-20% building time?

This is something new?
Or maybe, it’s just typing error?

Seems strange that this build defense event is happening during a war season


Yup war starts 12th and event on 16th… odd

That -20% building time have been here if I’m not mistaken. Max building  time is 2 days but if a new upgrade takes let’s say 24 hours, then druing the event it will take a little bit less time. Most of us don’t notice it as I think we all are trying to make more expensive towers with longer upgrade duration during this event, rather than building a new, low level tower.

Though, event during war season is strange indeed.

Alysea surely will carry the amendment, as if nothing ever happened.


If event finishes 18th this means that update will come after it, i don’t think they release an update during a war or an event it can cause more than 1 more problem i guess.

If event finishes on 18th we will have event during war.

Date updated, was not on line with the changes with the war season being delayed, sorry for the inconvenience.

Building time of -20% is correct.

How…?? -20% building time?? I will upgrade lvl 13 skull tower it will be complete in 2 days so how -20%??

You should read all : -20 % building time with a max time of 2 days…

Btw : Ed still teaching  math , as long as you bring cheese along

I didn’t notice that part, kinda sad but this event will be different then, I guess. Also that means that if you want to go for long upgrades you’ll be able to use each of your workers just once, maybe that will help to the lack of gold problem we’ve always had.

Wut? You will be able to use everyone twice you mean?

This time it’s impossible, I was talking about the events with “max 2 days” condition. Because you can save all your workers for the event and use each of them twice in the 4 days that those events lasted. Now we can’t :slightly_frowning_face:  

You’re wrong.

Explain yourself.

Yes WE can  ! ^_^

by ending improvement earlier…

>>free boosts<<

Well, if you pay gems for finishing them earlier then it’s indeed possible, I just wouldn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use the video boost to finish your upgrade early, you can substract up to 8h. Using the videos, the max upgrade time goes down to 40h instead of 48h.

The event lasts 4 days, the max building time is 2 days, with videos you can build three levels with eah worker without spending gems. This is what Micky said above your post aswell.