2.0.0 POLL!!! Designed by The Great Adju!

Friends, players, enemies, and cats who play video games:


I’m sure I missed some things, but what are your favorite and not-so-favorite parts of RR2? Answer it in the polls! I know I missed some entries, but no one is paying me to do this except Flare, but not really. lololololololololol


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Exact you missed the increased of gold in matchmaking and CoF ^^

And there is no gold in magic chest :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilarious!! Nd excellent! Love ur posts Adju!??


Haha, I’m in the lead with Windows :slight_smile:

Thanks Adju, you made my day.

adju you sound like an ass…i hope you r pleased with your snide comments about roaring lions and apoc…you sound like a poor loser cuz  you think that will get north in top spot…top spot is worth something if you win it but a joke if you get cuz top teams left the game

No no no no no no no no no no!

I think RL and Apoc are great competitors and would hate to see them go. Harmless jabbing is all. I tried to indicate this through the ‘lol’ in one of my choices, but maybe it was too subtle on my part. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you slather the popcorn in butter, it makes all my comments pop out in 3-D! So when I say, “Harmless jabbing,” you actually get punched in the face. lololololololol

“I think RL and Apoc are great competitors and would hate to see them go”

No you wouldn’t :slight_smile:

The entire upgrade is geared ONLY to top level players with NOTHING AT ALL for anyone else.

I call that an EPIC FAILURE.

I’m still on the lead with Windows… Oh joy…

It will definitely be boring, but i kinda wish apoc really quit (not forever, for several seasons would be enough), just because I’m curious about what will happen after that. As we all know that alli outside alli is needed for this game at the top level, so with apoc leaving, RL will have to fight alone and be gangbanged by NA/VLSK/IL, or will RL build a new alli with LF? or will LF join the new 3 rulers and gangbang RL, so RL will be in VL position in the beginning of war era… Then RL will hopefully  continously complain like VL did and FG finally change the war system again?

Maybe apoc leaving (temporary) could really bring a change that all players always wanted? New war system that will fix the flawed existing system…


VS is good.

VSOP is better.

XO is the best (if you can afford it).

G&M is the ultimate…

Can’t find the option “Adju returns to HUNS”  :angry:

Adju already fell too deeply in love with apoc and rl. Return to huns will kill that love instantly because that means no more meeting with apoc/rl  ^_^

Ironically, you may very well be the biggest ass on this forum, Mcgarty.