21 levels of inutility in Hammerstrike

Hammerstrike is total crap, it has tons of levels (21!!) and its damage is bullshit like its range! Make it worth to use!

I agree, it’s a fast reloading spell, but what’s the use of it when one strike does not even take half the health of towers or troops? When range would get a boost like bladestorm and damage would increase, it would be worth to use.

Or make it a spell to damage tail of basilisks.


One of my alliance mates forged it down to 5.5 seconds and around 8k damage, so CD/damage is ok imo. Would be neat if it was highly effective vs basilisks

Thanks for improving Hammerstrike, i’m reborn inside 

I tested the new one. Impressive. A forged firebolt goes down in two strikes, a skull pkus bomb towe also is in deep trouble. This spell is useful now. Didn’t test against basilisk yet, but I think that ‘tower’ is now in deep trouble. Hammerstrike rocks now.

For the record, I forged mine 9 times on range. I forgot tomorrow is blacksmith ?‍♀️, I was stupid to forge now another time on range. Bye option to forge it 4-5 times.

It’s fine, I am glad this spell now is good.


Oh no…I did the same thing too @Dena4 :slightly_frowning_face: . I could forge all my spells and some of my towers…good thing I haven’t forged the towers yet, I stopped to check forum. It’s a 12hr cooldown during BS Event I think, so that really kills

It’s fine Awesomest. Even without forges, this spell is good. First do range to hit more, then cool don to hit more often, last but not least, damage. 

I’m afraid your advice has come just a tad to late . I followed the advice of myself :slightly_frowning_face: , I forged 700 damage on first lol, then worked on cooldown…foolish me lol

Damage isn’t bad, when it helps to destroy something in one blow. But you first want more range, to hit towers behind obstacles and even when standing in the middle of the road, to hit towers on both sides behind an obstacle.

Did raid quite some times with this hammerstrike spell now. Remember that this spell has just 7 seconds cool down. So it loads pretty fast. I have it forged 10 times on range (had done it 9 times already a while ago). Most unforged towers on health go down with  one stroke, so that’s good. Towers near gate? That’s smiling now, just go to first tower, hit hammerstrike (don’t hit gate!) and finish the tower. Scream, go back and wait till hammerstrike is available. Go to other side… repeat. 

Only thing is that this spell is short ranged, so be careful against long ranged tower bases. But even that can be solved by this hammerstrike. Main problem is that troops stand still when taking out an obstacle, at that moment they are very vulnerable against incoming projectiles. Remove the obstacle faster by using this spell. I replaced my blizzard by hammer and it feels great. One major advantage is the spell being instant. So when you hit a tower and it’s enough to destroy it, no monk, frenzy or heal tower is able to restore health. And even when such a heal is in progress, the next hammer is awaiting pretty fast.

For me it feels like raiding with kaiser plus panda at the same moment. I can only say, great job this improvement. 


Try the combo with Irmgard pal, you won’t regret, and if you have 20k damage on hammerstrike (2 perks to reach that 20k) you can remove 99% of health to everything or let’s say most of times one-shot towers .

so when is FG going to nerf it? Joking

I can understand the reaction oPelle. I just brought into light the usual pattern of FG.

Interesting to read. If you play Olympus Rising you know why Hammerstrike (Scyla) can be strong and very effective. If you forge his cooldown 30 times and damage 30 damage plus have a lots of perk can be insane. I don’t know for max towers forged at +50 but sometime hammerstrike can one shot tower. So that why I like it. Now at low level at 34 I use it non stop since day 1 and its wonderful his strength. At level 7 that start to be impressive   

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