10 vet players looking for an alliance

We are all veterans with at least 1 year of playing this game. All of us can score at least 3.5K and although some of us can score more than that with ease, we would like the freedom to choose to do our 3.5K if that’s all that is needed.

Donations are from 250K to 1M. None of us would like to be generals. We would prefer an organised team of generals and leader to lead the troops into war. As some of us have been previous leaders or generals in our time of playing the game, we do prefer to leave the decision making to competent people.

As for boosts, just your standard WOKC combo. If your alliance turns on defensive boosts 24/7, that’s an added bonus but not necessary.

Edit: forgot to mention our levels. We’re from 99 to, I think 105.


Modern warriors vip would love you to come check us out!

Very friendly active allience with members worldwide.

We have perm boosts 24/7


Either send request to join or send me friend invite so I get all 10 members names

Queen of the revolt


Hey rod911,

search for TITANS.

we arme active. WE have Slots for 8 players

but if you want to Join WE will make it possible for all of you.

boosts are set in war. If WE can afford it also in normal season.

my ign is C3b3rus

hope you will join



Hy rod911,

I am a General of the Alli 42!

I want to invite you and your friends to join us.

We lost some active players this Summer and now We need new member.

Hope you will decide to join us.

Best greetings 


–send me a friendship request


Hi I’m the leader of the alliance Infinite Flash.

I’m trying to look for active players for my alliance but we are kind of new so we’re not a very high level yet. This is the first alliance war that my alliance is participating in.

Hey, you can try us Allegiant :slight_smile: we are clearing up some inactive players so there wi be space for all of you :slight_smile: we do run boost mostly in war but with added gold we will be able to run many boost as prefered. Do take us into consideration.

ign : Titanka10

team : Allegiant

Hi @Rod911,

Our alliance has also some vets including myself ? If you guys still don’t have an ally please consider to join Nuovalpeas II. You perfectly fit our profile! 

We are level 57 and currently ranked 109 in the leaderboard. Our permanent boosts are knights, barricades, bomb towers, canons, wolves and ogres and our main language is English. We are competitive and serious with game playing but having fun is still one of our keys. 

Don’t wait any longer and search for Nuovalpeas II. Or send me a PM in this forum or in-game via friend request. My IGN is Mas Miikael II. 

  • Mas

invite me in nuovalpeas II

Blade Storm could fit 10 people right now ? Try us try us

Good luck Rod911… Hope you guys find a home :slight_smile:

Sorry buddy, you need to upgrade your AT first to at least 250k preferably 500k. 

I’m shocked more have not replied to this. You should give Blade Storm a try it’s a good Alliance with most boosts going 24/7.

I expected more answers on this topic too, I guess not many teams have space for 10 players at the same time.

Well, if any of them would like to have a play for fun game, they can join G&M :stuck_out_tongue:  

I don’t expect any of them to go to a team individually, but still :grinning:  

hi i’m leader of new star . we would like to take all of you in our ally. we’re a lvl36 ally and soon lvl37 . we’ll boost us with ogre,wolf,knights and others if you comes. we’ll make all of you general . and we’re winning wars since many war seasons and we have low fiefdoms so we’ll win coming wars too and we’ll make space for all of you if you want to join

Thanks folks for looking but it looks like it won’t be going forward anymore. If it does, I’ll be contacting all those who are interested and open up discussions once more.

For now, feel free to close the thread.

As requested, I’ll close the thread, but if you’d like to later discuss it further and open it again, feel free to message, the other option is to make a new thread, but now that’s your decision. Cheers :slight_smile: