10/7/2015 Client side update

I wanted to start this post so we have all the information about todays update.

Silo got another level.

Gate got another level.

If anyone notices anything else please add it in this post. Any nerf or anytning OP?

Looks like the wolf howl and scream got nerfed. Can anyone else confirm this?


Yup without doubt, took me 4 failed raids to work it out!!! Not sure flare know themselves, would be nice if they had posted a changelog


Ohh and as an extra … food per battle has reduced.

I thought the food per battle was decreased but 3 members in my alliance said their food per raid is the same.

I did a test with scream. The cooldown is 13 seconds instead of 10 seconds with 80% scream boost.

Level 104 king food cost 220, was 250 … so maybe its level dependant.


That’s 13 seconds seems like 30!!!

The scream thing is really upsetting me, as it just show that they allow themselves to devalue items that can only be bought by gems/pearls whenever and for whatever reason they want… So no more gems purchase from me if it’s the case…


Agree … buy stuff and watch it get devalued … band aid on a wound again, instead of a properly thought through and thorough fix I’m afraid. Raiding was easy, now we will have 2 more towers, 1 more wall and a pumped up gate to deal with, which ain’t going to be easy with a laggy spell not firing, wolf half howling, scream boost nerfed king.

For the gate level 17: 5000 more hp, 1 extra tower and some damage points.


3 x extra gate levels!!

Hmmm… Ok I might be loosing my mind…but at the lower levels 35 ish…I could swear that silo lvl 6 full was 400 bread…after update back to 370…as I said I could be loosing my mind on this…and food cost per battle unchanged…


Suspect you are correct because I see no change at level 71.

You know there is an announcement with all of this info lol.






As for things that are not in the announcement, I think blunt damage is much stronger. Especially towards shield.

Blunt damage burns right through shield spell.

I dint like the gate upgrade two more towers srsly?? Will the time gonna be the same (2.44) as before for 19 level castle gate. Also i have noticed it has become to win against kings who give 700+ medals (my level is 92 and i have raided many high level kings). Anybody can confirm this?

Yes time is still 2:44 when hitting a base with max level doomgate.