10 000 gems new year gift to all players


Give 10 000 gems to all players in happy new years gift or we stop play :slight_smile:


Come on, not a very realistic topic, don’t tell me you were serious when you opened this topic. Flare is a business. The development team can’t live from air only.


Not very realistic such a demand, half year ago I bought 20k gems and still have more than enough gems left.  


So for me a clear -1. They already created daily gifts, so that’s already a step in the right direction.


It’s all about priorities. You want to become top player? Then you need to spend cash and logically you need to use gems like water. Do you want to play for fun, then you don’t need to. There is nobody forcing you to spend/waste gems like water, same for pearls and so on.


I realise that some teams have high demands and literally try to force you to get all skull rewards, get skull perks and spend 6k gems for maxing daily donation plus winning all raids during war season at all costs. If you don’t like it, then maybe you are in the wrong team.


You and you only determine what you do, nobody will force you to spend those gems. It’s as simple as that. Sure… some players will feel the urge to actually listen and spend all that cash, but I told you already that nobody is forcing you. If you want to be a top player, that’s the price you have to pay. If you are in such a team then maybe it’s time to search for a new team with better conditions.

Dena4: Why you no like gems Bro?

Macamus, I like gems, but I try to be realistic. Is your request realistic? Try to answer that question to yourself while looking in the mirror and promise to be honest. When the person in the mirror says yes, you honestly will say the person in the mirror isn’t telling the truth.


Royal revolt 2 is a game, why on earth would the development team give so many gems away? (regular price 50 euro per player!!) Say that they are stupid and do so. They have expenses not only in salary, but also maintenance and upkeeping servers. When every player gets 10.000 gems major part never ever will buy any gems again. You can say goodbye to the game within a few months. I like and hope to play and enjoy the game for many more months.


Maybe I am too serious now, but I would rather pay fair for my gems (I actually did twice buy a 20k package for half the price, last one half a year ago and still have lots of gems left) and keep the company healthy and alive, then to bury them under the ground within a few months. 


A better and more realistic request is to lower gem costs for some upgrades like Blacksmith and alliance tower and other high prices for example. 6k for last Alliance upgrade is just way too high. 26k+ for blacksmith meltdown upgrade spots is a slap in the face and an act of greed.


I think they would please players by lowering gem costs drastically.


But when they do (they won’t), players who already payed those high prices would start to ask refunds again.

Someone is trying to sabotage TSC by getting everyone to quit.


So I have to give +1 here. :wink:


I do hope you succeed on your quest for gems.

well, 10 000 free gems sound great but why to stop it there?


…Why not to make it 1 MILLION free gems? Yes, that’s right a million with an M, or even a B if you prefer.  


I want also a true real scale model of my RR2 castle but instead of rocks I want it to be made of dark swiss chocolate,


Also I demand a private dinner with Mr Klaas on a 4 Michelin star restaurant on which I will explain to him why he needs to step down as a CEO and give all his gems back to me.

we have gone MAD!!! xD

According to my educated calculations a Million that actually starts with a B is a billion!

Hmmm I would be happy with 10k… wth too much power comes too much responsibility. Always remember

This is a -1 from me, I support Jack. Your conversation about going mad is fun though  :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the idea…dena if you dont maybe you should tell your team to quit harping on free vidios for food and gems. you really want all those free gems too.look in the mirror and be honest.

Yeah we all want free gems… it’s not like flare would get ruined. It would give people a taste for using the gems and encourage the mindless hordes of players to buy moar and mooooar so it’s good.

Now the gems please :slight_smile:

I agree.


That would benefit to all RR2 players and wouldn’t cost anything to editors.

People from FG make A LOT of money from selling all these ads on tapjoy and youtube…

The least they could do is to give a minimum of recognition to their loyal players.


PS: TSC players should be rewarded for this ideas by multiple free GEMS.



Maybe 2k gems (+1)


Have all of our past few drinks been spiked for the new years occasion? We seriously have gone mad! XD

Attention! Me and a few thousand of my friends are sitting with our fingers on the uninstall button. Where is the gems or official confirmation that it will be given?

You win all my internets!

Gypsyrose, I play on windows, no videos for food, no tapjoy, nothing. You don’t hear me complain about it, so I can look straight in the mirror and tell, I don’t miss it, since I never had it.


So no, I don’t want free food for videos and don’t need tapjoy. I could easily install bluestacks if I want those options, but I refuse to do so. That others have it, nice for them. And why would I forbid my team to use those options, they are persons with a free will and since those options are not prohibited they are free to use them, like anybody else. At least flare gets some income from that. 


Before anybody comes with the idea, no I don’t work for Flare.


You will not catch me on being jealous on persons with free videos or tapjoy, that kind of person I am not. Sure… I give options to implement it also on Windows and it’s proven to be possible, but when Flares doesn’t implement it on Windows then I will accept it. If they would introduce it, of course I would use it, I am not stupid, who Doesn’t want free food (free for the player, income for Flare!). 


Can you enlighten me what free food for videos and tapjoy for gems have in common with demanding this amount of gems for every player. Indeed, nothing.  Opening a topic and demanding an insane amount of free gems for players and treatening to quit if they don’t get them is called blackmail, no more, no less. Do I want Flare to give everyone 10k gems for free including me? The answer is no, I don’t want Flare to go bankrupt. Do you need those gems to have fun? I don’t. 


Maybe I am too serious, but this request is the opposite. Open a business for yourself. Would you give every customer expensive presents for free? If so, you are broke in no time and can say goodbye to your shop.

good im glad you dont want free gems…i do…ive bought enough…so some free ones would be nice…perhaps your team mates could stop asking for vidios for windows…fair treatment…i play on windows and get nothing free…im a big spender…my choice totally.  i can certainly live w/o free gems but i do think it would be nice to get some…flare will not go broke giving all some free gems…i run my own business and it is quite successful…i give free stuff to customers often…it keeps them coming back and spending more…so take your patronizing attitude and let edward use it cuz hes not getting tapjoy or vidios anytime soon

Well, the game is all about gems