1.9.6 update - minus 3.6K leadership !!!!

Why this update decreased my leadership from 17100 to 13470?? My king name is mradu.


Your leadership wasn’t decreased, leadership was bugged in version 1.9.5, in your Throne Room you watched a wrong number, now in version 1.9.6 that’s the real amount of leadership you had all of this time…

the bug was about wrong reporting(not updating) of perk from what i know. this was the same for experience

Nope, I never heard about a bug related with perks (all the bad things they have are not bugs). The bug was with leadership just how I described it…

Its not a bug/problem, your leadership will be exactly the same as it was before, it was showing incorrectly via the throne room view, it has been pointed out by many since day one of the previous update. You aren’t any weaker, you can just see the correct numbers via the throne room now, the same numbers you would have seen before if you visited yourself via the leaderboard.