2 more path levels for gate

I got max gate, and 31 path. I want two more levels witch include more path. And every time you upgrade it, you get 2 path. So in total… 35 path!

its my dream to see one day a huge defense and fight huge defense. Like 45 path and over 30 tower with 4 minute. Its a tower defense after all

Attacks are the perfect length right now. I don’t want to waste 5 minutes on an attack. Far too long for me. Longer paths = longer attacks = less attacks = less trophies/gold = no upgrades = trashy gameplay = quitting the game

with this angle you have right. Maybe fit more in OR because we have auto play and X2 speed. So a fight its 30 seconds

Still wouldn’t like this in OR, cause this would only be feasible through auto play which is horrible. I like having control over my hero and my troops and spells. While autoplay is nice to have, it’s just a little weak

Depend of the angle you look at. in OR we have just a limited number of opponent on the map. If you take by example what I have right now. I must wait 2 and 3 days to have opponent and when I have its not much than 5 or 6 fight. So 20 minutes or less its over and must wait another 2 or 3 days. Its true its because I have Pheonix island discover and not beat it. So slow down my opponent appearance by 70% kind of

its not time demanding so much. RR2 its really time demanding because its you who choose the opponent and must do like 20-50 fight a day to gain XP and gold

OR you can take resources by doing nothing. Enter collect and upgrades. thats it. Simple for player who don’t want to invest 1 hour each day. You don’t lose gold if someone attack you.

for me OR = no time demanding

             RR2 = drain time demanding

that why I have slow down in a huge way RR2 activity and invest all in OR. Don’t demand much to play it

Tomorrow you give me double tower and path lenght i will be happy. finally something to do. At level close 100 is boring. Nothing much to do. Everything is unlocked all maxed or close. Battle limited. The only thing I do is take care of my alliance and forge nothing else. When i do Odyssey the same day he appear and nothing to do the rest of the week

So I wait the next War with huge impatience. because right now nothing to do