10 days until war?

Just seen my war timer, 10 days until war,? I couldn’t find anything in the forum about it, anyone else know anything about? Thanks, ahead of time ???

Hey, you may wanna re-read this post, paying particular attention to the quote below.

Alliance Wars

  • Clash Wars have been taken out of the War rotation and replaced with a non-War weekend.
  • New War Schedule: Skirmish → Campaign → (No War) → Skirmish → Campaign → (No War) …

So yeah, no Clash and (finally!!!) a free weekend. Officers/Generals rejoice

Thanks ???

Just a clarification, the schedule should read Campaign -> skirmish -> no war. 

And thank you for the week off war, @CaptainMorgan! It’s relaxing and we can work on alliance prep. 

For the first time in many weeks I can actually go to orchestra without worrying about strikes, ambushes and crap like that. Why dont we keep it this way for another year or two?

No war session is also great for me. I am watching many movies that i missed. 

Can we have this week off from war too? I’m not joking, last weekend was better without war.

I think it will be a 2 or 3 day war every 13 or 14 days from now on.

The actual schedule is published, and we have 3days-2days-no war-repeat cycle from now on

@Infamous , But what is the gap between the wars? Two weeks?

@Sharknado one week. It is a three-week cycle, as usual, all they did was taking the clash out of it.

Where is it published?

I think it the 3.9.2. post on the Official Announcements page.

After this current 3 days war, there will be a 13 day break. Then the 2 day war. Then 4 days break. Then 3 day war. REPEAT.

I don’t see it there… there is only one message in the 3.9.2 post under official announcements and its just improvements and fixes.

Anyone have a URL for this? 

There is a calendar app on this forum, why hasn’t the war schedule been posted there? its totally empty except for birthdays… seems like a good place for a war schedule. 

Just memorise the above that I said. It is always the same pattern anyway.



Many of my members have become inactive because of this long wait. It is sad.