1.9.1 - Unanswered Questions

Dear Community,


the latest update sparked many discussions and you all showed strong opinions.


I am aware that there are still several issues around that haven’t been properly addressed yet.


Let us try to focus on these unanswered issues together and formulate specific questions that need to be answered. 


What are your most urgent questions regarding recent changes?


I will update this post with your questions until we can agree that we have found the communities’ most urgent questions. If most of you have the same questions, you definitely deserve an answer.


Please focus on the result of this thread. General Discussions belong into the official update thread.






Currently discussed Questions:

  • Skull Bonus & Skulls in CoF
  • Alliance War Matchmaking


Please Note: Questions regarding the Hero Scream Balance have been answered by Felix here and here. For now, I would like to exclude this discussion from this thread. I will address the Hero Scream separately later, because I do believe that we can learn from this situation and improve for the future. 

How do you guys feel the skull bonus and the skulls in the CoF relate to the ten raids maximum? Wars are won by opening al chests, spending thousands of euros. That isnt even remotely fair.

I think I speak for a large part of the group if I say we want both loser bonus and especially skulls in chests gone from the wars. You can decide to keep them, and inrease them, to only let them count for magic chest, but dont let them decide the result of a war. If you dont do this BEFORE NEXT WAR, I and many others will fight their last battles very very soon.

I agree with Vester, skulls in chest decide the matches now, even more so with the attack limits. I can live with losers bonus but not skulls in chests. If you want people to spend gems on treasure chamber put some real rewards like 200 gems or 2 mil in gold or armor better than what they have, at least it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the war.

remove the skull bonus and CoF skulls, too expensive and very unfair for everyone.

When did paladins weakness change and why does it appear different? Check this:

The user DavideMartell reported that one of the weaknesses changed and he even uploaded a screenshot, here it is:

There we can see that poison weakness disappeared and now they’re weak to ice, I didn’t notice that so I decided to check the change by myself, but I found something even weirder:

So, the normal weakness is no longer there and the poison weakness still remains, how can Davide’s paladins have different weaknesses from mine? Do the paladins weaknesses change now when you boost them? What’s wrong here?

Also, I’ll support everyone’s motion, war-skulls in chamber of fortune are weird, I want them to count only for helping each player to get more chests, and if that happens we should also get way more skulls from them because they’re have less value because they’re not helping in the battle anymore (yes, we want them to stop counting in the total skull count of war, but if we’ll get less than 100 skulls form the third chest, then we’ll have another useless prize just like 17 vouchers).

The 10/20 battle caps are good. Stick to your guns. There is no way to allow 2% grinding without penalizing players unwilling to grind. Or allow a higher limit, but any past the first 10/20 only count towards reward chests, or are counted at 0.5% instead of 2%. Winners should not be determined by who can spend hours on a single war.


Flare has shown good initiative these last few month, thank you. With some tweaks most will be happy.

disagree totally.if ateam member takes a vacation,has surgery,has a real life during war and cant participate there is no way to compensate for his lost sculls with the limit in place…so if a clan member has real life then clan loses war.how fair is that.if your clan is maxed what are the chances that some cant help on at least some war days .remove the limit then if some choose to set their own limits.all should be happy then

raid if you want dont if you dont want.

Thats why you remove him from alliamce and take in replacement for your allies or sister alliance like wm2014 this season not in VL but staying in MYM instead

Yup agree with this


In other words chose to lose. If equally matched and they buy skulls and you don’t, then you lose. You are forced to buy skulls even if you don’t want to, or else accept a loss. Likewise if they grind and you don’t you will lose. Why be happy with that choice? So its false to suggest one can just choose not to grind as if there will be no consequences.

Like many others already said, skull reward plus skull loser bonus should be removed from the game. Those make wars just unfair and some kind of lotery.


I also would allow some more attacks per player, double the amount of attacks per war or just keep only the limit of three attacks per individual opponent. Now due to the limitation of 10 fights per player, there is no way that an alliance with less players can compensate the difference in players. So larger teams win, if all players get three successfull raids.


Remove the limitation of ten fights, make it for example maximum the number of members that the opponent possesses with minimum of 10 or 20 fights. That would feel more fair to me. And to make it more interesting, disable scrolls or give some penalty for using them. For example 5%-10% less skulls per used scroll. And increase the reward for additional raids, 2% is too low. This way definitely skill is required and war is won by most skilled team or the team that invests most time.


try to stick to finding productive questions in this thread please. To discuss 1.9.1. overall, use the original update thread - ok? :slight_smile:


Questions so far:

This seems like a big and complex question

Do you guys mostly agree, disagree or don’t care about this question?




This seems to be about smaller, possibly unmentioned balance changes. Is this a pressing issue for you guys?


What else would you like to have answered? Ask away! :slight_smile:

Ideally, you should rollback the game approx. 1/2 year ago, when Alliance Wars have been introduced. The game was honestly at its best at this time… No loser bonus, no skulls in chests, no (10-20) attack limits, no lags. Just less fancy boosts but, the game was simply at this time addictive. It was the effort of 60 members to win a war, not a financial effort (that many students and people in poorer countries cannot afford), but a time consuming effort fair for everyone.


The only positive update I can recall since this time is when you changed 3 weeks ago the war boosts from permanent to temporary (limited to 2 seasons).


If you want people to come back playing the game, you should also come back to what made you successful.

GET RID of skulls in CoF and the loser bonus … NO one has said its a good idea to keep it.


As for raids, 10 raid limit is stupid, all those that want less raiding do so, but do it in a lower alliance that is happy for that to be the norm, higher alliances in general grind as a team if they need to, not every war, not every season, that’s the ‘cost’ of being a higher level alliance member. What I see from the majority of those that want it removed is guys that want to bring the game down to them rather than raise them selves to the top level. There are many players that do go overboard in terms of grinding and raids, but that is their prerogative, like any game those that play hardest in general are the most successful. I can just see these same people telling Usain Bolt that he can only train once a month because that’s all the time they have and they want any race against him to be fair … there are those that put time into any game let them bear the fruits if they want to, accept some guys take it more seriously than you do and some guys will pay more than you can, that’s just the way it is. Before anyone accuses me of saying this because I am a high gem spender/buyer, I’m not, I have not bought a gem since January and shortly I will leave this game with 5x what I had then in the bank.


Whatever spin flare wants to put on this update it was without doubt designed to make us spend:


    add ‘special’ war boosts to make bases harder across the whole spectrum, more scrolls used

    restrict the amount of raids, so every raid counts better to scroll than to lose valuable skulls AND the chance to get into the CoF for more

    Limit attacks on players, make sure we can’t work out bases and scroll free them as often

    Make us open the CoF as its the only way to compete with your competition, who certainly will, especially if they have a loser bonus



This season I have spent more on scrolls than I have in any other season, not always because I needed to (though playing on laggy android I occasionally did), but because losing raids was not an option, although I still did, trying to scroll free.


Finally the loser bonus, you have got to rethink this, if an alliance is attacked by another alliance and wins, those guys come back next with an advantage, if somehow (with the current restrictions) you beat them again, they come back with an even bigger advantage, if nothing else remove the bonus given to team who initiate the war if they lose. 


If none of the above makes sense to you flare, we might as well all give in, its not rocket science, it was obvious from day one to many of us, either you don’t understand your own game or you have no respect for your customers.


PS the current way of allocating war boosts will break this game, you will have seasons where top tier players can’t compete as they don’t have the boost that allows them to beat an opponent whose alliance has them. Garg towers are much easier to kill with dragons, mortars the same. You can argue all you want about this balancing it out, it won’t it will alienate those trying to compete at the top. The game is now being pushed towards alliance wars rather than Alliance leaderboards and Individual leaderboards, if that’s the case … remove them, god help any new player to this game, they can’t progress as an individual now, no wonder so many start the game and give in so quickly.


This thread should try to quantify the communities agreement on certain issues. This allows me to then voice your concerns much better. 


The original thread goes many places and has many voices on many issues - some are louder, some are more important. I’d like to find the most important questions overall that the community can agree on. 


Does this make sense to you?


Do you agree with Vester’s question or would you like to add or modify something?


(How do you guys feel the skull bonus and the skulls in the CoF relate to the ten raids maximum?)


I’ve edited the above, as it seems it could be read incorrectly I agree whole heartedly that the skulls need to be removed from CoF, remove the loser bonus, remove the raid limits too, I was actually typing my post as Vester posted his.


I’m giving my opinion for what its worth, post this week I will no longer be playing this game so maybe it should hold less weight.

Like what I wrote before… Remove skull/loser bonus, skulls in chests, (10-20) attack limits, lags. For the lags, you may want to rollback some boosts, which may cause the lags (especially gargoyles).