11/26/2015: Boost your Offense! - Discussion

First of all this is a great update although I just dropped 3 Mill upgrading the Sonic Blast spell a few hours before the update and I am upgrading a Paladin also but will still have time to upgrade some more.

I didn’t had the same luck, just put a spell and a troop to upgrade and they will finish only on wednesday -.-

Thanks for nothing flaregames, you guys should at least give a warning that an event was coming…

I agree with you. I spent 5.5M gold on frosters upgrade just one day before the event started, and that upgrade will finish until the event is over. You didn’t tell us about that new event coming, not even on Facebook. I feel cheated in some way…

Omg just noticed that the blizzard upgrade I started 2 days ago Is BUGGED the timer has not moved and the initial timer still showing wtf

Spells and troops that are already upgrading should profit also from the decreased time, unless the original upgrade time is less than two days. If an upgrade already was underway for at least two days, that upgrade should be finished immediately by the event and otherwhise the time the upgrade was already underway should be subtracted from those two days.


Hope next event either they inform us before so that we can hold reckon with it.


If the timer stopped, you should contact flare.

If only!! Why flare Why¿?¿?¿?

It is just mind-boggling what u come up with. The offer is great but why couldn’t u hv given any warning or an inclination atleast, one or two days before.

At the very least people who frequent the forum would hv known. I upgraded my shield minutes before the server update. Having seen nothing like this before, didn’t see it coming. Now it will take 7 days for it to complete. Whereas in 4 days I could hv finished this upgrade nd maxed out SB nd on my way for next shield lvl. This is downright absurd.

Already going on upgrades should hv been modified to be finished early. How could u miss that??


It has been the case for me.

I launched yesterday an unit upgrade that took 5 days. And today it says only 23h left.

So it seems FG took players whines into consideration this time :grinning:


I am more surprised about the total absence of communication about this event (facebook page and/or forum as usual?)


Nope.  I had long spell & troop upgrades queued up on both of my accounts the day before the event and they won’t complete till after the event is over.  Decreasing the time to 2 days for existing upgrades at start of the event would be great.  As it is, it feels like I’ve missed another event.  

Even when they do a good thing, they can screw up everything, nice job flaregames!