200 Gems. Thanks.

Happy Birthday.  \I do appreciate the gems, and know that’s a LOT of gems when you include all players.  Thank you.

Will there be more? We want to have a party with you.

There is an announcement in Facebook (200 gems). It could be better.

You should know when to appreciate a free gift. Thank you flare for the gems.

Thankyou Flare @GalaMorgane for the gift

Great way to heal the wounds of birthday chest . THANKS FOR THE GEMS .

“I do appreciate the gems, and know that’s a LOT of gems when you include all players.”

Maybe I edited it after you commented, but I don’t think so.

No, you edited before Dena4’s post.

Flare thanks for the free gems! 

Flare what would you like us to do with 200 gems exactly? Because 200 gems is a joke. 

If you don’t want them, please spend them at my base.


Some of you guys are just ungrateful jerks. 200 gems is great! Just be happy they did something!

Happy Birthday. :wink:


Yep! “Happy Birthday Flare, instead of giving YOU a party, we want you to give US one!!” :lol: 

Yes, absolutely… gems of any sort are always welcome.

FG can (as a suggestion), next time give  concessions of 24 hrs on cooldown on big occasions along with the gems. That will truly be fitting to this great game.

It’s starting to look like there won’t be a next time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, because that is how corporations celebrate anniversaries. And this is an anniversary, not a birthday. They offer coupons and deals and free offers to the customers who make it possible for them to get to their current anniversary as a thank you, and as a come-on to make it to the next one.

If Flare were better at communicating and responding to the frustrations of players here – especially when it comes to announcing things and managing player expectations – then gifts like this would not be met with derision. But the lack of support on weekends when every event and festival and war occurs over the weekend, the inability to meet the 24 hour notice for events that Flare promised and not giving the players the 48 or 72 hours they’ve requested, and the near-ghosting of the participants on this forum by Flare representatives make everyone frustrated and ready to be upset at small gestures.

Summary of the above, if Flare could get the expected, daily small gestures right people would be just fine with surprise small gestures. But by failing at the expected, daily small gestures people expect the resulting gestures to make up for it, and this does not.