2 miners - Bottom left of the map

Does anyone know what those 2 miners are doing there ?

We don’t what their doing, but we do know that it’s an Easter Egg for an upcoming update!!

I would love to see some more hints as to what this is, but, I guess we’ll have to be patient

Better leave them alone @Bloodsam or Chris Hansen will ask you to take a seat over there.

You meant “miners” right? Because having 2 minors doing something suspicious in your map sounds so wrong on so many levels.

We can dream of a lots of thing in RR2. Me I hope to see a Gold Mine. You collect some Gold Bar to access a new shop : Gold Shop. You can collect close 50 gold/day

there you can buy really good stuffs :

for 10k : Random Uber item

for 20k : 200 gems

for 30k : 200 vouchers

for 40k : +1 worker

for 50k : +1 Hero inventory

for 100k : Random Pro item

and so on…

can be awesome but dream cannot always come true

In your calc it would take someone 200 days for the 10k prize and 2000 days for the 100k prize …

lol oops I don’t have check that anyway you see the point. Something like X gold/day and you accumulate and buy stuffs when needed

I like the idea but probably it is just a glitch.

if only the glitch can be you can gain +2 worker for free :wink: just click on them 100 times. i don’t think so

Except that after you click on them and get +2 workers they open up a back door to you kingdom.

Now when players attack you players will have the option to pay 50 gems to use a path with no defenses.