1 pearl in a chest of Chamber of Fortune

When i earn 1 pearl in a chest of chamber of fortune i always tell myself: is this a joke or what? 

Dear Flare Games,you know, now pearls are like the new currency in the game. Cause after the last update everyone know we need more pearls to forge everything. But sound like a joke when i find just one pearl in a chest. But i thought you said that pearls were increased right? Why am i always finding one pearl in chests? Do you think spending one pearl for the blacksmith is useful? Wow i have found one pearl in a chest. What a reward!! Blacksmith is becoming more and more a big joke. I repeat guys: you are driving players away from the game. 

Everytime you open a chest with 1 pearl flare implies “Hey you wanna see more than this? WELL SPEND SOME GEMS”

we always get 1 pearls in the first chest, 2-3 pearls in the second and 12-13 pearls in the third. Bt when we missed on the chest the value drastically increases to 80+ in the third chest. Idk by what mechanism the CoF works but you wont get a decent amount of pearls unless you spend gems of course.

 I’ve found one pearl 5 times in a row. This situation is becoming frustrating. Blacksmith is the downfall of the game. It’s kind of ridiculous finding one pearl in a chest. 

Got it! I’ve got it

14 !!! :lol:

Finding on the third chest green items is more joke. I think at least epic item should appear ( only legendary  item would be fair , if to compare gold value or melting of item, but it doesn’t worth a dime to ask about it )

I bet the same mechanics work with item…do not spend gems to open chests and you’ll get classic/rare rarity, spend some gems and you have more luck to find better quality item lol

But atleast you can get legendary item on first and second chest i’ve actually gotten that on several occasions.

However, pearls… in first and second chest you find 1 and 2 pearls something even just 1 pearl in the second chest…

Macamus, I got once legendary item on the first chest, but items which are blue and lower on the third I guess _hundred _times. Doesn’t worth it

Same today still when you get 1 pearl lol total joke. At least the lower should be 5 pearls if you get that 5 or 10 time in a row that give you 25 to 50 pearls not bad.

1 pearl its ridiculous. so many time you open the first chest and what you see 1 pearl. great at this speed I need to open like 2000 first chest to have a good amount of pearl

Come on Flare can you add at least 5 or 7 pearl in the first