2 active members looking for alliance

Me and my wife are looking for an active alliance to join. We require that the alliance at the very least has 24/7 knights and majority members are active during wars. Also need added boosts during wars that are beyond just boosted knights



KPK9113 in game name

level 73

donate 75k

2800-2900 trophy range


My wife:

KKP0806 in game name

level 78

donate 50k

also 2800-2900 trophy range


we both are big advocates for active playing and both fully participate in wars.




Please reply here or send invites in game. We are looking forward to being a part of an active and strong team

we also both have secondary players that arent quite as high as main players listed above, but we stay active with 2 players available each.

Just a side note…would prefer you replied here so we know it’s not just a random invite. Thanks!

Hi would you like to join Rising Warriors lvl 37 we are very active in war we got 7/7 knight and 5/5 archer boost 24/7 let me know mu in game name: fire1264 you can add me in FL. Right now I in my camp alliance but I can ask my guy to make room for both you and wife thank

I couldn’t find you’re in game name. We are very interested. Could you add me?

Are you fire1964? Or is it fire1264?

Sorry it fire1964 :slight_smile:

It could be that Genie and Master is the alliance you are looking for. We have 24/7 knights boosted and during war more boosts will become active.


You can check our alliance thread in the alliance forum. With us fun is guaranteed, a lot of chats and players love to fight in war season.


Only requirement that we have is that our members must have intentions to do get daily donations to 100k, since we don’t expect members to do extra donations. with the daily donations we can keep up boosts during war and still grow.


With us are some veterans of the game, they can help you to improve your bases and teach you how to fight better.




Contact me (Dena4), Edward the 7th, or the animal jammer and you might be our new members

We are looking for new members in our alliance as well. It’s Tgilee


We have been working to build our alliance up and just removed several non-playing members. Please consider joining us


lord of the lords


we want you, come check us out!

Raining Diamonds is a brand new alliance. I was a long time general for the alliance called unbreakable. I decided it was time to come out and start an alliance from scratch. Both of you would be welcome members and I would make you generals to start.

My player name is MDizzogg. The alliance name is Raining Diamonds. I would love for the 3 of us to be the base for this new alliance.

Me and my girlfriend are active everyday I provide elite boosts daily for knights archers and defense boosts. I have 8/15 members but only about 3 out of the 8 are active. I need serious members to join so i can kick the inactive members and lock in a solid line up to move up in the rankings. Alliance name is Northern Killaz no application to join. I tried changing the name but i cant. lol King Stomper 831 I’m level 52

The warriors6 are looking for new active members

Rising warriors is now even Better, Come join us now

We are a level 49 alliance with 24/7 elite boosted Knights, archers, barricades, frost trap, ogre and wolf. Have a look, to join, send a friend request to one of the generals in the alliance, we will be happy to see you there!

Guess what guys


Rising warriors is now EVEN better

we are a level 51 alliance which supports 24/7 knights, archers, barricades, bomb tower, ogre, wolf and mummy. 

Have a look for us and make sure you send a friend request to one of our generals, we will be happy to see you there!

Minimum requirements:

  • 150k donates

  •  2800-3000 trophies and more

  • active in war and always does at least 3k skulls per war fiefdom.


The emperor 2016 

CASTLEBLACK, we just won the season we are level 17 alliance, I am a level 73 leader, we have 8 fierce members presently.

You would both be welcome .

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.