$1.00 per battle

Other than the trophy thing that created a bit of a nightmare I have enjoyed playing this game for the past month and am encouraged that there is still more content left to see.  With that said however I am really thinking about deleting the app.   While I haven’t spent hundreds or thousands on the game, I have donated about $3Million to my Alliance and spend over $100 on gems easily.

Lately the number of opponents on my island are so few and fully buffed that in order to progress any longer I am forced to attack fully buffed players.   This strategy doesn’t always result in a win but no matter what it’s usually because I run our of resurrections at the gate and requires constant special power use.   This is equating to almost $1.00 per battle.

At this rate the game is simply to expensive and no fun.   I hope the developers read this and seriously consider making the game more affordable.  Not only is it souring my taste for Olympus Rising but Flaregames as a whole is just about on my Do Not Download list.

You are destroying your brand by being too greedy IMHO.

Im in the same boat moneywise tront, ive got 14 players on my isles ive got no chance of beatin, ONE OF THEM 16LVLS HIGHER THAN ME. Ive got 2 days off, dont expect to see any improvements in that time, so ill be deleting too. This game is fkd.

I know how you feel. I have five islands populated by other players, all significantly higher than me. This morning I used my available ambrosia to attack 3 opponents and got around 15 trophies. 15 minutes later I log back in and have magically lost 23 trophies. I have no new islands to attack, all my opponents are the same and still fully buffed. I loved the premise of the game and was happy to buy gems, nowhere near as many as some, but regularly to help my alliance with buffs and to help gear my heroes. The idea that you only can attack people significantly higher level than yourself whilst you can constantly be attacked, dare I say farmed, by lower levels is a complete FAIL. The whole combat system needs a revamp as it doesn’t work. Just look at the top 10 where 8 are level 22 to 42 shows you the game doesn’t work.

Dave,. Good points not to mention the game penalizes those who leveled Ascension as suggested by the game.   If you followed the games upgrade advice you are now unfairly pitted against big spenders several levels above you.   I’m not flaming spenders but, there is an element of fraud in that design if you ask me for people who played the game as a “reasonable person” might be expected to.

Sad to c u leave the game  tront. U have contributed a great amount of support to were are heroes alliance . All the best in real life. 


I feel 100% the way guys. I’ve haven’t spend a whole lot of money on this game, but I expect to keep on moving forward when I do. Now, like some of you said I have to keep paying on every single fight and I’m going backward as I lost more trophies than I can generate. I was leading a top 40 guild and had a blast for the few weeks I started playing the game, but now it looks more and more like a money pit.

The only REAL reason to keep putting money into a game is to have a certain advantage in game and right now I really don’t see the point.

Cheers to all of you guys. The game had a very cool concept, but I’m not going to put more money into this right now.


Same here. We brought our Alliance to TOP30 in 1 week, the morale was very high, the chat was active and members (including me) were donating in gems. I lost almost 500 trophies, some other top players almost a 1000. 3 of us left the game immediately after the update. I was frustrated and stayed, but now the game is mostly about collecting the resources and waiting for upgrades to finish rather than actual battles. Its incredibly hard to compensate for losses now, while defending I loose 15-30 trophies at a time. When I attack, the win over highly buffed player 11 levels higher than me, gives only 16 trophies, but usually it’s 3-6. 

But other than the crooked trophie system, I must admit the game is very nicely done and well thought of. 

Would be nice to bring the gold bonus in accordance with the Ascension level and leave the trophies for ranking only