100% open base farming, trophies and completion 100%

When im cof farming completely open bases without moving my king at all it seems completely random result.

Sometimes I will get 100% and sometimes ( most frequently) I will get 75%. 

There are no troops and no defenses at all, so what determines  the difference? 


This is the first time ever I hear about a bug like that. This is very weird, I’m curious to know too how it happens.

No idea,but if u wanna make sure 100% just move ur king till the castle gate.king staying at tent will makes the result varies

Has happened to me sometime.

the Olympus Rising game used to have like that. If the King was not near the gate, it would always be a raid. I don’t know now. I don’t play that anymore.


Well, I have an answer to this, there are various stages at which, the king must be there to mark a siege or raid. That time your loot increases.

It goes the same for general raids but only thing we don’t notice it because the king is always going towards the gate. In a straight open base, at about 40% of the ‘PATH’ a siege is given, at the end of the path tiles, just before the gate area, ‘RAID’ is given. Victory after bringing the castle down.

In case of a few towers, maybe 60% of ‘PATH’ crossed - Siege. Destroying Towers - Raid.

And as a matter of fact, waves do not contribute in the Victory Percentage. It doesn’t matter you have full maxed waves or no unit. Even If you don’t destroy a wave, still 100% is achieved. What matters is location of king, Traps & Towers. If your king takes heavy damage from castle arrows, simply hit the castle once & stand away from its reach & let the units do the job.

Yup, I know this.

But how am I getting 100% sometimes without even moving the king at all is the question. 

My new unique boots has farmer + luck perk so I’m too lazy to run him to the hate and just spawn gargs instead. 

But I don’t get how I’m getting 100% sometimes 

Yes,the system.same base same method.u don’t get the same results always

It seems, I still have an answer to it. There are 2 types of 100% open base (no tower or trap).

  1. Straight Base. Just a line - Here, to achieve victory you may not move the king as ‘SIEGE’ is awarded when certain health of castle gate is taken out. ‘RAID’ is given when further health has been taken out. Victory when gate collapses.

  2. Full path of 27/29 - Here, ‘SIEGE’ is given when you cover about 14-15 tiles of the path & ‘RAID’ when you finish the path. If you don’t move the king, it considers as if you missed something, you end up getting a much lower success rate.

i guess he was building new tower/obstacles in open base which is not visible for us in raiding ?