1 level up on the Silo

We need 1 more level for the Silo . The last 3 days  no Videos to boost up our farm or upgrade. Please give us 1 more lev of the Silo so we can store more food for the   zombies,ninjas or war season event. This level up is not going to hurt anyone, perhaps it will benifits all players.  So far the Videos are having too much problems lately. 

Thank you

We don’t need one more silo. Level 17 is enough. 1,200 you can stack plus I think its another 1,200 if you have farm at max. 2,400 its more than enough to do your raid or the ninja/zombie. Plus its up to you to have farm perk who reduce the cost of food needed in battle. My farm are only level 13 and I have no problem to do the event and I never miss food. I have two farm perk who reduce at 169 the cost. If you bring more food I think that scrap the game logic I guess. Its not a game you play during 5 hours like triple AAA game. You play during maybe 10 to 30 minutes and wait your food regenerating and come back later and so on,

I don’t want 3,000 or 3,500 total food or more that force you to play more. this game its a no life game and we are already always on this game to play each 2 hours I don’t want this game force me to play more 

It was close for me, but because of 3 farms upgrading :grinning:

The solution for your problems are farmer items. You can get up to 5 of them.
For me they reduce my bread cost to 73 in combat gear. So 5 x 73 = 365 bread
for 5 ninja/zombie fights, which was easily doable, including upgrading other stuff
with gold raids.