23 hour cooldown for alliance donations

23 hour cooldown is what they did in world of warcraft. this prevents the cd time from slowly slipping into a time you cant get online

Yes, it’s inevitable to miss donations due to the time more or less slowly shifting towards your sleeping time. Should be an easy change! And better a little less than 23 hours, it’s hard to catch up by 1 hour, if you missed your normal time once for a few hours …

I support this! That slipping has happened to me so many times…

I agree for 23h at least i have 1h to remember i have to donate lol

You aren’t the only one, I think most of us face that problem.

I don’t think flare will change this, since they already give you the option to donate a littlebit earlier by spending gems. And that’s what they hope, spending (better word is wasting) gems for speeding up that donation. Main problem is that there is no clear reminder that you should donate again, so you lose time for donation every day a littlebit more. If you don’t immediately donate as soon as it is possible for whatever reason (group chat, doing a raid, private chat), there comes a point that you aren’t able to donate in time and have to wait till the next day.

23 hours would at least help somewhat to prevent these shifts.

that makes sense too dena4  *cry*

I don’t see why people have problem to donate each day. Someone can explain to me how you miss you chance to donate?

they are so many way to know when donate :

1.Your Alliance Emblem flash enough high to see its time to donate

2.Your Alliance Tower have a yellow light if I remember

  1. You can check in Donate how time still and calculate the time you must donate

I don’t see why 24 hours or 23 hours can change something?

I never miss a daily donation since a play this game. The day that going happen I must be died no other way

for me if you down that at 23 hours its no more a daily donation. 24 hour in a day

Someone has already seen a company give 23H/6 day support? or a grocery open 23 hour on 24?

or I don’t know a pub in TV of a assurance company said you can call them every time in a day and they are open 23 hour on 24

lol for me 23 hour have no sense at all. I never saw in a game a daily donation of 20,22 or 23 hour

Other example I can give : Someone has already seen a hospital only open less then 24 hours? no because its not a logical sense to be not open 24/24. imagine someone have a car accident close to 23h02. Ambulance arrive and don’t know what to do because the hospital is closed.

Come on for me there are reasons why 24 hours exist everywhere. To give support and without 24 hours is chaos everywhere

Exactly like the time in War for me no sense to have only 23h30. In a day there is 24 hours. Flaregames must up at 24 and not less


We don’t lose the chance to donate, we usually donate a few minutes after 24 hours. It’s impossible to donate exactly 24 hours after the last one, even when you’re in the game just waiting for the time to donate, you miss a few seconds. So everyday you miss seconds or minutes until there comes a time where 24 hours will past until you’re already sleeping, so your alliance will have to wait for you to wake up in the next morning to get your donation. 

What you means by you miss seconds or minutes? no sense for me.You know you can schedule your donation? right? If you decide to donate at 8am the morning. Every day connect at 7h50 and at 8am the morning you donate or if you want to donate at 17h pm during evening because you are free during this time come at 16h58 and donate at 17h pm,etc…if people don’t respect the 24h schedule sure you miss second,minutes and hour. its your responsibility to be connected and donate in time. I don’t see the problem. Its your fault if one day you forgot to come and you come 1,2 or 5 hours later and scrap your schedule. You miss 1 day donate to return in your schedule. If you are in time you miss perhaps 5 seconds wow!! you need like 10 day to lost 50 seconds. 20 day for 1 minutes 40 and 30 day for 2 minutes 30. Wow to decal of 2,3 or 5 hours you need more than

2 year of gaming for a decal of 1 hour

4 year of gaming for a decal of 2 hour

8 year of gaming for a decal of 4 hour

Just don’t donate in evening or during night and schedule during morning

PS : In reality you don’t lose time if you come before. You have a cooldown of 23h59 you have 1 minutes to do your donation

You always think people say nonsense stuff when their opinion doesn’t match yours. I can’t schedule my donation for mornings every day because I have to go to university, even when I try it I’ll miss some hours because I can’t connect while I’m traveling or while I’m at classes, so night is the only time of the day when I can play the most. But also, I’m not completely free every night, I might have to study or do homeworks, so I can also disconnect for some good time at night, and the game doesn’t send a notification when the next donation is ready to be done, so it’s actually very easy to miss a donation. Remembering everyday the time of donation isn’t an option either as I have no priority on always keeping a game in mind, you know, I need to be focused on important stuff. I can bet most of the players do just like me, play a while after work/study.

@Karman exactly like War. People don’t like to do 10 or more fight but the game is like this. People must stop changing everything because that don’t fit with their life,etc… its time people understand a video game its a video game. You have two choice in the life : You pass your life before video game or video game before life. You choose what is the best for you. Flaregames does not have to listen to any request. If people don’t like the game like he is just stop playing that’s all.

A video game its like the real life you cannot ask the gouvernment to change everything because you don’t like that and just hope in one click have what you want. That don’t work like this

its time people wake up and stop asking a demand to Flaregames each 5 minutes because you don’t like a stuff. If we understand people you don’t like gold algorithm,you don’t like the War,don’t like donation function,don’t like the chat,don’t like matchmaking of league,don’t like matchmaking,don’t like medals player give,etc… people don’t like 95% of the game

If you cannot appreciate the game like he is maybe its time for all of you to stop playing

For me just hope Flaregames stop listen all of you and let’s the game exactly like he is

Flaregames can add new function or new features for improving the game its ok but not changing what they have created 2 years ago

When you play Diablo 3, or league of legend or any others games the developper don’t change the game they have created.They add new features,new stuffs but not change all

no sense all request we read here. Stop!!! accept the game like he is or if people cannot accept it stop playng

you have choice in the life to do and one of these is : I continue to play? or I stop? ask your the question : ‘’ If you have time or not to play this game

that’s all.

Same with 10,15 or 23 Hour cooldown. I bet very high on this people gonna find a way to miss daily donation

for me changing the cooldown gonna change nothing in this game. If you do not have time with 24 hour then I don’t see why you gonna have more time with 23?










If 23.5 can make a difference for someone why not. For me that change nothing but if 30 minutes less can change someone result

Some people like me have to work plus have also other important things to do besides playing a game. Maybe you must try to imagine other persons life and not reflect it all to a person who can play 24/7. I can’t play every day on exact the same moment. There are more important things that need to be done by people with a social life. Time for a game is when all other important things are finished and you have some time to play.

Let me tell you my personal situation. During weekdays I stand up very early and play 45 minutes before I go to work. When I need to donate, I try to make sure to donate as soon as possible to make sure I can keep donating before I go to work. During the weekend I still stand up early, but not that early.

So when I need to donate on Monday, I have three options:

  • Waste gems and speed up the donation to donate before I go to work. I don’t see why I have to waste 50+ gems every week for doing that. If it was just a few gems fine, but 50+ is not a few any more. As a leader I also don’t demand it from any of my players.
  • Go work later. I think my boss will not be amused when I tell him, I am late because I needed to do my daily donation in a game.
  • Wait till the evening when I return. As a cash-free player that’s my option that is left.

When I come home, I pay attention first to family. Also, I can’t play exactly at the same moment every day, that’s also part of family life. And I made the agreement to only play at certain moments of the day. So it’s logical and realistic that we miss donations sometimes, because we have more important things to do as playing a game. and her comes my point,  Royal Revolt 2 is a game, no more no less. Games are there for fun, not for becoming time consuming and making addicts out of people.

So that’s why most people miss donations sometimes. It’s not the end of the world when we every now and then miss a donation. Only… If donations wouldn’t be every 24 hours, but every 23 hours, then at least some of us could do daily donations without a problem.


Ok if we recapitulate from the beginning for people who follow this topic :

For player who have a lot of time of playing : 23h59 hours its not a problem

For player who have big life off game : 22h59 hours is a life savior

Why not in middle? like War 23h29

If you want that become fair for everyone. The best its make a survey and people choose what is the best cooldown for this game and the high % win

Between :





we are perharps 400,000 players or more. if people choose stay at 23h59 people must respect the choice,if the result is 23h29 too,etc…


I think most will be happy with 23:30, just like war season. Only… Flare has to decide.

23 hours cooldown would be great indeed.

I’m about to miss a day, or have to stay up late.

lol this warriornator guy never makes any sense…

You cant donate exactly the same time everyday so it will be a little later and later and then one day you have to sleep and the donation refresh will be too late…

Or maybe your day isnt always exactly the same, say you work shifts, some days you work early some days you work late… How can one not understand this? He must be a troll :confused:

By having 23 hours you can adjust it and have it a little more flexible. How can you even compare this to stores being open? makes no sense at all lol

Perhaps he can be online 24/7 and doesn’t care.

For those with a healthy sleep pattern, 23 hours is a must.