1 Change, Numerous fixes:

Flare, here are a few of the problems you’re currently having:

  1. Players jumping from guild to guild in the middle of a war season

  2. Players abandoning their guilds to go where the boosts are. You never wanted this, did you? No. You created Alliance Wars to be about teamwork.

So here’s my solution. Rather than some 60hr cooldown, do the following things:

  1. Make it so that the three elite boosts won by winning a war, are distributed to the winning players, not to the guild itself. Ergo, you weren’t in the guild when it won? You don’t get any boosts.

  2. Anyone who leaves their guild during Alliance Wars, gets a “tag” put on their account for 5 days. Anyone with a tag on their account, cannot win these elite boosts.

This would make it so that only those who stuck with their alliance from beginning to end would be rewarded with boosts. There would be no incentive to jump ship when times got rough, no reaping the rewards of wars you didn’t participate in, and no sabotaging other alliances. You could put in a small cooldown just to discourage who may be trying to sabotage one particular guild. But the 60hr cooldown is way, way, way, way, WAY too long. I’m thinking maybe 15 hours, at most.

I added this to a list of improvements I am compiling. Does this sound right to you?


-Any boosts gained will not be rewarded to anyone if they leave or join another alliance during WAR SEASON. (from Sentinel – IGN Ovoneus)