0 Trophies for Raiding the #1 Player!

How is it that raiding the #1 Player would give me 0 Trophies?

Are you joking? It’s been like this for at least half a year! That player is more than 500 trophies out of your league and so he gives you 0 trophies

Um, I didn’t ask how long it had been this way…



Okay, well, I just explained why it’s like that. You’re acting like it’s a new thing, when it’s not

What indicates this is a new thing?


700 is the key

My question is: Why?  Why shouldn’t I get trophies for beating someone way out of my range?

It’s done to prevent trophy stripping and one of the reasons are the ninja layers. Say you can fight in highest layer and some players want to prevent that at any cost. They raid you with much lower secondary accounts and take your trophies away. Suddenly you don’t play in highest layer due to this. As a result, your ninja is less strong. The war season after this you face that team. 

At top alliances this was used to make sure players of teams they would be in war with, don’t participate in highest layer, just by stripping trophies. 

To prevent this, flare introduced a range of 700+ trophies. When a player has 700 trophies more than you, he won’t lose any trophies when you raid him. 

Latest release (3.9.1) also seems to have created a minimum trophy amount from where you can gain trophies. When you raid a player much lower in trophy range, before you could still gain trophies. Now in fact you can’t.

The whole trophy system is a mess, around 700 more than me is about right for the goose egg. To raid lower player for trophies is less than 700. Which means they can strip you but you cannot get them. Have not figured out number yet. Think if your able to beat top 10 players their trophies should be on the table and not protected for any reason. 

The match maker is same way with being a mess. The trophy range all over the place if win and lose. I think the reward of trophy should be same as the loss, so if I can win 50+ I should be able to lose that same amount. Other words it is BROKEN. Maybe the same theory could be used for top 10 players base that you lose what you could have gained. 

The system to determine trophy per battle is not good either, have seen the numbers fluctuate in favor of the attacker as trophy range substantially grew above opponent.

Just did a raid on someone 1500 trophies lower than me and still got trophies. How is this fair?

It seems that raiding players lower the barrier is more large. I can get still a trophy of players 2k lower than me. 

That’s not the point. Since ninja event, trophies are important, since they determine your layer.Especially for top players, keep them happy and the game lives prosper, ignore them and say bye to the game. 

Is it fair that a player raids you, not breaks the gate and still gets trophies? I don’t think so, since the raider is the only one responsible for the raid, not the defender. Is it fair that the player who failed can keep attacking and strip even more trophies after having failed plenty of times? No it isn’t, still this is allowed. 

For the top players they made a trophy strip prevention range, they shoukd add a range also to players you can gain trophies against. You should not gain trophies fighting players 700 trophies lower than yourself.

Well in some way its not good