2 account on the same device?

i play rr2 with my wife, but we want to use both account on the same device, how can i do that?


I ask because i have transfered my wife account to my device (with the transfer option in setting) but now i no longer have acces to my main account and i can acces my wife account on both device!

if i disconect i can just reconect on my wife account… how can i fix that?

You can have multiple accounts on Android.

I think you made a mistake while transferring your wife’s account on yoru device. I think you overwritten your account with wife’s. You were supposed to create a brand new account and overwrite it with wife’s acc.

In this case, if you lost your account you need to contact Flare’s support and explain them what happened.

If you play on Android, you can use your google accounts to access your rr2 accounts, no transfer needed.


In case you play on iOS I do not think it is possible to have more than one account on a device.

I am playing rr2 on my pc. But my brother also want to play this game. But we have only one pc. so can we play to same pc with diperent account?



You can, if you have Windows Pro or higher. An hyper-V image can do miracles for you in that case. Otherwise install an android simulator. 

You and your brother should use a different Windows user login. Then install RR2 for each Windows user. Every Windows user can then play with a different RR2 user account.

That’s even more easy. 

You know what would be even easier? If you’d just have a login and password to access your account on whatever device (like for every “big” mmo ever) instead of having an account bound to just one device. You could have countless accounts on one device this way.

Oh, wait…