19d 0h of silence regarding conquest mode

19d 0h since last conquest

2d 17h to next conquest

Up to this date:


a - apologies for what they put players through after the worst “new game mode release” of the century

b - aspects they have recognized as flawed

c - changes they plan to implement for the next conquest

How is this acceptable in any way???

Its NOT!!!


a) Why would they apologize for their new mode? It’s not that bad. You aren’t forced to play in it and if you think it’s a waste of time and just a hassle, then don’t participate, cause that’s your opinion

b) Flare has already recognized the flaws in the Conquest and they already have mentioned that they are gonna try and make it better for us

c) Flare has, once again, already said that they are planning on changes some of the fundamentals of the Conquest. Sure, they haven’t specified which one’s, but since the flaws that were most complained about were the time that had to be spent to move and the unfairness of war times, those will most likely be the flaws we will see fixed by flare

Did you played the last conquest?

With my bro’s account. I know, the way the time worked was awful, and flare knows it. They HAVE communicated with us about it, they just haven’t specified what they are gonna fix, yet

If you thought it was ok… then you obviously are not a leader or general?

True, I am not. I understand that more time is spend as a leader or general, but once again, you are not forced to spend all that time

I don’t understand this statement. Its false why you said she is not forced to spend all that time? Of course she is forced to spend all that time. Probably she is a leader of a alliance. Like each leader and general they are forced to spend more time to give one by one troops to 60 members in alliance. I am sure if Dena4 was here probably he will answer you he lose more time to give troops and all than play the conquest

I hope the next conquest has been improved or leader will start once again to suffer from sleep and neglect their life,familly and all. At this point is no more a game. Its a job where of course no one is paid to play

I guess everyone will hope Flare have listen this point and make Conquest mode 80% less demanding in time. People want to play a video game nothing else

Will see Monday if there is some announcement about change in Conquest or not


I am a good leader and did what was necessary for my team.

Did you have 60+ people relying on you to figure out what was going on [from over 15 different countries]? [Since flare didn’t provide any instructions]. Or did you distribute troops and make sure all players had full loads, or plan a strategic way to do well?

Was your phone exploding everytime you tried to sleep with team members trying to figure out what was going on?

I am sure I could have been a cruddy leader and not done any of that? However, that’s not the way I roll.

ANYTHING I do, I do it the best I can!

I have been leader of my team for over 4 years. My teammates are my friends. We count on each other.

To do anything less than my very best would be letting them down. That is not an option!

^ This is what’s running through everyone’s minds right now ^

I like the strategy part of the new game, but I hate it being so time demanding.

Pro-tip: Turn off the Wifi of your phone when you’re not using it…

You should even put it on silent mode, or else you won’t get rid of the game 9000 useless notifications

At least, that’s what I always do :slight_smile:

My god exactly.    I could not have written better.  I am general and not the leader.    And yes I want to the best I can as well for the alliance.    So please don’t suggest that , oh u don’t like it,. Ok sit out.   While my team mates are slogging.   Not an option. 


Still waiting for updates.    8 days of madness coming up.   ??

a) it was hyped for months. Made us spend 3-12k gems each. Was released completely broken, and the examples are countless. Only to name 1: +3 battles not working, a basic coding mistake and easily detected if tested just once. You make people play non stop for a week, they plan ahead researches, and it simply didn’t work. Their response: nothing. No quick fix. Left alliances on the risk of losing 8 days of hard work because of a basic mistake. You think that’s ok?

b) please point me to it. All I’ve seen is “we are forwarding all feedback to the devs”.

c) we are 2 days from new conquest and have no response whatsoever to plan ahead with alliance. I can’t plan on what is “most likely” to be changed, in the “most likely” way.


Seriously, 20 days of no feedback to us, when we went out of our way to deliver ours to them. Stop trying to put things in perspective, it’s bad no matter how you look at it.

I’ve said it myself, the new mode has great potential, but the way this has been playing out since release is a total disaster.

I’ll praise or defend them when they deserve it. Right now, it only feels like typing a lot of “inappropriate word removed”.

Do remember that there will be no responses during the weekend. 

In the next 8(or so) hours we should at least be told if anything is changing this Conquest or if every thing is staying the same.

If it is the same as last time…

Many members go one or two times a day.~?

The vacation is already over.

The developers already replied to almost everything. They replied to:-


  1. conquest changes, which will be announced soon

  2. the reason for balance changes

  3. to all existing bugs such as the multi touch issue which they said they are trying to fix as soon as possible

  4. any upcoming balance changes


What more do you guys want? For developers to reply to each and every post personally? If you don’t like the changes made, that’s a different story altogether. Nothing to do with silence.

LacunaC, only talking about conquest here.

What I want is stated on the first message. Think that is pretty clear and is not much to ask.

Conquest wise, we have had nothing solid since the end of the event 20 days ago. We actually haven’t had a solid action taken since the middle of the event, despite numerous reports of game killing bugs.

Difference of opinion on what “game killing bugs” really means.

Exaggerating the problem doesn’t help at all. They’re more likely to dismiss the whole issue when people start exaggerating. 

And please be aware that if we see any changes to this next Conquest they won’t be everything possible.  Just hasn’t been enough time. Especially if any changes need a game update. 

Pip, I am not here to exaggerate anything. And I don’t know why I have to keep justifying myself when the issues are so crystal clear. Two examples of bugs, feel free to go through the bug report section to find more:

  • research +3 battles per war not working

  • research tree techs costing more than a fully upgraded University could handle, leading alliances to plan their whole research path on a tech they would never be able to get


I am NOT expecting a perfect conquest mode. All I’m asking for is transparency and accountability. You ***** up, you own it, apologise, and make an extra effort to get on the good side of people again.


Regarding the 3 points mentioned in this post

1.Clearly they didnt know the time spent by player before introducing this mode of game play.I dont think apologising will do any good.I have lost 8 good days (a few days without sleep).They simply covered it up giving a festival.

2.Bugs are bound to appear.Maybe it is a newbie developer who screwed things up.

3.Is unacceptable.Only changes i have seen after going through the entire forums is something about Tagging.I dont care about tagging(we all know in game communication is pretty bad).What i care about is timing and i want my precious sleep.A man cant live sane without sleep.And goddamit,why does it have to be 8 days(what is flare’s issue with 4 or 5 days).Even at work,i can sleep everyday at night.Just 2 days left for next event and still there is no sign of announcement.Atleast you can tell what changes we can expect.I agree they cant do everything in few days.But they can atleast communicate what we can expect this conquest.

Flare wont plan anything and they wont let the alliance leaders and generals plan anything for the event.

I agree everything what @Kuska mentioned above.Clearly true.Only leader and general are victims of this @LacunaC this post is only regarding conquest.