0% of videos give rewards in 4.0

On Android (using lollipop, but nougat worked the same when I tried it).  You force me to watch ads that I absolutely hate and suffer through but I get absolutely nothing in return.  I want to be reimbursed for all the videos I’ve watched and not been rewarded for.  This game is worse than ever now.

I’ve got a couple things to say here lol. First off, don’t exaggerate your position more than it needs to be okay. Don’t tell me that you “suffer” through 25-30 second ads. If you hate them so much, just go take a quick break and grab a drink of water or something. I do agree with you on what you’re most frustrated about, which is getting no rewards from the ads. I think flare will eventually reimburse every play with a reward after they fix all these ad bugs