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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, saw that there's an event that will give cases for zombie kills. Since it's purely by numbers, any thoughts on which maps get the most zombie kills? The first North County Map on Hard gets me about 450 per. Seems to be the highest so far. Anyone else have a better one? I'm sure there's a better one, just haven't been able to test them all. For highest kill count and clearing waves, I'm using a blue 7.62 as primary, then two blue 40mm pods. Works really well for high kill counts. But also means I'm generally avoiding stages with Titans.
  2. How exactly do you count zombie kills in the Zombie Slaughter live event? I've played several levels and killed thousands of zombies and I'm not getting the correct credit for them. For example, I just played the "Snowman level" in the Grey Valley map twice and recorded about 700 kills each time (678 to be exact on the second run). When I check my progress by clicking on the "Events" button it says I have 581 kills total. It does go up each time, but only by a fraction of the kills I got. Can you please explain how kills are tallied?
  3. Hi, the event has started for a long time, and i'm still unable to join the events. When I clicked the Event icon above the community, a page popped out and says: No events currently running, please check back later. Please help, Thanks!