2 days 20 hours to go and one alliance has half the map!

They are called Sleeping Lion, no offence to them obviously but they should have been matched with someone with the same fiefdoms as them but no where near us. Ranked around 70th in the world facing everyone 800+. Developers, look at your work yourselves if you want

18 fiefdoms on the map, they have 8 won and fighting 2 wars winning in both. So that’s 10 making it plus 7 with 2 days to go. So I can only assume they will nearly whitewash the whole board!


Yes I know there are multiple threads showing your failures but cooome on

Upload it somewhere else amd post the link here.

Any suggestions as to where?

Imgur.com is the most appropriate site

This is the link to see the proof


Thanks darkerion. Feel I should make a new post saying PROOF!

It takes 5 days to conquer 8 fiefdoms, if you don’t lose any battle, so the 8th fiefdom can be conquered only on the last day of the season.


None of the alliances in the screenshot have 8 fiefdoms yet, I think you got confused.  ^_^

They will have over 8 easily by the end of the war. They have 6 and are going to win the 2 they are in with another 2 fights ATLEAST remaining. That 10+. Not confused (",)

What background has the alliance you are talking about? (desert, vulcano, autumn or green)


I see nothing strange aside 2 alliances that have same black shield. (desert up and the autumn below)

I left the alliance due to unbelievably bad internet connection on the iphone so couldn’t tell you if it was two or one (didn’t log in for a day because I pretty much couldn’t so didn’t see the wars unfolding). Very coincidental and weird if its two alliances so I assume/assumed its one

Here another example:  https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/1653729_550144268467136_5812520057436235477_n.jpg?oh=a49ea944f70a2a79ed41ff81bfb6c8a7&oe=56ACDFB1

and here another one: https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/12112051_1633534513578504_5649964224757784076_n.jpg?oh=05b066037bc62264bab0a4ddb2ef414e&oe=56C0A017


i think you saw bad the picture ^^

Uh oh that could be the next alliance craze. Everyone copy someone’s badge so they don’t get attacked by the stronger one? Hmmm

Just looked ta the pictures and…HA how stupid and pointless. When you go on declare it will you show the others anyway

No no it is in memorial of a plane crash that happened during these days, that most alliances decided to put all black shield in sign of mourning.

hello my friends play l would like to understand the real reason for all its emblems black color. l have several answers and wand to know the answer and l tell you good game rr2 and soon.

my friends @+jimmi

You got confused because of the black symbols, Fresh  :stuck_out_tongue:


But you can see by their territories (desert and autumm) that there are 2 alliances on the right part of the map, each fiefdom theme belongs to a different alliance.

If its a memorial wouldn’t it have to be a certain country do it I.e Russia? I will keep it at that before talking about crashes etc. I think it wont be a memorial as everyone would have black shields as things happen everyday

Yes darkerion my bad. The alliance were talking about it so I took the screenshot and ran with it. Though I got confused the principle that they shouldn’t be there still remains though (",)