10 Things i would like to see happen to improve the game:

  1. increase time for clan upgrades or less gold. for example 6 hours on upgraded warriors for 200k for 6 hours hardly worth it…

  2. decrease gold for upgrades on clan members. for example 7mil gold for 18 members not that many players… hardly worth it for that much gold… 

  3. make Medusa island easier it can be challenging for new members and very op to deal with.  

4.increase gold and ambrosia limits and study books… its hard to grind to gain, specially for free to play players

  1. show battle history.

  2. get rid of disconnect and connect players showing onto team chat it feels like alot of spam. add feature on alliance showing offline and online, like example green light and red light next to the names.

  3. make it more frequent to gain dominance or add more in battles, its a slow grind to gain…

  4. make alliance battles, so you can see and test there defences  or any other way to do so.

  5. better island rewards.

  6. pvp Colosseum:like example add one of ya strongest heroes to Colosseum and vs players one on one and the one with biggest power wins and ranks up on the Colosseum leader boards and get daily rewards based on your ranking.


sorry for the poor grammer, you may see, i would appreciate if anyone could fix and copy and paste to comment board to re edit thanks.


Good suggestions!

Guild costs for rewards are way too much at moment.  Not even worth spending real money on.


I also agree Gorgon Aisles need to be easier - level 10 is huge wall, with tougher opponents and often nothing you can do.

I think Ambrosia costs need to be reduced.