2 Bug work n Pro League now

please fix Pro league or delete ths league
now 2 bug work in pro league again and peoples can got high score easy.
But why FG don’t fix this ? or need  info about this? 
I’m here for help again!!!
@GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes

U dnt have anything …stop bragging it here…there is a customer support…if u want to help urself…

when you don’t know i say about what don’t come here and don’t say on my topic small Duggy

I understand that u dnt kno english but at least try to use autocorrect or dictionary…and y u post this topic every other day…y nt go to customer support

stay and see only Bro.
Take care!

@mostafaxxx you claim that there are bugs but provide no details. How can we understand what is the problem if u dont give proof? 



One suggestion for u…I know u r not posting the details( if u really have it ) cause people may exploit them and that will lead to serious issue.But all know how the customer support is working right now…they r on weeds. Anyway raise a ticket and if you don’t get  satisfactory result …post the details here on general discussion just after this PL ends so no one can exploit and Flare will have to release patches  :grinning:

?about PL   u need watch FTB in youtube to see how  u can  make good score


But about 2 bugs  i dont care about is

Im happy  cuz glitch in game still work ? now 1 year and glitch work no fix it  and i dont want to fix it ? 

Last time you claimed a bug when the knights were not attacking the spikes, which just showed your lack of knowledge.

What is it this time?

No need customer service.

dnt tell about something you dnt want, sorry.

Well he did provide proof. 

Didn’t you see him (iran azrael) and his bother (Immortal Madness) scored top10 in the last pro league? That’s plenty proof. 

If he says there are bugs to be abused in the Pro league, you can bet your house on it. He’s one of the biggest cheaters in the game. He knows. 

Oh in this case if its true sorry but if he is the biggest cheater in the game. Why Flare don’t ban him? its against the rule. I don’t see why Flare should keep him doing PL because he suppose to know ‘‘information’’ how to solve ‘‘supposedly’’ 2 big bugs. Where we don’t have real proofs

However if really he know how to solve all this shit and stop all cheater for good then that why customer support exist for this reason. Use this link :  https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

and send them screenshot,video and all

That’s exactly what GalaMorgane said to him on the last post he made.

That he needed to create a support ticket, because they would never solve anything here on the forums.

I just don’t know why, but it seems that he wants this post to be closed just like the other one.

oh ok I think I see the other post. If he know what to do what he still create topic after topic. I guess Gala will close this topic too tomorrow when she will come.

Edit : Ok I have read the other topic and he said : ‘’ I wait a staffs come to see me in private’’

If he think CM and staffs of Flare have just that to do in their day. You have all wrong. They will not do your job.

So i guess cheaters will never stop. He don’t want to send anything

Close this useless topic please.End of discussion

after finish PL i show u
now cant show more info

i can use this bugs in PL but i never don’t use and when see peoples use this bugs and easy got score why don’t say here! so i say here for all Know now 2 bugs ready in PL and this is not fairplay here .
why must all time RL and some other players know and use this cheats/ 
why After i show methods to FG and CS team they don’t banned them from Game and from PL?
FlareGame now Know They use this Bugs in PL but why don’t banned and don’t kick out from Game.
we all know here all time won PL not only chance and this is only cheat and Bug.
now i know this 2 bugs but don’t say info because FG don’t like other won League and only RL and Developers Must Won. 
come and answer use why after show cheat and show Bug why they are in PL again?? and why Easy banned Legal players from League? 

Well well, looks like this isn’t cheating after all, instead it’s just smart players that are taking advantage of a bug :wink: . Of course, I can’t even really say that until we have a video or something to show this bug in action.

Also, you really should post a bug topic in the Bugs and Problems subforum

share the bug with everyone so all of us could get good score and crowns. and I am sure after that Flare will also fix those bugs… I bet, so share the details here.

You don’t get a speeding ticket for speeding in the highway, you only get it if the cops catch you doing it.

You don’t get a sports ban if you dope, you only get it if you’re caught doping.


It’s the same with RR2 and Flare. Being a cheater doesn’t mean he’ll get banned. He’ll only get banned if Flare is able to catch him.

His brother (Immortal Madness) cheated all the way through his 2 time monthly Pro League wins. Flare wasn’t able to catch him then, so his cheating got rewarded with 2x50k gems + hundreds of thousands of crystals and dozens of pro chests. However, more recently, his brother went at it again… but this time Flare was able to catch him and ban him. Unfortunately he’s back at it with a secondary account.

And so is Mostafa (Iran Azrael). They were able to get top10 recently (probably because of this so called “2 bugs”) and the same goes for those RL dudes who are consistently doing top10 weekly (top5 actually). It’s not skill. It was never skill. It was and still is only a matter of how much an how well they can cheat their way to the top.

Thats why they asked devs to close bugs.

nice try Arrebimba.

btw devs are working now . Hope those bugs will be fixed soon)