2.1.1 OS 9.3 CRASH


I just made the update to RR2 2.1.1 and now when I start the games it crashed directly.

Please help ?




Can you please tell us which device do you use?

Also, do you have iCloud enabled?

Ipad Mini 64 GB

Yes Icloud is activated.


What happens if you try to logout from iCloud, do you still encounter the same issue?

I delete the games ans reinstall it after a first crash seems all is working again…



it’s the best way to get rid of crash in this game… I tried it and it worked…

I can confirm that this worked for me as well.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall and I lost everything ,  I did not get the question whether to sign in with my old IGN.  I am So upset.  My IGN is King Amazing. Brown.  Please please help me!  I see that my IGN is still there when I search my name.  Is there any way of transferring my data from King Amazing Brown to this new one of maportelance?  Please please please…otherwise I give up to a game I was addicted to.




Please contact the support at support.flaregames.com to restore your account.

Before uninstallling and reinstalling, you have to make sure your account is saved in the cloud, as stated in the announcement here:


This new update suck make me loss my account plus I already reported to FG like 2 day now still no reply