~1300 trophies lvl 46 king

Looking for a serious guild. One that is active in war alliance and that is currently competitive in  war and has active leadership.  I am currently in a top 800 guild but are facing ones that are in the 200-300 rank so it’s not exactly competitive at the moment with non existent leadership. I don’t really care about the guild rank as long as most if not all users are very active.  Lastly, I’ve only played for about 10 days so sharing experience with me would be most helpful. I have played a lot of tower defense games so I have a decent grasp of defense but offensive tip/strats is always welcome. Thank you for your time.  Eine Deutshe/ Englishe Guild ist besser für mich weil ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsche und ich möchte lernen mehr deutsche.


throne room lvl 6

level 46

1300 trophies, can probably push to 1350-1400 by the weekend. 

Leveling alliance tower to 6 by the end of today.

could be level 7 throne room by the end of the weekend if need be.

I would like to welcome you to the [DARK KNIGHTS]


We are a strong and helpful alliance we are the best and we are active.

WE are a level 22 alliance and i’m the leader my IGN is Darren795.

Hope you join us .



how well has your guild done in wars in the past few seasons?


to be honest not good we got 6 4 3 last 3 season this season we are fighting for first


You sound like someone we want on our team, Alpha Guard. We play every war season to win. Our last 5 war seasons: 2, 4, 3, 1, 3. You can see that we place quite regularly and I expect to do so again this season.

Although you are lower than our normal requirements, if you intend to keep playing and growing, I’d be glad if you consider making our team your home.

We use Line app for gaming advice, mainly because it is much easier to chat there and share screen shots. Visual aides tend to work much better. I have written a beginners guide there, download Line and I’ll let you see it whether you join us or not. Good luck in your search.

My IGN: AlphaBeavis what is yours?

Dear beavis,

I actually looked at your thread and wanted to join, but I didn’t say anything based on the lvl 50 req and the 1500 trophies req. I’m glad that I was able to get your attention with my post. Unfortunately I joined a guild already. One that I find I can do really well in especially war wise based on the opposition. If for some reason things do not go well in this guild, I will gladly send another application your way as your guild seems like a nice place to be.  Best of luck in game!


^also my ign

WHAT happen to me i offer you .

your sick

Cheers Ante, Good luck in war season. You can send me a friend request if you like (AlphaBeavis). If you change your mind down the road, send me a message and I’ll make sure you get in.