200 pearls not used

I have just noticed that I haven’t used any time warp in a very long time(guess I’m becoming a good raider :wink:

Edit Aether: I edited your title too :slight_smile:

You could rank the leaderboard a bit spending pearls on hard base for you or buy some items from granny shop  :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t like using pearl scrolls, and the granny items that costs pearls aren’t even worth because 200 pearls=2k gems and when I level up enough I can get a better item with just gold

Unfortunately pearls haven’t so much usefulness aside those things   :wink:

best use for pearls is definitely scrolling, have you beat the dungeon yet? Armageddon is a real asset there :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even worth I keep trying to do a cave of grave goods(which is right before the 1k gem dungeon) but I always crash at the same place…always…i actually tried to do it today but it crashed again…not doing a dungeon till its fixed

Who knows maybe ill constantly use pearl scrolls on a specific alliance leader so he will be impressed by me and let me in to his alliance…good idea?

The leader will not let u in cos u give him good amount of gems every raid


He said it was a bad idea himself XD

Speaking of unused pearls… I now have like 3.5k pearls (despite being a free player, never bought gems), and they’re still growing in numbers :wink:

Want to say: 200 is a comparably small number, you shouldn’t worry too much about them. :grinning:


I tend to nearly never use scrolls unless by accident, and I agree buying an item for 300 pearls (= 3k gems) isn’t worth it, as the item is not any better than those bought by gems or gold. So, yeah, currently I don’t see a good use for pearls either.

But to be honest, I don’t mind ignoring and stockpiling them. Maybe somewhen there will be a second alliance tower to be upgraded by pearls, who knows? So can’t hurt to have some pearls saved up for future use. 


Besides, I’d consider using a time warp or armageddon if that enables you clearing one of the tough max lvl monster dungeons that you fail to beat without. Of course, if the dungeon missions keep crashing, don’t scroll… :slightly_frowning_face: