1k gems for 1 item slot?

ähm… really? is this new, i thought i was paying attention, but now i see a raise from 100 gems up to 1000 gems?
has anybody else observed this?

edit: @CaptainMorgan did you change something, i could bet the last time i checked it and also when i have bought slot 650 that it was 100 gems. maybe my eyes getting weak and/or my brain slushy from playing so much :disappointed_relieved:

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Time to start forging!!!

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you mean start to refining, i do forge a lot. maybe a bit differntly to other :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Must be! I only have 400 item slots, so I constantly have to crunch down 1* items to 4* items (at minimum).

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@NaN Do you still feel that you need more Item Slots? The price increases are there to protect the stability of your account. If you have reached a point where they are costing 1000 each it means that you are nearing the top of our estimates for stable loading and display of the items in your inventory. You can still buy them, but only if you really, really want them, perhaps 100 more and you may start running into issues. That said, we may consider raising this artificial “cap” if there is enough will from the players.

It has been some time since we checked this, so we will perform some stability tests on version 5.1.0 and may make changes here. Are there others who feel they would need more than 650 slots?

For the meantime, until we do make changes, I would also suggest freeing up some space.


I can’t imagine needing that many slots.

To elaborate, it would be nice of course, but eventually you have to do something with all those items. Crunching 1stars down to 4stars is tedious and time consuming, but it’s a chore that is important to do a few times per week. And then you have nice 4stars to forge with.

If anything, having too many inventory slots lets you procrastinate more, which is counter-productive in the long run.

I’m already in the position where I have 30-50 items with good cursed perks that I’ve been keeping for too long waiting for the right project to come around. Many of them have lost their usefulness.


thx a lot for your answer. as a feedback (i dont know if it related to this) i sometimes have a graphic issue like background of items is not shiny or even when playing that e.g. the fog of war on the map is not displayed or animations of powers are not shown.

the reason why i have so many slots used is to various reason, i want to give a few, bc i dont feel like beeing lazy in the forge, it is a strategy and helpful (for me) on the one hand and also a bad habbit for sure on the other…

  • before i invested time to figure out how forging and values on items might work, i started to collect items of different perks and colors and heros just to be able to compare values of new items and to be able to decide with one look if a new item is good or extraordinary or can be used to be dismantled.
  • i keep also items with same perks that i wear (usually 5* titan) on 1* titan from that i know they will become better 5* titan if i forge them once i have the feeling that the actual 5* item has become low without the need for waiting for a new item with those properties . this is a bad habbit especially with the new kind of forge.
  • i always thought that refining before having max. level is a waste of ressources. now that i am close to the new max it seems that this was also a wrong assumtion from my understanding of the new forge. but this has lead that i started making and replacing and collecting 5* titan items just to be dismantled once i am max. i even started to collect 4* gold just to be prepared. i did not count all of them recently but i must have about 150 of thise items by now. whatever: i have started now to use them.
  • i do not sell or dismantle raw perks. even if they have become very low in values now. i will only do this for refining uniques (again my plan was when i am max…). so i have also some of these „out of date now, but still useful later“ items
  • ofc some of the uniques i have are double. i do not sell or even curse them (i did maybe twice): double uniques can be utilised in differnt ways.
  • i started to collect 1* greens with near max values of different perks to determine which these values envolve with each level. and of to be ready to make good items once i need them. i replace those with every new level. this is also kind of a bad habbit and for interest but this are also about 40 slots now.
  • some items i am sure are locked but not in my focus or are placed in an inactive hero layout so these do not apear when forging - i need to look through all items/layouts. this is a point where i am lazy
  • when raising an item i do forge feeder items in parallel so i need room. normally i look through items that can be dismantled, but lately when i decided to start refining i was lazy and just invested in about 20new slots (i feel this is not a waste bc those slots are permanent). this is like a heart beat - used slots go up and down regulary.
  • i also do try to be flexible with every hero so i can switch items if e.g. an ariadne just dies in odyssey at apollos or needs shield protection when she has to face a deadly gk. as described above i keep for every hero for every item place (helmet, vest, sword…) different perks for that. just in case i need them. also bad habbit maybe

to summarize: i dont „need“ 650 slots, but i had reasons to buy them. it is good to read that you have reason why you raised the amount for a new slot up to 1k gems and i assure you that i am not willing to pay this price and i already have reduced my collection down to 620.

yes - finally i made it somewhere in the game to the top :joy:

I do this every few weeks and I’m always amazed at how many spaces it frees up

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What do you mean? it is usefull because you can do a unique with 2 perks and the other unique with other perks ? Or is there a way to transfer for exemple DR of perseus shield to another item ?

The former.

yes. i like one unique pure, one for offense (maybe also seversal/different setups) and one for defense (for GK). but i still work on that. the problem is: they are not of the same quality (only the base) which is sad. so the more doubles you have the greater choice you have to get good ones. if you dont have a choice to compare you dont even know if it is good (unless you can maybe compare to other uniques). they should make hidden stat of every item visible.

as far as i know and did tests this is not possible.

I have 500 slots and they’re still 50 gems to add another slot. Out of curiosity, where does it switch from 50 to 100? I think I can manage to work with 500 but I may consider finishing the 50 gem slots at least, knowing that it switches to 100 soon.

i cant remember i guess it was about 550 or something like that.
after 550 its 100 per slot
when you have reached 650 slots its 1000 then but it is not recommended to buy more due to stability reasons of your account (thats why it becomes that expensive) (edit: but its explained above, its the same topic i just see :joy::see_no_evil:)

edit: shortly after i was told that from 350 slots its 25gems. so i guess between 450 and 550 its 50gems and so on. it would fit into the sceme, but not sure 100%

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