1st monthly festival is a disappointment

In the first monthly festival, there are some things which aren’t good.

  1. There isn’t pearl/blacksmith/forging cooldown boost token.

  2. Gold token is too expensive and only 2 per monthly festival aren’t enough considering that weekly events usually have 2-3 days duration. Furthermore we must spend gold when we melt down an item (it would be a nightmare if you have many super, golden and pro chests and you want to melt down all them during a single blacksmith event).

  3. Xp token has really short duration (only 1 hour) also compared to food/farm token (it has 2 hours of duration) and if we are lucky we can do 20 battles and gain extra 4M xp (it’s improbable). However, we have to find opponents with many witch doctors, surprise mummies, conquest boost gargoyles, war boost gargoyle towers, conquest boost snake towers, other towers and obstacles which spawn units after their destruction and … remaining time is reduced significantly (I usually need almost 30 minutes for only 6 battles in war season and in the past, I needed much more time to find opponents with a decent amount of gold instead to attack them). Moreover 2 xp tokens per monthly festival aren’t enough considering also considering duration (2 hours for all xp tokens instead to 10 hours for all food/farm tokens and to 24 hours for all gold tokens). 

? like

I would like have some rare uber items for purchase with tokens. Those uber items  should also have some rarity in the festival chest also. 

I would’ve liked to have seen a Blacksmith cooldown token and some items, but I’m grateful for the new things we can get in this festival. Remember, tokens are a new part of the game, there is plenty of time for new ones to be implemented

Hopefully they add to these Tokens as time goes on.  Maybe have different levels of each Token. 

How cool would a Skull Boost Token be?

i wish an expensive token that convert items to Pro items +1

what’s happens to festival currency when festival ends? It’s not converted to gems anymore right?

No, it’s still converted to gems. Ratio is 40:1 or 41:1, I believe

42:1, but why?

  1. No smith/pearl token.  Should of had a token for 450 that gave 50% reduced pearl cost for 12 hours or increased smith meltdown speed by 50% for 12 hours.  

  2. Duration on xp/farmer token is way too short, needs to be at LEAST 12 hours. 1 hour on xp?? 2 hours on food??  WAAAYY too short.  Xp / farmer tokens should be 450 each.

  3. Gold token way too expensive.  Should be 450 for 12 hours of gold.

Only viable balanced one is the 1d off token for 450, should be 400.  This is the ONLY one I am buying, helps on getting faster gold dumped into upgrades at least.  You can also use this on your waves at least.

Skins way overpriced, can you even get them in a chest?  Skins should be more like 1.5k to 2k each.  

I would like to know this as well… I thought Madlen said the new currency could be saved ?

Yeah i think i read something like that as well. That`s why i wanted to double check. 

Nope, I said the open festival currency is still being converted into gems. :slight_smile:



I like the ogre outfit: O-(

Can you guys please think about being more generous about the gem conversion? 42:1 is rather lousy!

Agreed! We have the option to buy ONE chest that gets us about 1,000 currency for 300 gems. That’s a rip off, so yes, I definitely believe this ratio should be more like 20:1

Be glad that remaining currency even gets converted to gems. They could also just let it expire and give nothing. 

Having said that, I would be more happy if the new event currency would not expire, but can be used whenever you need it. So similar like a pro shop, I would expect a festival shop, where you can spend that currency whenever you need it. 

That’s why I suggested to not use festival currency, but vouchers instead. Players who already bought al landscapes plus gem purchases with it (even extra workers), would have new targets to spend vouchers on. 

Following your logic, let’s say thanks to the fact that there are festivals and that in general there is this game. We offer how to improve something a little, do not philosophize.

It’s actually all about being greedy, it has nothing to do with logic, you did misinterpret that part of my response. 

We get a finger and try to grab the whole arm, it feels more like that. Fact is that Keenflare long time ago decided that conversion rate for festival currency is 1:42, sure you can ask to get a better conversion rate. Do you honestly expect they will say, we make it 1:20 , since some members of the community come up with that suggestion? We all know the answer, that’s following logic.

And yes, we should indeed show our gratitude that this game still exists, can I say as a long time player, I haven’t seen any online game surviving 5 years till now. I think we are nowadays getting spoiled and despite the fact that we already get a lot of in game rewards, we still aren’t satisfied and even ask for more. 

RR2’s birthday started with a critical bug, went on the entire day with the frustratingly mysterious will-they-won’t-they-have-an-event thing, which we all know now, that they won’t (since there’s no countdown), and ended with a set of recycled uber items just made into pro version.


It really is a disappointing 5th anniversary.