10 Reasons why Ogres are the best:

  1. Tanky. It’s a monster, so it has a lot of HP. Monsters are good shields for your other units. And since Ogre is the first monster (besides Gargoyle) to reach the top level, it’s the very first tank you get. Not only that, but it’s also the cheapest tank (: So you get more bang for your buck.

  2. Units. Unlike cannons, Ogres can attack units as well as structures, making them excellent for clean-up.

  3. Blunt damage. Great for taking down structures. Do you know any other monster that can take down towers that quickly? I think not.

  4. High damage! You know how people are always complaining the Arblasters keep healing everything? Well not anymore! Though the Ogre takes a while to get into the swing of things, at mid-level gameplay, he can take out anything in one hit! No chance to heal :grinning:

  5. Splash damage! In addition to one hit killing just about anything, the additional splash effect means they kill just about /everything/!

  6. Speed. Despite rumors that Ogres are “slow” and “bulky,” they always reach the gate with 30+ seconds to spare. Even if they, alone, are slow, if you get a pack of Ogres together, they will actually shove one another along, each one taking its swing at a structure (assuming it doesn’t fall immediately) making Destruction look like an assembly line. Just a train that can’t be stopped. As long as the Ogre family sticks together, they always reach the gate in time.

  7. Stun… -.- Not only is Stunning Ogre the cheapest of the monster elite boosts, it’s also the best. You think yo pansy-@#%$ mummy, stunning like once per wave, and wasting valuable time to do so, is anything compared to an Ogre horde?! I think not! With 3+ Stunning Ogres stunning continuously, nothing can even get a hit in.

  8. Extra tanky during boosts! Does elite mummy have extra health? No. All Mummy does is spawn a bunch of pansy-@#%$ knights that die in like one volley from a Skull Tower. Only Ogre and Werewolf become extra tanky during boosts. And again, Ogre’s boost, and morale, are both cheaper! (;

  9. No weaknesses. Despite rumors that Ogres naturally die to Arblasters, that’s really just your fault. If you treat your Ogres with respect, they will almost never die. All you have to do to protect them from Arblasters, is simply to keep two instantaneous, offensive spells!

“But Ovoneus, I don’t have room for two new spells! D:”

Then /make/ room, @#%$! Think what you can do without. Think, do you really /need/ that Sonic Blast, when you have a freight train rolling over your enemy? Do you really /need/ a Heal spell, when you’ve got tanks to hide behind? Not a chance! What you need, is a Bladestorm to save the Ogres time (Ogres are best used against towers, because it makes no sense to stun barricades), and two offensive spells to protect your ogres. As long as you treat your ogres with love, they will last forever 3

  1. Comedy! Whenever an Ogre finds a Firebolt in the corner, he will walk into that corner, just to please you. Have you ever seem any other unit so devoted to keeping you happy? So devoted to you, that it would kill itself just to entertain you? It’s true what they say, the ugliest ones are the most loving~ 3

So if you want to be a complete bad@#%$, have all towers fall without you even touching them, be free to just kill stuff for 2min 40sec, and get paid for doing it, spawn some OGRES!

(I made this based off of those silly Pokemon advertisements that make any Pokemon look good =P But with a hint if seriousness in many of these suggestions.

But on a serious note, I have found Ogres to be surprisingly effective at countering the new Arblasters’ heal effect. Hence why I felt the need to show why they’re so awesome~ 3 Plus, I feel that they’re highly underrated. Just because they’re the first unit you get, doesn’t mean they’re the worst. In being so versatile, I feel they give your king room to strengthen himself, rather than having to make up for what the other monsters lack… But we can all agree that Ogres suck in defense .)

If anyone’s curious about my full strategy, what I always do is I spawn 3-5 Ogres depending on difficulty (without boosts, some Ogres /will/ die, and need replacements), then spam Arblasters afterwards. When it gets below 1min, since nothing can travel that fast, I start summoning Mummies.

Those are my units. My strategy as far as the king is, exactly like I stated before. Bladestorm + 2 offensive spells. Typically what I do is I charge ahead, taking down all barriers and units in my path. Then I get to the end of an overlap, and I wait to regenerate. I prefer Swordrain + Hammerstrike. Swordrain takes care of Arblasters cross-lane, and Hammerstrike recharges quickly so that you’re never caught off-guard. These spells, however, do not kill Paladins. Rather, I let the paladins pass for the ogres to take care of. Being so small, and in the healing aura having worn off by the time they get to my ogre horde, they die in just two swings, at most. But anyway… After I charge ahead and get to the end of the overlap, I wait to regenerate and Bladestorm+Swordrain and units that come near. The thing I love most about Hammerstrike is that, even though it’s effective at taking care of Arblasters short-range, it can also be used to kill any particular tower, to create a pocket to regenerate in (: And since most players put Firebolts at the ends of their overlaps, there’s additional damage caused for the spell’s short range. That’s why I prefer Hammerstrike over Blizzard.

The result? On an N type base, I run ahead, ignoring most towers, killing most units. Regenerate while spawning stuff, blah blah blah. Once fully regenerated, I run ahead and kill more units and barriers. Usually by this time I’m at the 1min mark, which is which I start summon mummies (I’m also usually at the gate by this time). I stand behind the mummies, letting them do the damage and take the arrows (since I usually need to regenerate again by this time) and spell the heck out of any units that come through. Usually once there’s 30sec left, the gate is at 25%HP with 4 mummies in front of it, so I go back and check if there are towers that need destroying, only to find 2 or 3 Ogres approaching the gate~

Say you face a base with strategic choke points and a lot of piercing dps concentrated at these choke points. Of course, there will be frosters involved. Im not sure Ogres will make it passed this, especially if you intend to run ahead and leave them behind. I am probably higher level than you and my base might be a little hard, but give it a run and let me know what you think.


The design I have is one I created as soon as 29 path was released, and it has served me well ever since. It is a good example of what I mean when I say choke points with piercing dps. IGN is Horkos :slight_smile:

Thx for the tips

FYI: Now that I’ve gotten Lv.3 Wolf, I’m using Wolf + Ogre + Mummy.

Here’s why. Wolves + Cannons are great, sure. They cut through structures faster. However, Wolf seems to suck at killing hordes of enemy units, such as knights. They can only seem to attack one target at once. That’s where Ogres come in. What I do now is, I summon 2 wolves ASAP, charge ahead and kill the first 3 waves, then spam Ogres. The Wolves are surprisingly better at tanking, given that they have the same HP, are faster, and their howls disrupt entire waves for long enough for your spells to recharge. The ogres, then, are mostly for support. They take down towers, as cannons would, but also wipe out any waves that Wolves might be weak against, such as hordes of small units, which Ogres are strong against (: So they compliment each other.

That gets me past the initial overlap. And once I’m past the initial overlap, I’m home free. I can sit back and regenerate; my spells take care of oncoming units; etc. and of course, Mummy is there for when time gets too low for anything else.

Ogres are still the best to a certain point. They are one of the first you will max-level, which will keep them the strongest for quite some time. However, I understand now why the top players don’t depend on them.

Need only 1 froster and you lost their potential attack for more than 8-9-10 seconds depending on level of froster, because they become slow, but not all people can effort to spawn only monsters, in my case i use 8k leadership, but i still prefer to use normal troops that cost less (arb, froster, cannon), for me spawn a monster requires lot of precious seconds.

Also if you found a group of Arblasters, that nowadays are everywhere with Alliance Wars, your Ogre can breath only 2 times and die immediately, so the best thing is protect him, even if blunt and piercing damage are enemies of Shield. They destroy it in very few seconds.

Each tactic need to have a solid theory before use them and i’m of those that search the perfection even if doesn’t exist 

Each update there are new fanstatic combo both spells and troops, feel free to use them, they are very powerful if boosted.(ogre=stun and blunt, werewolf=speed and defence, mummy=double hit and seconds chance that are knights).

mind to ask which trophy range are u attacking ? 

frankly I only use ogres in defense waves, they’re too slow and a group of archers can take them out without taking a single hit.

I agree with Filipshuk. If you aren’t able to get through choke points quickly enough then the ogres will never make it. Ogres may be friendly and loving and all, but they’re not all that clever or strategic, and their sheer size can sometimes slow them down if towers are clumped together. To me their weakness to piercing makes their tankiness not quite effective enough, at least on offense. It might depend on your leadership stats, though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Although nothing ever beats the stupidity of a cannon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a cannon march blithely through a group of energetic pyromancers, blindly attempt to shoot something (not the pyromancers, of course), and flop over in the middle of the path, while the rest of my units comfortably take down the pyromancers from a distance.  :angry:

Im completly agree the ogres are the Best charácter in the game

the ogres are best defenisive, i  use the to attack with as well, with the arbesteros and paladins i also try to heal them time after time if you get at least to ogros at the castle door, that castle won´t last more than 8 seconds