150% Food is non sense!!!

Dear Flare,


How do you expect us to compete with 330 Food required to a single fight (more than a third of the silo) when everybody jump on you like that if you don’t have the videos (which is the case on Windows OS or in some countries even if you have Android/IOS) ???


Seriously, it’s non sense ! 24hr for 40 fights of 330 = 13 200 food. With four maxed farms (which most players are far from due to the fact the farm can’t produce while upgrading) you reach 9600!!!

Really… We wouldn’t have been able to compete because other allies are very strong but we don’t even stand a chance because of you!


I don’t like to shout out, but that’s really not FUN! And guess why we play this game for???


And I heard video is giving you only 220 food. This is just stupid, really.

Well, if you are a wp player and you are short on anything in the game The answer is always “Purchase” .

Confirmed, only giving 220 food and the video payout after that is 0.  So you’ll need to wait for last 110 or buy food.  Come on FG, stop begging for money.

To be honest, I think the best thing we could have done was not fight in the wars at all … a 0 skull draw!!  Actually might have made someone listen.

I can hear a loud rishrash sound of the cash flowing from the players pockets to the flares bank account this season.

What a wonderful commercial idea this season…


By the way, we have the same issue with many wars simultaneously and zero food. Frustrating.




Edward (another discriminated windows player)

I guess it feels like a slap in the face to a windows player having food cost more. But I would rather have these conditions because of the amount of chest rewards you get in return which I find fun opening.


I know people will hate me saying this but I hope the conditions of next war are 200 400 even 800 per raid because then the prizes that balance it out will be awesome.


So flare if you read this I like the conditions set this war don’t be detered by the grinders.

Grinders? You cant grind anymore what are you talking about

Well anybody really that has a problem with it. But people who like to do the full 10 raids each war will struggle without buying food. But the prizes…I might hit a legendary chest this time.


The difference is you have to raid more around the clock that’s right no sleep unless you want to buy food I guess. Something us windows players know a lot about. So this task should be easy for the windows vet.

And the cries begun! I really like these conditions every season, it really warms the tatics and challenges. It’s a season, guys, take up the challenge and stop complaining/crying.



Dear Kamael,


If people were taking everything for granted and never questioned anything, we would still live in the stone age and even the wheel would have never been invented.


Some people complain, some say thank you. There is always more than one opinion about anything.

If people are complaining, it’s because they care and want this game to be a better place.

Some people just don’t care…





No one is crying lol.  But if our buddies at FG are getting a cut of ad revenue by me watching a video, which they are, then I deserve something for my time.  I’m sorry for WP users, but that’s a problem with the platform, I’m sure they would love to get ad revenue out of you too.


Right now, I’m getting nothing, not even a gem for the last 110 bread required for each raid.  FG is getting paid for each one of my watches, the relationship is no longer mutually beneficial. 

aren’t the conditions balancing each other?

war-raids costing more bread VS season rewards giving more chests, aren’t you getting the extra food you need from the extra chests you’re earning?


I’m saving my chests so I don’t know, but that’s how I think it should work.

Chests are for pearls, videos are for bread, opening chests while not having food, say it isn’t so.

Yup new strategy is don’t hoard your chests if you want to earn skulls. Also if you are WP like me, buy bread with tickets.

Darkerion, I have opened my chests. In one of them i have found 100 food… Haha.

More chests - yes, but to get them you need unbelievable amount of food.


This season is the most ridiculous one since the alliance wars have begun.

no not much bread in chests…and my vouchers are used tomorrow will cost or we lose the war

Off topic but in my Chamber of Fortune I got skulls, then 32k then boots worth 1,300!!! What the hell is that about, and yes the food situation is silly regardless. I done 4 fights before having to stop. The windows players annoyance continues

I won’t open chests without having a full silo otherwise all that will be in them is bread. I’m not wanting little bits of bread over gold/gear. I have 5 chests at the moment from 6 fights, if I had an empty silo then probably a third at least will be biys of bread totalling maybe half to three quarters of my silo. No thanks

Joyces, my friend.

I’m just saying that you guys need to take it easy. First of all, all people should know that the WP problem isn’t flare’s fault (it’s really lucky it has a version for WP). And we should take the challenges and conditions that appear in every season. This one is bad? Maybe. But it’s war, it’s supposed to be critical and unknown sittuations. Complainings are good, indeed, but these several changes happen since I started to play. Just take it. :slight_smile: