spent a ton of gems to get 8% skull boost from omega belt-and when I finally got it-it only gave me 6%. I would like my 8% skull boost as it says please fix this on my account or dang well give me a ton of gems back it cost me!!!!!!
  18. Ingame name: Villhelm3 Alliance: Knights of the Realm The event is over now, but why didn't we get any Alliance chests for gem purchases?????
  19. Clicked on the first battle. No chance to win presents, just medals. Like any other battle. And I'm having far more bugs and being booted than ever before. No way, AGAIN, for Win8.1 pleyaers to upgrade the game. Took TWO AND A HALF MONTHS LAST TIME with Flare blaming MS and MS blaming Flare AND NO TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. Thanks. You're already starting to ruin my holiday.
  20. Hello, A fellow teammate has lost 12 trophies while having destroyed everything but the GK (photo attached). Is it a bug? If not, could you please explain the reason? Thank you very much!
  21. When I try to update the game I get this error code: 805a0193 IGN: Surviva Device: Lumia 525 Error code: 805a0193
  22. IGN: Soilwk Device : Nokia lumia 640 window 10 and Iphone 4s IOS 7 Problem : I noticed that i usually have to reconnect to facebook using the button in thorne room where i get pal food chest to reduce the time from 24hr to 7 hr after about 1 month or so. So today the pal chest time reset back to 24hr again and i clicked the button , the facebook login window appear and i logged in my account but the timer wont back to shorter time after connect, i click the facebook button again but it just open a blur with x icon and close very fast. I cant login to reset the timer anymore.I tried to logout and back again, even useed my iphone 4s to check but it still the same . Please have a check.
  23. I need my account back IGN sai saketh 26 Player level 39
  24. Help...I cannot sell nor smelt a lot of items in my inventory especially the weak and cheap ones...My inventory is being cluttered by useless junk. Please help fix this bug. Thank you.
  25. Hi Flare, The Tainted Love boost isn't rewarded while we have won more then 40k. Is there something going on?