2-Day Event

This is a very spacial event and it is rare as festivals. I haven’t named this event yet so you can suggest names. You may don’t like the first part of this event but this idea is really good.  Please read it completely.

This event only lasts 2 days. Every player is part of this event. When the event starts every boost gets temporarily deactivated. Pals and beasts get locked means you can’t use them. Every players troops, spells and towers becomes a fixed level. You can’t upgrade anything in these days. Forging also locked. Castle gate’s level also gets fixed. Tower count, waves count, obstacle count, wave morale, path count becomes max. You can buy and change new towers for free in these days. The level of the new towers will not be 1. It’ll be that fixed level. You will not receive trophies. Same for medals. Leagues are temporarily disabled. You will also not receive money. Farm level will be fixed. Now entering to the interesting part. There will be 2 new currency. One is got in offence. One got in defense. The gain and loss of offensive points and defensive points are equal to that trophies. At the end of the event the one who with greatest amount of defensive and one who with greatest offensive points will be rewarded with special crown and awesome rewards. And there will be also rewards for other ranks. In these days you can’t get money. But you’ll get pearls from offence. You 'll get 25 pearls from each battle. But there is a problem. You will only gain when you score 100%. Even if that percentage decrease by 1%, then you’ll not get a single pearl.

        All players in these days will be equal. There will be no stronger and weaker ones.There will no Newbies and Experienced ones. They are all equal. This event will be challenge for every players. Newbies will have problems experiencing strong power. Intermediate players will have problems battling without pals. Advanced players will have problems battling without boosts. Your winning strongly depends on your skills and combo and how you set up your defense.

I hope you like my idea. Thank you 


sounds like pro league. there are several problems with idea that is directly tied to real money from players who pay for these things. Sure they would not be happy about that.

I know this idea requires some fixes. I also understand that it might be a problem for some players. Thats why I made this event really short. Maybe 2 day is still long. But this can help to determine best players. The final rewards will be epic. It sure sounds like pro league but this is between players.

Too much stuffs no need more. Sometime we have Festival during War Season during Pro League during League,etc… like someone have said we don’t are married to the game. Sometime we need break between. Good idea but not in RR2. We have no clue what 4.0 will offer. Maybe more demand time stuffs.

This sounds too much like the Pro League, to be quite honest, but I love your creativity in coming up with ideas. Keep trying to come up with ideas! Who knows, you may actually get an idea to come into the game one day